Oracle Identity Manager Interview Questions and Answers
  • Q1. What is an Identity? …
  • Q2. What is Oracle Identity Manager? …
  • Q3. What is Oracle identity and access management? …
  • Q4. What is an IAM tool? …
  • Q5. What are the types of Reconciliation in OIM ? …
  • Q6. List the components of OIM ? …
  • Q7. Different Types of Event Handlers. …
  • Q8.

Learn Oracle Identity Manager in 30 minutes

This question might be worded differently for new graduates or career changers, who may not have been directly involved in compliance; the question for newcomers might be “why is compliance important in IAM?” Experienced IAM professionals are more likely to have had a direct role in compliance and interviewers will ask about how it applied to their jobs.

Cryptography helps keep information confidential; if a transmission or storage medium has been compromised, any encrypted information is practically useless to unauthorized persons without the keys for decryption. Second, by using hashing algorithms and message digests, cryptography helps ensure the integrity (or accuracy) of information. In addition, through digital signatures, digital certificates or a public key infrastructure (PKI), cryptography can be used for authentication (and non-repudiation) services.

More senior employees might be asked about how AI, automation and the internet of things are changing the way they work and what IAM challenges these technologies are posing, USCs Yamaki suggested. He added that new graduates might be asked how they stay on top of developments in the field — for example, what journals or websites do they read.

Whether youre a recent graduate, a career-changer or a seasoned IAM professional, most interviewers will ask you some form of this question. This open-ended question gives interviewers a chance to try to peel back the onion to learn more about your skills and experience — and get a sense if you can be a fit for their organization.

A Computer Weekly/TechTarget IT Priorities study conducted pre-Coronavirus found that IAM would be increasingly important during 2020, with multifactor authentication the most popular identity-related security initiative planned by the surveyed buyers, cited by 48%. Access management, which 34% planned to deploy, and single sign-on, which was of interest to 30%, were also significant initiatives.

Finding another job can be so cumbersome that it can turn into a job itself. Prepare well for the job interviews to get your dream job. Heres our recommendation on the important things to need to prepare for the job interview to achieve your career goals in an easy way. Oracle IDM is the way of managing the user identities within and outside the firewall and even in cloud. This forms a strong security particularly with the social and mobile access. Sensitive data and applications are secured with Oracle IDM. Certifications exams are available to increase competency. Follow our Wisdomjobs page for Oracle IDM job interview questions and answers page to get through your job interview successfully in first attempt.

~ Oracle Identity Governance Suite 11g Certified Implementation Specialist Search:

  • What are the new features in PS3?
  • What are the differences between PS2 and PS3?
  • How do you identify rogue account creation in target system?
  • What is the high level architecture of OIM 11g R2?
  • What are the new features in 11gR2 PS2 , PS3
  • What are Archival Utilities?
  • What are factors which one should keep in mind for upgrade project?
  • How will you plan an upgrade project?
  • What are the high level steps to install OIM 11g R2 PS2 on High Availability Mode?
  • What is the use of Node Manager?
  • How many ways, we can start or stop the entire managed servers in OIM?
  • How to verify the logs in OIM?
  • How to troubleshoot the provisioning issues in OIM 11g R2 PS2?
  • What are the high levels steps to perform performance tuning in OIM 11g R2 PS2?
  • How to assign/remove admin privileges to a user in OIM 11g R2 PS2?
  • How to troubleshoot Reconciliation issues in OIM 11g R2 PS2?
  • How many schemas will be created while installing RCU for OIM?
  • What is the use of Load Balancer and Clustering?
  • List of table names you knows in OIM 11g R2 PS2?
  • How many ways we can upload/register .jar files in OIM 11g R2 PS2?
  • How to change the log levels in OIM 11g R2 PS2?
  • How to resolve password issues in OIM 11g R2 PS2?
  • How to assign/revoke specific group access to a user in OIM 11g R2 PS2?
  • What is catalog and usage?
  • What is Sandbox and usage?
  • How do we get reports in OIM 11g R2 PS2?
  • Hope these questions will helps you!


    What is OIM used for?

    Oracle Identity Manager provides connectors to end systems to managing user provisioning tasks. eg Active Directory connector, Siebel User Management connector, SAP connectors, DBAT etc. The DBAT connector is Database Application Table connector used to exchange user data between a database and Oracle Identity Manager.

    What is provisioning in OIM?

    Oracle Identity Manager is an identity management product that automates user provisioning, identity administration, and password management, integrated in a comprehensive workflow engine. Automating user identity provisioning can reduce Information Technology (IT) administration costs and improve security.

    What is OIM tool?

    What is Provisioning: Provisioning is creating user account in an external to OIM resource (directory or an application), called a Target resource. An example of Provisioning would be when a user who is already created or exists in OIM, this user account is created in say, OID or AD.

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