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Wizz Air is the biggest airline in Hungary, despite not having the distinction of being a flag carrier. Wizz Air, with its headquarters in Budapest, provides incredibly cheap flights to destinations in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. It is a subsidiary of Wizz Air Holdings in Jersey and offers service to 150 destinations in 44 nations. With a total fleet size of 138 aircraft, Wizz Air also runs a number of subsidiary airlines, including Wizz Air Abu Dubai and Wizz Air UK.

There are currently 4,550 people working for Wizz Air. They are constantly searching for innovative new talent to step up and advance the airline in this fast-paced environment. Jobs in 50 different countries are available for pilots, cabin crew, corporate, marketing, and operations personnel.

the ONLY airline hiring cabin crew now| the assessment day scenarios 2020

Interviews for Top Jobs at Wizz Air

Management Trainee Interview


I applied in-person. The process took 4 weeks. I interviewed at Wizz Air (Budapest) in Oct 2022


Firstly i went to their open day. My initial interview was taken by 2 people from UK and then later on I was interviewed by Chief Manager at Development Function. Interview was kind of easy, he asked about myself and how i can contribute to this position.

Interview Questions

  • How i can contribute in their team?

Cabin Crew Interview


I interviewed at Wizz Air


Generally speaking it was Pleasant but somewhat difficult and confusing. Overall it was a nice experience but it made me feel a little bit anxious. I don’t have any more comments to add.

Interview Questions

  • How do you describe your self

Crew Controller Interview


I applied online. The process took 2 weeks. I interviewed at Wizz Air (Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi) in Nov 2022


First steps no human interaction. 1st round online basic mathematics test. 2nd round numerical and verbal reasoning test. A recruiter sharing the screen with the questions. 25 in total. It is mentioned that everybody at Wizz must pass the test, however it is medium to high difficult. Some questions the English is not clear. A bit uncomfortable to perform the test as you can’t control the page up and down. Instead need to keep ask the person applying the test to control on your behalf.You need to select the answer and transfer to another online form afterwards.

Interview Questions

  • Salary expectations

Wizz Air is a growing business, and they’re looking to hire people who can support that growth. They are seeking candidates with abilities that will in some way be advantageous to the business. Think about what you can bring to Wizz Air that no one else can when responding to this question.

Example: “I enjoy working with people and have a great sense of empathy for their needs. I like to travel as well, so I think working as a flight attendant would be fun because I could see new places while offering top-notch customer service. I believe that my aptitude for communication and my capacity for composure under pressure will make me successful in this position. ”.

For instance, “I believe that having excellent communication abilities and a sympathetic personality are essential for flight attendants.” It’s crucial to be able to pay attention to the needs of customers and provide them with useful information or solutions. Additionally, I think empathy is crucial in this position because you frequently deal with people who are anxious about flying. Practicing kindness and compassion can assist in calming some of those nerves. ”.

Employers ask you this question to gauge your interest in the business and the job. They are curious as to what led you to apply for their open position. Invest some time reviewing the job description before your interview. Consider the reasons each ability or trait is significant to you. Explain how these traits and abilities fit with your own professional aspirations.

In my previous position, I was working on a project with a team when our client called to request an update. We didn’t have anything to give them yet because we were still in the middle of the project. I informed the client that we would have an update for them by the end of the week. I put in a lot of effort over the weekend with the rest of the team to finish the project. We finished it on Sunday night and sent it to the client on Monday morning. ”.


What can I expect during the event?

  • Company presentation
  • Short personal introduction
  • Situational roleplay
  • Team play
  • Personal Interview
  • The introduction will begin promptly at 9:00 a.m., so please arrive at that time. m. , so please arrive accordingly!.

    What should I take with me? An up-to-date English CV.

    The event may last until the late afternoon, so please be prepared for that.

    Please wear business casual and come well-groomed.

    What Is Wizz Air’s Hiring Process?

    Each position will have a different hiring procedure, especially for pilots and cabin crew who must meet certain physical requirements. All job seekers must begin on the website to see if the position they want is open, regardless of the job they hope to obtain. Office position applicants can apply online. Check those categories for the dates of open interviews if you are interested in working as a pilot or a member of the cabin crew. To accommodate job seekers from throughout the hiring region, these will be held in a number of locations and on a variety of dates.

    Introductions and group activities will make up the pilot and cabin crew assessment days. To ensure they meet all the requirements, cabin crew must undergo physical exams. They must also role-play scenarios from their jobs, such as dealing with challenging passengers. There may also be assessment tests. Pilots will take part in a round of technical questions and flight simulation tests. Interviews will wrap up the day, and if you were chosen to join the Wizz Air team, you will be notified later.

    Office and other ground positions won’t be required to attend assessment days, but before any interviews, you might receive links to online assessments. If you perform well on the tests, a phone interview will be scheduled for you. This will be a basic screening to confirm your information and answer any queries about your background or the position itself that may arise. The following step will be a face-to-face interview if everything goes well. You might go through several interviews before a decision is made, depending on the level of the position you have applied for.

    Every airline position is evaluated through testing. The tests may be administered on an assessment day or they may be made available to you online via a link sent to you after you’ve applied. Cognitive and personality tests are used in the interviews for jobs at Wizz Air. Depending on the position you applied for and the level, you might only need to take one test or you might need to finish a series of tests.

  • Verbal Reasoning – Verbal reasoning tests consist of a brief passage followed by a few questions regarding what you have just read. This test measures how well you can draw conclusions and interpret what you have read. This test is multiple-choice, and you will be given a time limit, after which the test will automatically shut off.
  • Numerical Reasoning – Even those who will not be dealing with finances may be given a numerical reasoning test. You will be given word problems and you will need to figure out which functions to use to correctly solve the problems. The difficulty of this test will vary based on which job you are being tested for. This assessment is also timed and multiple-choice.
  • Inductive Reasoning – This test will use patterns to see how fluid your thinking is. You will need to identify what the pattern is in a series of s and determine what the missing should be. This test is multiple-choice, and you will be timed.
  • Personality Assessments – Personality is an important aspect of hiring. Potential employees need to have traits that are compatible with the job, as well as motivations and drivers that are a good fit for the company. This is why personality surveys are given. Depending on the specific test used you will either need to rank descriptive terms from most to least like you or pick the descriptors that best fit you.
  • Situational Judgment Test (SJT) – This will test how you respond to situations that you will typically experience on the job. This will show your problem-solving skills and your understanding of your role in the company. You will be given a scenario along with several responses, and you will need to pick the response that you think will be the most effective.
  • Cabin Crew Assessments – Cabin crew applicants will need to prove they have the ability to handle stressful and possibly dangerous situations, communicate with passengers, and follow directions given by the pilots in case of an emergency. This is why cabin crew applicants are given tests that focus on personality, judgment, and communication. As an applicant for a cabin crew position, you will undergo personality tests, verbal reasoning assessments, and situational judgment tests.
  • Pilot Assessments – In addition to flight simulations, pilots must also be able to quickly problem-solve, communicate with others, and handle stressful and potentially dangerous situations. Some of the tests pilots are often given include verbal reasoning, situational judgment, personality, and abstract reasoning.
  • You might be asked the following questions during your interview:

  • Are you willing to relocate?
  • Why would You like to be a flight attendant at Wizz Air?
  • Why would You like to be a pilot at Wizz Air?
  • Tell me about the disadvantages of working as a cabin crew.
  • Why would you prefer working for Wizz Air than other flight companies?
  • Tell us how you manage stress moments at work.
  • FAQ

    Why do you want to join wizzair?

    At WIZZ, we envision a time when everyone can travel freely. This vision fuels our daily motivation and rewards our diverse team’s commitment to achieving it. Work is done while having fun and working hard. While the sky may be the limit for some, for us, it’s where the fun really starts.

    What are the questions asked in airlines interview?

    They want to know how you see this position fitting into your resume of work experience, the skills you’ve acquired, and your long-term professional objectives in your own words. You should also elaborate on the benefits you can provide for their airline.

    How do I pass a flight attendant interview?

    Here are 11 tips to help you have a successful flight attendant interview:
    1. Keep your resume updated. …
    2. Find a clean, quiet room for video interviews. …
    3. Dress appropriately. …
    4. Check your social media. …
    5. Practice interviewing. …
    6. Arrive early. …
    7. Stay organized. …
    8. Be friendly.

    How many questions do they ask in cabin crew interview?

    What are three of your strengths that you believe would help you succeed as a member of the cabin crew? What do you think would be the most difficult aspect of working as a member of the cabin crew? These are just a few of the general questions that will be asked during a cabin crew interview.

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