servicenow coding interview questions

Servicenow Interview Questions and Answers for Developers
  • What is LDAP Integration and its use? …
  • How to set a field unique on the table? …
  • What is the data dictionary? …
  • What happens when a user makes some changes to the homepage? …
  • What role you are required to create/update ACL?

ServiceNow Interview Question: Find Duplicate Record in ServiceNow | Coding Scenario

Interviews for Top Jobs at ServiceNow

Software Engineer Interview

ApplicationThe process took 3 days. All the rounds of my interview at ServiceNow (New Delhi) went smoothly, and communication was appropriate, I would say. Had a total of 3 tech rounds and 1 hiring manager round. 1) ds and algo (nested json to flat json using some helper java functions provided, question on intervals. 2) about project, architecture of project, internal java working, java memories, implement a custom hashmap and use it solve a simple da and algo.

Software Engineer Interview


I interviewed at ServiceNow


Campus Placement. Total of 4 Rounds. First Round was coding which involved only 1 question with time limit of one hour. Post Short listing, it was followed by 3 Technical Interview rounds

Interview Questions

  • Array Questions and Project Related Questions

Top ServiceNow Interview Questionsby Interview Kickstart Team in

servicenow coding interview questions

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You can prepare for the most difficult ServiceNow developer interviews at IBM, Accenture, and other top tech companies using ServiceNow interview questions. The most desired skill sets that FAANG+ recruiters look for in a ServiceNow professional are covered in the following ServiceNow interview questions.

You should have a strong technical interview preparation plan in place if you’re getting ready for a ServiceNow company interview for a software engineering position. Â.

On the Fortune Future 50 2021 list, ServiceNow came in at number 11, and it was also listed among the world’s most admired businesses in 2022. Its value-based culture, practical working conditions, and career policies encourage employee growth, making it one of the most sought-after businesses. See the list of the most frequently asked ServiceNow interview questions to get a sense of what to expect from your upcoming interview.

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In this article, we’ll discuss:

  • What skills should a ServiceNow Developer possess?
  • Basic ServiceNow interview questions
  • ServiceNow experience interview questions
  • ServiceNow company interview questions
  • FAQs on ServiceNow interview questions
  • Before you start preparing for ServiceNow interview questions, you need to be aware of the skills recruiters are looking for. To shine in the interview process as a ServiceNow developer, you must possess the following key competencies:

  • You should be adept in HTML, SQL, CSS, and UI
  • Your knowledge of JavaScript is a must
  • Knowledge of XMLÂ
  • Data structures and algorithms
  • Experience in using the ServiceNow platform
  • Knowledge of ITIL processes
  • Some soft skills essential for the position include advanced problem-solving ability, excellent communication and presentation skills, time management, and teamwork skills.
  • Your responses to the ServiceNow interview questions will be assessed in relation to the aforementioned skills. Therefore, your responses must demonstrate a thorough understanding of the most important ideas.

    You must be extremely knowledgeable about the subjects that make up the majority of ServiceNow interview questions. Here are some sample interview questions and responses for ServiceNow to help you quickly review the most important ideas.

    Technical Interview with Hiring Manager

    At ServiceNow, a technical round of interviews is required for every technical position. The hiring manager inquires about the ideas and abilities needed for the particular job profile.

    The onsite interview at ServiceNow may include four in-person interviews. Five to eight people interview the applicant, with each interview lasting 45 to an hour.

    From basic to sophisticated interview questions will all be covered. However, let’s start with the fundamental ServiceNow interview questions before moving on to the more difficult ones.

    Below is the list of ServiceNow Interview Questions:

  • Types of business rules and Client script?
  • How can we know which version you are using?
  • Difference between Synchronous, asynchronous Glide ajax?
  • What is the use of display business rule?
  • How to define fields of incident table from business rules?
  • Tell me Business Rule predefined Parameters?
  • Difference between after business rule and asynchronous business rule?
  • Difference between catalog items and order guide?
  • Which one will execute first Client Script or UI policies?
  • Give any practical example of Workflow you have implemented in your organization?
  • How many ways we can trigger the notifications?
  • What is the Syntax to call to email notifications in business rules?
  • How to get current date and time in client script?
  • How to hide a field by using client script?
  • How many types of ACLs and What are the roles required to Create ACL?
  • Tell me about Glide record and glide secure API’s?
  • What is the use of the inherit checkbox in service catalog?
  • What are the multiple ways to keep data unique in import set other than coalesce?
  • What are the types of transfer map scripts, what is foreign insert?
  • What are the types of rest method and soap method?
  • What is SLA retroactive start and Where you can define SLA?
  • Set an SLA which should exclude 2nd & 4th Saturday & Sunday & the public holidays as well.
  • What is Update Set, what all activities are recorded in update set and ” Are user creation & group creation recorded in Update set “?
  • List down the activities which are recorded in update set
  • What is the database view?
  • What will happen when we check on global check box in client script?
  • How can we enable the role?
  • Tell me onChange () client script predefined parameters?
  • Is it possible to move the non-staging table data into target table?
  • How to pass the dynamic values in Rest Web Service?
  • In integration how to move 100 incident records from third party to service now.
  • How to attach files like PDF and all in email notifications?
  • How to add CC or BCC in email notification
  • What is setWorkflow(true) and setWorkflow(false)?
  • What is client-side API and server-side API in Service now?
  • What is the record producer and how can we start the script in record producer?
  • What is the use of record producers and where and how to write code for the same?
  • Where you are using alerts?
  • What is the data dictionary?
  • What is coalesce explain with example?
  • What is a View and how we can create it?
  • What is Dictionary override?
  • Agile methodology you used while in service now development?
  • How the work or task assigned to you daily?
  • How the day start with?
  • FAQ

    How do I prepare for a ServiceNow interview?

    Top Servicenow Interview Questions
    1. Explain record matching and data lookup features in ServiceNow. …
    2. What does it mean to “pose as a user” and how is it helpful?
    3. Detail about client script. …
    4. Define record producer. …
    5. Describe the ServiceNow search method used to find a record or text.

    How many rounds of interview are there in ServiceNow?

    You should prepare ServiceNow interview questions for five rounds of interviews, which there are in total. One online test, two technical rounds, and one managerial round will be included.

    What does a ServiceNow developer do?

    A software developer with a focus on the ServiceNow platform is known as a ServiceNow developer. They design, code, and troubleshoot applications. The platform and infrastructure may be managed by ServiceNow developers in addition to working on unique applications.

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