Top 40 Dementia nurse interview questions and answers

Take some time to read through the frequently asked dementia nurse interview questions listed below to be fully prepared for your big day.

Nursing Interview Questions and Answers

1. Tell us about your experience working directly with patients who have dementia.

This question is obviously asked to make sure you have previous experience with dementia patients and are already familiar with the responsibilities you will face. This is a great time to not only talk about the experience but also bring up why you enjoyed the job.

Example answer: I worked for hospice for three years, and many of my patients suffered from some form of dementia. I enjoyed my time at that facility because I was able to see the strength and drive in so many people, and I wanted families to know their loved ones were always in good hands.

2. What would you do if one of your patients became irate or hostile during care?

If you have had previous experience working with unruly patients in the past, this would be a great time to bring that up.

The person interviewing you wants to be sure you have what it takes to safely and professionally get through any type of situation without making things worse or putting anyone in harm’s way.

Example answer: While working with hospice, I not only worked with angry patients but also angry family members, friends, and colleagues.

I always find the best way to handle these types of situations is to be firm, honest, and compassionate.

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Most of the people in these situations are scared, confused, and hurting, and that is where a lot of anger starts.

Staying calm and reassuring the patients and their families that everything you are doing is for their best interests and let them know you understand where they are coming from.

3. What are your strengths?

This is also one of the common nursing interview questions asked to determine if you are suitable for the job.

You must mention qualities that will make an employer hire you.

For example, you might be knowledgeable of several procedures or you might possess people skills that are needed for this job.

Example answer: I think my greatest strength is to be able to relate with other people. I have always been patient with patients and this makes me a great caregiver. I am also knowledgeable on several procedures and this makes it easy for me to help out doctors during emergencies. I am very familiar with the latest technology and this helps me to provide care in a faster and efficient way.

4. How did caregiving become your calling? Are there any relevant anecdotes you can share?

Example answer:“Honestly, Ive always had a giving personality and I like helping people. But Id love to tell you a story, which really helped me make this decision. When my grandfather passed away, my grandmother was left alone. Plus, her arthritis was starting to worsen, and she began having more and more trouble preparing her meals, bathing, and getting her groceries. So we found her a caregiver—and she was absolutely amazing! She stayed with my grandma for longer hours than was expected—typically playing some Chopin and Debussy records (her favorite music) while telling stories about growing up in Europe. That was very soothing for my grandma, and that caregiver inspired me to join this field.”

5. Dementia nurse question: Are there any desirable personality traits that a nurse should have?

Nurses are generally friendly, caring, gentle, and sympathetic. They are able to explain concepts and situations clearly, yet without upsetting patients unnecessarily. School nurses must be particularly caring and careful, since they work with children who are psychologically vulnerable patients.

6. Dementia nurse question: What is your greatest weakness?

“What are your weaknesses” is one of the most popular questions interviewers ask. It is also the most dreaded question of all. Handle it by minimizing your weakness and emphasizing your strengths. Stay away from personal qualities and concentrate on professional traits: “I am always working on improving my communication skills to be a more effective presenter. I recently joined Toastmasters, which I find very helpful.”

Tips to answer this question: • Show that you are aware of your weakness and what you have done to overcome it. • Show that you are “self-aware” and that you have the ability to take steps to improve yourself. • Don’t you DARE answer with the cliche “I’m a perfectionist” answer or any other such answer that the hiring manager can see right through. • Don’t highlight a weakness that is a core competency of the job. (Know the job description

7. Nursing work often involves a number of daily frustrations. Tell me about some of the frustrations you have dealt with recently.

Dealing with daily frustrations is part of most jobs. Your examples should highlight your ability to demonstrate perseverance, reasonableness and common-sense in the face of common frustrations

In order to work for Dementia Care Specialists, you must be able to pass a full criminal background check. Do you consent to a full background check?How to AnswerWorking in the healthcare services industry means that you are in contact with vulnerable people, children, pharmaceutical drugs, drug-related equipment, confidential information, and other areas of sensitivity. Assure the interviewer that you are able and willing to pass a complete background check. If you have a criminal record, you must disclose this.

Answer Example: “I have a clean criminal record and am happy to comply with any background check you require of me.”Answer Example”No problem. I understand that it’s part of the job. But I want to be up-front, I have done a full background check before, and there is a possibility you will see a charge for possession of marijuana in the check. It was several years ago, and it’s no longer an issue for me because I’ve made significant changes in my life to pursue this career. But I don’t want you to be surprised by the information. I’m happy to answer any questions you have.”Answer Example”I have a misdemeanor on my record from 15 years ago. I am happy to continue in the interview process and comply with your background checks should you allow for some exceptions.”

Common Interview Questions for Nurses

1. Tell me about yourself.

2. What are your strengths?

3. What are your weaknesses?

4. Where do you see yourself in five years?

5. What has been your biggest failure?

6. How do you handle rejection or pressure?

7. Tell me about a time when you had to deal with a difficult person.

8. What has been your biggest professional mistake?

9. Tell me about a time when you went above and beyond your role to help a patient or colleague.

10. What is the most difficult situation you have faced?

11. What are you looking for in a new role?

12. What attracted you to our company?

13. Why did you leave your last job?

14. Why do you want to work in this industry?

15. How would your manager describe you?

16. What are your salary expectations?

17. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

18. Tell me about a time when you didn’t get along with a co-worker.

19. What are your career aspirations?

20. What do you know about this institution?

21. What is your ideal working environment?

22. Why should we hire you over other candidates?

23. What motivated you to take up a nursing career?

24. What are the qualities of a good nurse?

25. What is your philosophy on patient care?

26. How would you handle a situation where your manager disagreed with the approach that you took on a project?

27. What is the most challenging aspect of nursing?

28. How would you define success?

29. How do you balance your professional and personal life?

30. How would you handle a coworker who has personal hygiene issues?

31. How would you describe your work style?

32. Tell me about a time that you prioritized your tasks.

33. What are three positive character traits that you don’t have?

34. Do you work well within a team?

35. What type of personality do you have?

36. What challenges are you looking for in this position?

37. What have been your most significant nursing job accomplishments to date?

38. What experience do you have in this field?

39. Tell me a suggestion you have made that was implemented in this field?

40. Tell me what you know about this company?


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