what are future proof jobs 12 career paths to explore

As technology rapidly progresses, staying on top of the latest industry trends and preparing for the future of work can seem intimidating. But, by understanding the types of jobs that will remain in-demand and exploring related career paths, you can position yourself as a valuable asset to any organization. In this blog post, we will discuss what future-proof jobs are, why they are important, and provide 12 career paths to explore.
Future-proof jobs are those are likely to remain in demand despite rapid technological changes. The key to having a successful career in the long-term is to stay ahead of the curve and to have a clear understanding of which industries and job roles will remain relevant in the near and distant future. By having an in-depth insight into the latest trends, you can make informed decisions about the steps you need to take to move up in the professional world.
From analytics to artificial intelligence, the world of work is constantly evolving. To stay ahead of

12 future-proof jobs
  • Teacher.
  • Chef.
  • Digital marketing manager.
  • Designer.
  • Human resources manager.
  • Video game developer.
  • Nurse.
  • Mechanical engineer.

23 JOBS OF THE FUTURE (and jobs that have no future)

What Makes a Career Sustainable over Time?

Job growth and high demand are the top two factors that mark a career as futureproof, keeping it sustainable over time. According to a study by the Division of Continuing Education at Harvard University and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the job growth outlook for the fastest-growing careers ranges from 27 to 37 percent in the period 2016-2026.

Most high-demand jobs require some type of education through either training or a degree program. This is partly because many futureproof careers rely on human intellectual capital, due to physical labor increasingly being performed by machines. According to the World Economic Forum, in 2022, humans will be responsible for 58 percent of job tasks, while machines will perform the remaining 42 percent of labor.

Top 10 Futureproof Careers You Should Consider in 2022

These future-proof professions have the highest salaries and expanding career trajectories for 2022, making them the best choices if you’re looking for a career path with great opportunities for growth and financial stability.

  • Salary: $208,000
  • Job growth: 3 percent
  • Education needed: Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine, four years of medical school, a one-year hospital internship, and three to seven years of residency training
  • Doctors play a crucial role in improving public health, which is crucial now that the global pandemic has caused so much destruction. As the US develops strategies to combat the possibility of new pandemics, the diligent work and research of these medical professionals will be required in the upcoming years.

    A doctor, physician, or surgeon uses medical procedures to identify diseases in patients and administer treatments. Building relationships with patients, writing prescriptions, and educating the public on various health issues are some of their primary responsibilities.

  • Salary: $142,170
  • Job growth: 10 percent
  • Education needed: Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Marketing
  • Millions of businesses around the world will experience future economic growth thanks to digital marketing managers. These experts control the dynamics of brand promotion and campaign dissemination. Additionally, digital marketers improve a business’s communication abilities and have an impact on the purchasing choices of the new e-consumers.

    A digital marketing manager develops digital marketing campaigns. These experts keep tabs on each campaign’s development and media coverage. Monitoring web analytics and analyzing consumer profiles to develop marketing strategies are some job duties. Additionally, the marketing manager creates reports on the success of businesses’ marketing initiatives.

  • Salary: $121,220
  • Job growth: 9 percent
  • Education needed: Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources Management
  • Managing human resources is another profession that will endure the development of technology. Companies require human talent to build strong bonds with their staff and thereby maximize teamwork This is due to the fact that relationships and communication between people will always be beneficial to any company.

    Managers of human resources are frequently in charge of finding and hiring new employees for an organization. An HR manager must ensure that employees follow company standards.

  • Salary: $103,590
  • Job growth: 33 percent
  • Education needed: Bachelor’s Degree in Cyber Security
  • Governments and tech companies will continue to use cyber security analysts as valuable professionals in the years to come. This tech expert’s duties include preventing digital threats, fending off cyberattacks, and providing and implementing security solutions.

    Analysts of cyber security must also maintain the confidentiality and integrity of an organization’s computer systems. The primary responsibilities of this future-proof career include system analysis and protecting the internal network from ransomware, phishing, and hacking attacks.

  • Salary: $96,976
  • Job growth: 22 percent
  • Education needed: Bachelor’s Degree in Data Science or another computer-related field
  • Data scientists are responsible for gathering massive amounts of data and transforming them into suggestions or plans for businesses, governments, and other organizations. These tech experts’ main goal is to use data as a tool to enhance the services they provide to their clients.

    A vital component of both the present and future economy are data scientists. Large sets of data analysis, interpretation, and modeling take up the majority of a data scientist’s workday. You can assist financial institutions and healthcare facilities in organizing and comprehending the increasing amounts of data necessary to help them accomplish their goals by working in this future-proof profession. In a data science bootcamp, you can learn the abilities necessary to become a data scientist.

  • Salary: $90,160
  • Job growth: 7 percent
  • Education needed: Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering Technology
  • Mechanical engineers will be essential for building, innovating, and developing nations’ infrastructure in the future. By 2022, these individuals will be the main advocates for modernization in the US.

    A mechanical engineer must develop and produce mechanical machinery and apparatus. They require in-depth understanding of math, physics, and other engineering disciplines. These technical experts adapt new features to industrial production systems in their line of work.

  • Salary: $75,330
  • Job growth: 9 percent
  • Education needed: Master of Science in Nursing or a Doctorate in Nursing Practice
  • From 2022 onward, nurses will be essential to promoting human development and well-being. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, demand for medical services—including nurses—has significantly increased.

    Nurses are responsible for providing medical care to their patients. As a nurse, you must work with other medical professionals to provide patient care and ensure the patients’ health is improving.

  • Salary: $73,408
  • Job growth: 22 percent*
  • Education needed: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science
  • There will always be a need for mobile application developers, both now and in the future. Career prospects for mobile app developers are promising as the economy experiences a decade of hyper-digitalization. As businesses strive to provide their clients who use mobile devices with better automated services and apps, they are in greater need of professionals in the field of mobile software development.

    For mobile devices like phones and tablets, a mobile app developer must create apps. Additionally, this career path creates apps for social media, gaming, and entertainment. A mobile app developer’s other duties also include writing and debugging code and testing software.

  • Salary: $60,000
  • Job growth: 22 percent*
  • Education needed: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or related field
  • The ongoing evolution of the entertainment industry depends on video game developers. This option is for you if you’re looking for a different career that pays well, is secure in the future, and calls for rigorous technical training.

    By writing code, video game developers produce games for numerous platforms and genres. With your expertise in virtual reality and artificial intelligence, you can create fun and innovative video games. In 2022, the idea of the “metaverse” will result in more demand for game developers.

  • Salary: $53,380
  • Job growth: 25 percent
  • Education needed: Associate degree at an online chef school, Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary Arts.
  • Chefs are responsible for ensuring the culinary standards of a restaurant, hotel, or other food-serving establishment. Chefs are always in demand because there is a constant human need for food, making this a sustainable and future-proof career. You will oversee kitchen teams that include sous-chefs and assistants as the head chef.

    Maintaining food safety and sanitation is another duty of a chef. Plus, chefs assume leadership roles and supervise their kitchen staff. You’ll have to create menus and maintain high standards for the food in this prestigious career.

    *These figures are listed on the BLS under the categories of Software Developers, Quality Assurance Analysts, and Testers.

    Talking to People. People can be excellent sources of career information. Informational interviews are a non-threatening way to learn about careers. You can get the most up-to-date, comprehensive description of that job’s responsibilities and the requirements you must meet by directly questioning someone who is currently employed in the field you are considering. This will also give you a chance to learn the vocabulary specific to that field of work. You gain exposure to the workplace and the types of people you would work with by conducting a type of interview. Consult the handouts on interviewing for information and information interview questions to learn more about how to conduct information interviews and to get ideas for specific questions to ask.

    Exploring Career Information. There are typically four ways to learn about careers: (1) reading as much as you can about them, (2) conversing with people, (3) taking part in fieldwork, and (4) enrolling in important courses. Assessing career information that is incorrect or out-of-date should be done with caution. Explore Career Pathways at Fredonia.

    Finding your skills, values, and interests may appear to be a straightforward method for matching people to career fields at first. In the end, selecting a career will require a thorough assessment of a variety of personal characteristics, such as personality traits and goals. You can learn more about yourself and potential careers by using the CDO’s resources and assessments, such as MyPlan, an online career decision-making program.

    By this time, hopefully, you’ve secured the career position you want, one that makes use of your skills and aligns with many of your values and interests. Remember that you can’t find everything you’re looking for in one job. Any needs that are not actively met by your paid employment can be actively met elsewhere. Similarly, the ideal job should train and prepare you for one that is even better.

    Interests. The meaning of interests is straightforward. Your interests are specifically those things that pique your curiosity, the activities that you enjoy, the types of work that you find enjoyable, the subjects that you find enjoyable to study, and the types of people that you find enjoyable to be around. Your preferences, taken as a whole, help define who you are. Investigating various programs or activities is a great way to test out new interests.

    Home Health and Personal Care Aide

    what are future proof jobs 12 career paths to explore


    What jobs are going to exist in the future?

    Who knows, you could end up landing one of these jobs at some point—if you start working toward it today.
    • Chief productivity officer. …
    • Excess capacity broker. …
    • Drone manager. …
    • Private industry air traffic control. …
    • Medical mentor. …
    • Self-driving car mechanic. …
    • Autonomous transportation specialist. …
    • Personal medical interpreter.

    What jobs will be in demand in the next 10 years?

    What Are the 20 Most In-Demand Jobs Over the Next Decade?
    1. Solar Photovoltaic Installers. …
    2. Wind Turbine Service Technicians. …
    3. Home Health Aides. …
    4. Personal Care Aides. …
    5. Occupational Therapy Assistants. …
    6. Information Security Analysts. …
    7. Physician Assistants. …
    8. Statisticians.

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