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In order to manage large amounts of data and report on data analysis, Informatica is a crucial tool used in data warehousing. The study estimates that Informatica holds a market share of about 29. 4%, indicating that there is a lot of room for growth in the future. And if you want to advance your career in the same industry, this is the best course of action for you. To ace the interview and land Informatica jobs at reputable companies, all you need to do is prepare thoroughly. Therefore, we’ve provided some Informatica interview questions and responses below to help candidates prepare for and ace their job interviews.

Informatica Interview Questions (Scenario-Based):
  • Differentiate between Source Qualifier and Filter Transformation? …
  • How do you remove Duplicate records in Informatica? …
  • What are the differences between Source Qualifier and Joiner Transformation? …
  • Differentiate between joiner and Lookup Transformation.

Informatica : Interview Question [Scenario Based]

10 general interview questions

To learn more about you, the interviewer may ask you broad questions unrelated to Informatica. Common general interview questions include:

Imagine you’re working on a large data project in Informatica and you need to filter rows from several data streams. How would you use filter transformation and source qualifiers?

This inquiry gives the interviewer the chance to ascertain your depth of subject knowledge. When responding, be sure to specify the approach you’d take and why you think it would be the most helpful. This demonstrates that you are aware of the idea and know how to use it in your work.

Example: “It’s important to take functionality and performance into account when selecting between source qualifier and filter transformations for data.” Although source qualifiers improve performance, they may not be applicable to all the data in a larger project because they depend on relational sources. There may be instances when filter transformation and its broader applicability are advantageous when working on a significant project. “.

What are scenario-based interview questions?

Often, scenario-based interview questions have two parts. They present a scenario first, then pose a query. Those answering scenario-based interview questions will benefit from being ready to take the scenario into consideration and use the information provided to provide a suitable response. Employers may find candidates useful because they can demonstrate both technical and soft skills, such as problem-solving and critical thinking, by responding to Informatica scenario-based interview questions.

Top 10 Informatica Interview Questions

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What is the difference between Informatica vs Talend?

The following are the difference between Informatica vs Talend

Informatica Talend
Provides only commercial data integration Available open-source and commercial editions
Founded way back in 1993 Founded in the year 2006
Charges applicable per customer Open source is for free
RDBMS repository stores metadata generated Implemented on any java supported platforms
Integrating code is not so effective Code customization is effective
No prior knowledge is required knowledge on java is preferred
Automated deployment is not up to the mark Deployment made easy
Transformations are re-usable Components are re-usable

Hey guys, welcome to the right place if you’re preparing for the Informatica Power Center Interview. I previously shared some interview questions on the transformation of expressions, sorters, and transaction controls. In this article, I’ll share a few Informatica Scenario-based interview questions that top companies frequently and widely ask.

The following informatica scenarios that are frequently asked in informatica interviews are listed below. You greatly benefit from these informatica scenario interview questions as you develop your interviewing skills.

You will be able to resolve these scenarios with ease if you are well-versed in Informatica Power Center and all of the transformations.

Step 2: Join the two expression transformations on the port O_count by connecting them to the joiner transformation. Take into account the first expression transformation as the Master and the second as the Detail. Set the join type to Detail Outer Join in the joiner. Check the sorted input property in the joiner transformation; only then can you connect the two expression transformations to the joiner transformation.

Sub Q13. 2. This is an extension to the problem Q1. Then C1 becomes the parent of C3 and C3 is the parent of C4 if, for example, column C2 has null values for all of the rows. Let’s say that all of the rows have null values in columns C2 and C3. Then c1 becomes the parent of c4. Design a mapping to accommodate these type of null conditions.


How can I prepare for Informatica interview?

How to Prepare for Informatica Interview – Process
  1. Detail introduction about your profile followed with project details.
  2. General questions on recent projects and domain.
  3. Data warehouse concepts.
  4. ETL tool Specific Questions.
  5. Questions linking both tool and project.
  6. Basic PLSQL Questions.
  7. Basic unix commands.

How do I get last 3 records in Informatica?

then use filter(conditon exp. count>(agg. count-3)) then then connect to Target. You get last 3 records from file with out using sorter/rank trans.
  1. You can associate the records from filw with a seq.
  2. Sort it based on seq (descending)
  3. After sending the first three records to the target, filter the remaining records.

What are scenario based questions examples?

Here are more examples of situational questions that interviewers may ask during an interview:
  • Describe a time when you had to put something else ahead of your work.
  • If you didn’t agree with a choice your manager made, what would you do?
  • Describe a time when you had to deal with a irate client.

How many rounds of interview are there in Informatica?

Total 6 rounds.

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