OneDrive interview questions

Nailing a job interview doesn’t happen automatically. Your level of readiness could mean the difference between being their top choice and receiving a role rejection politely.

Make sure to do your homework on the company, the position, and the expected salary range before applying, and be ready to present your background and self in the best possible light. Fortunately, many of the questions interviewers ask are predictable.

OneDrive Interview Questions

What Is OneDrive for Business & Why Should We Use It?

SharePoint Server, a component of Microsoft Office 365, includes OneDrive for Business. You can store, sync, and share your work files there in a secure area of the Microsoft Cloud. It also comes as a standalone cloud service. Although OneDrive for Business already has a huge 1 Terabyte of storage as standard, you can easily increase your storage.

You can easily interact with your Microsoft Office files thanks to Microsoft OneDrive for Business, which is one of its best features. OneDrive for Business will work seamlessly with your Microsoft Office 365 applications, including the ones you already use like PowerPoint, Word, and Excel.

How Do We Access Our Files In OneDrive?

OneDrive for Business also provides you and your team with a location to store files and collaborate on documents that can be accessed from anywhere. With Microsoft’s cloud storage, you can safely travel with your files. Additionally, any edits you make while disconnected are automatically uploaded when you reconnect.

You can easily organize your files and find them quickly. You can even sync your desktop to OneDrive. In this way, everything you save to your desktop will be immediately and automatically copied to the OneDrive Cloud. Additionally, SharePoint allows you to save your computer settings so that you can always remember them.

With OneDrive you can access your SharePoint files on the Web or in the mobile app without leaving OneDrive. The SharePoint Server 2019 sites you’ve recently interacted with or that you follow appear in a list located under the name of your organization. You can see your Office 365 groups on the list as well, and each group will have its own team site.

What are three words to describe your experience at Microsoft?

Every three months, our company holds a week called “Fix, Hack, Learn” (FHL). We are on a code freeze this week, giving us a break from the routine of developing a feature. FHL is a chance for us to choose a skill we want to develop, create something (like a hackathon), or work on a specific issue within Microsoft. What makes Microsoft’s “Growth Mindset” culture shine is the chance to spend a week learning something new and contributing to a different code base.

How Do We Share Our Files?

You can not only access and edit your files, but you can also share them and collaborate seamlessly with others from anywhere and on any device. Securely share your files and folders and work together in real-time using Word, Excel and PowerPoint on the Web from your mobile and desktop devices.

In addition, you can share what you’re working on directly from a Microsoft Office application without switching to a different interface. Why is this so great? Because it eliminates the need to save files to easily lost or stolen thumb drives or attach them to emails.

Each person in your company will have their own OneDrive for Business library to store their personal work files. When you create and save files to a OneDrive folder, they sync to the Microsoft Cloud so you can access them from anywhere. For shared file storage and team collaboration, you use a SharePoint site. SharePoint sites also sync to the Microsoft Cloud for easy access from anywhere.


What are the basic functions of OneDrive?

The Microsoft cloud service that gives you access to all of your files is called OneDrive. It enables you to store and protect your files, share them with others, and access them on all of your devices from anywhere.

What is difference SharePoint and OneDrive?

With OneDrive, you can access your files consistently and easily on all of your devices, including the web, mobile devices, and your Windows PC or Mac’s desktop. All files in Microsoft 365, including those you work with in Teams, Yammer, and Outlook, are serviced by SharePoint in Microsoft 365 invisibly.

What is the difference between OneDrive and Microsoft OneDrive?

An app for backup and syncing is called Microsoft OneDrive, and it can be downloaded from the OneDrive website. You can view your OneDrive files using the Microsoft Store app’s OneDrive by Microsoft Corporation app.

What are the three view options on OneDrive?

You can filter your view of the items in OneDrive using the left pane. View all of your OneDrive files and folders in “My Files” Recent – View the Office documents you’ve most recently opened, regardless of whether you’ve made any changes. Photos – View all of your OneDrive’s pictures in date order.

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