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Your college career has begun, and you are now aware of all the exciting clubs and organizations on campus. Joining a fraternity, however, is the one that stands out for you. By allowing you to interact with peers who have similar interests and aspirations, fraternities can help you get the most out of your college experience.

You’ve already participated in an informal rush and researched the various fraternities. The formal rush will then start, during which the fraternity will get to know you better and will ask you questions for a fraternity pledge interview.

Corey Jones Is That You? Phi Beta Sigma Interview | GREEKMAS 30

Undergraduates who barely have the minimum 2. 5 GPA to pledge should improve their grades before thinking about joining Ss founders were SCHOLARS. A 2. A mediocre 5 GPA is not necessary, and neither are mediocre men. So, focus your energy on improving your GPA if you feel like it’s low.

We won’t tell you what to say when asked why you want to join because each person will have their own motivations. but this is something that you must SERIOUSLY consider. In order to follow in the footsteps of your father, uncle, brother, teacher, etc., simply declaring that you want to be a is insufficient. ESPECIALLY if that person has not remained active with Σ.

Several college students have inquired as to what they can do in the event that their school’s chapter is suspended. The answer is simple. Unless you transfer to a school where the chapter isn’t suspended, nothing. If the chapter won’t be active by the time you graduate (and you don’t want to transfer), after you earn your degree, focus on an alumni chapter. If you don’t fulfill the fraternity and chapter’s membership requirements, you can’t pledge at a school with an active chapter. If you are still enrolled in that university and pursuing a graduate degree, you cannot pledge an undergraduate chapter. After earning a bachelor’s degree, you are no longer eligible for membership as an undergraduate. You must be invited to join a graduate (alumni) chapter (YES, I SAID INVITED!)

You may be surprised to learn that just because you fulfill the membership requirements—such as GPA, public service, and recommendations—does ) doesnt mean youll be selected! Surprised? Dont be. Every applicant in the chapter has one vote, and you need to receive a majority of those votes in order to be accepted. You won’t “be accepted for membership intake” if you don’t receive a majority. plain and simple. is a MEMBERSHIP organization; admission is not automatic.

There is no MINIMUM amount of public service required to be eligible for membership, and you should be able to demonstrate a COMMITMENT to it rather than just doing it to meet the requirements. You must get in touch with the alumni chapter if you are interested in joining so that they can invite you to any interest meetings they host.

12 Sorority Interview Questions to Expect

A sorority interview is a less formal conversation than one for college admission. Of course, you want to put your best foot forward. But it’s important to come across as authentic and approachable.

Keep in mind that the sister you’re speaking to is trying to determine how well you’d get along with the other women in her sorority. Being genuine facilitates connection and increases your standing when bid day arrives.

You can anticipate the following seven sorority interview questions during rush week.

Round one of the recruitment is fast-paced and light-hearted. You’ll interact with students from different houses on campus and respond to inquiries about your background and objectives.

You decided to attend this campus out of all the colleges. Share what drew you to the college. In this question and throughout the entire recruitment process, refrain from mentioning gatherings, drinking, and other associated activities. Share something meaningful about the university. You can discuss a course the school offers that interests you, the fact that family members attended, or how the school’s location drew you to it.

You will respond to this question throughout the day because it is one of the most typical sorority interview inquiries. Include a justification for your major when you disclose it. Share something deeper and more interesting than a one-word response. Was there a passion or other distinctive feature that motivated you to choose it?

Although this question is simple, it gives you a chance to connect with the sister you’re speaking to. Instead of just stating your hometown, describe what you like about it or how it differs from the college town. To continue the conversation, you can also inquire about the interviewer’s origins.

Don’t respond in a general way about building relationships that last a lifetime. Even though that may be your objective, you want to be noticed. For discussion topics, look into the sororities’ guiding principles. Additionally, consider something special about your life and incorporate it into your response.

For instance, “I played soccer all four years of high school. I made some incredible friends, and we always trusted one another. Since that part of my life is over, I believe that joining a sorority would be a fantastic way to make new friends and travel through college with a group of incredible women. ”.

A sorority is a sisterhood. Each house is looking for fun and dynamic members. Describe a thrilling or challenging activity you engaged in this summer. If you put a lot of effort into an internship, talk a little about that. Tell a fascinating tale about your travels if you had a good time.

Well-rounded women make great additions to a sorority. Share a hobby or interest of yours as well as a club or organization you’re considering joining. Since sororities offer leadership positions, this is a fantastic chance to inquire about sorority leadership from the interviewer.

Why should we extend you a bid?

The values, objectives, and activities of each fraternity vary, so don’t be alarmed by this direct question. Learn about the fraternity’s history to better appreciate what you can contribute. You can discuss how you’ve enjoyed formal rush week and use specific examples of connections you’ve made or enjoyable activities that you participated in when answering the question about how you would fit in with the fraternity. Be sure to highlight why you want to join the fraternity.

Round 2 & Round 3 Questions

You survived the flurry of opening day conversations, so congrats! Now, the topics of sisterhood and philanthropy will be covered in the sorority interview questions.

Expect some inquiries about your high school experience if you are a freshman rushing a sorority. You can select which facet of that experience to emphasize in response to this sorority interview question. You could, for instance, talk about your participation in sports and emphasize how you can make friends and help a team. You can talk about academic involvement at a sorority that values high GPAs. Feel free to talk about your involvement in a debate club or honors program.

To keep the conversation moving, if at all possible, relate this response to the present. For instance, “I loved doing that in high school. I’m eager to take part in a comparable activity on campus (intramural sports team, leadership club, etc.). ). ”.

Instead, you might state, “Now that I’ve finished it and learned a lot, I’m interested in branching out and trying [insert new activity]” ”.

These finishers give the sister the opportunity to discuss the amenities offered by the campus and, if applicable, her own experiences participating in these activities.

Philanthropy is a significant part of Greek life. Talk about your involvement and experience if you have volunteer experience. If you didn’t volunteer in high school, don’t worry. Talk about volunteer opportunities you might be interested in or express an interest in taking part in the sorority’s charitable endeavors.

Be honest about your motivations for rushing and your reasons for wanting to join a sorority. There are numerous possible answers to this question. Tell us how joining a sorority has helped you develop as a person and allowed you to engage in philanthropy. You could also talk about the potential friendships, leadership opportunities, and other things.

Your identity and your values are important to sororities. Consider your motivations and the qualities you value in others. For instance, many sororities place a high value on leadership and loyalty.

Find values that are important to you, talk about them, and live your life in accordance with them. You can also discuss their significance and individuals who have acted as role models for you in your life.

The girls you’ll be talking to want to engage in interesting conversations that they’ll remember. Being distinctive is essential because they’ll be speaking with several PNMs throughout the day. Sharing a passion is a great way to make an impression. When you talk about a genuine passion, you come across as interesting and sincere. Share how it has affected your life and why you enjoy it, whether it is a typical activity or a novel one. Make sure you are truthful about these interests and pursuits; a sister will probably enquire further and ask more questions.

A sister can learn more about you from this sorority interview question by learning about your daily habits. It’s crucial to respond honestly and not with a response you think someone else wants to hear about whether you would get along with the girls in a particular house. In the end, you want to receive a bid from a house that respects you. As always, refrain from discussing partying in your answer.


What is the Phi Beta Sigma call?

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. (ΦΒΣ)Chapter namePhi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. ColorsRoyal Blue and Pure WhiteSymbols/MascotThe DoveCallBlue Phi. You KnowPhilanthropyMarch of Dimes.

What are the values of Phi Beta Sigma?

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity’s core values of brotherhood, scholarship, and service have had an impact on both the local communities where we live and the wider world. Leaders in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors are trained at Phi Beta Sigma.

What are Phi Beta Sigma’s known for?

Men who belong to Phi Beta Sigma are committed to advancing and promoting systematic camaraderie, justice, equality, and service to America’s communities. Phi Beta Sigma has a number of initiatives because it is a service and social organization.

How long is Phi Beta Sigma process?

The MIP for Phi Beta Sigma at the collegiate level must be completed in 45 days. (Alumni chapters have 60 days to finish the application process. ).

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