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The Apple QA interview process is no different than any other tech-focused organization. Apple takes great pride in hiring the best of the best, and as such, the interview process is highly competitive. They assess candidates on a wide range of topics, including collaboration, communication, problem-solving, and technical knowledge. Every role is different, but most QA interviews consist of both technical and non-technical questions. To help you ace your Apple QA interview, we’ve compiled a list of the most typical questions you can expect and provided answers to guide you in the right direction. This blog post will provide a comprehensive overview of the Apple QA interview process and provide some of the most common questions and answers. Let’s get started!

Apple Quality Engineer Interview Questions and Answers – Apple Test Engineer Interview Questions

Interviews for Top Jobs at Apple

Software QA Engineer Interview


I applied online. The process took 2 weeks. I interviewed at Apple (Paris) in Oct 2021


they are very nice and professional, RH team are very interactive, and make the process of interview more suitable to the situation of candidate, Had my first interview with manager, was very nice!

Interview Questions

  • What is the best bug you have discovered? What tests have you automated? Have you traveled outside of the country and visited the current localization of the Apple website I am applying for?

Software QA Engineer Interview


I applied through other source. I interviewed at Apple in Oct 2020


Got reached out by the Manager. Completed one round with him, next round was from his team, she explained me about the final round but they never reached out to me even after following them for 3 to 4 times.

Interview Questions

  • 1. How would you test a vending Machine2. Leetcode medium problem.

Top Apple Interview Questions You Need to Prepareby Interview Kickstart Team in

apple qa interview questions

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Apple is the worlds largest tech company by market cap. A key factor in Apple’s success is the carefully selected group of top-tier engineers that it has assembled. Apple employs only the best software engineers, so their interview questions are created with that goal in mind. This is why among all FAANG interviews, Apple’s technical interviews are regarded as the most challenging and distinctive. Â.

It’s difficult to predict what kinds of Apple interview questions to anticipate during an Apple technical interview because Apple, which is notorious for its secrecy, keeps its hiring and interviewing process under wraps. Even in complete anonymity on well-known review portals, employees are discouraged from disclosing information about the interview process. This enables Apple to evaluate applicants based on their actual knowledge and skills as opposed to those who attempt to manipulate the interview process by focusing solely on anticipated Apple interview questions.

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Strategic practice is the key to cracking tech interviews. In this article, we’ll cover some crucial information to aid in your preparation as well as a list of Apple interview questions.

  • What Is the Apple Interview Process Like?
  • Most Common Apple Interview Questions
  • Apple Interview Questions by Roles
  • Apple Coding Interview Questions
  • Behavioral Apple Interview Questions
  • How to Crack the Apple Interview?
  • FAQs on Apple Interview Questions
  • Top 3 Apple interview questions

    The three most typical Apple interview queries are provided below, along with sample responses.

    What Is the Apple Interview Process Like?

    Let’s first examine the Apple interview process before examining the interview questions. Before receiving an offer, expect up to 9 or 12 rounds of interviews. Here’s a breakdown of the Apple interview process:


    What questions are asked in a QA interview?

    List Of QA Interview Questions and Answers
    • Why should I hire you? …
    • What is a bug? …
    • What is the difference between severity and priority? …
    • What distinguishes the test automation commands Assert and Verify?
    • What distinguishes testing from quality assurance, quality control, and other processes?
    • When should QA start?

    What interview questions do they ask at Apple?

    Top 3 Apple interview questions
    • What is your favorite Apple device? Why? …
    • Tell me about a time you completely failed. How did you bounce back from it? .
    • Tell me about a time you disagreed with your manager.
    • Behavioral/situational. …
    • Leadership. …
    • Technical/skills questions. …
    • Company-specific. …
    • General competency-based.

    How do I pass a QA interview?

    Consider how you might have used various testing types in your projects after reading about them. Described all the significant testing tools you’ve used and how you’ve used them. Be updated about the latest technologies. Read a little bit about the Industry 4. 0 for example.

    How do I prepare for an Apple interview?

    How to Prepare for Apple Phone Interview
    1. Research about the requirements for the role. Read the job description and determine whether your qualifications fit the position.
    2. Read about the company. …
    3. Consider the instances in which you have displayed the qualities and abilities they are looking for.

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