What are Infosys AWS interview questions?

If you’re looking to break into the world of cloud computing, one of the best places to start is with Amazon Web Services (AWS). This popular cloud computing platform is used by many organizations, including Infosys, a large multinational corporation. If you’re considering applying to Infosys, it’s important to be aware of the specific AWS interview questions you may be asked during the process. In this blog post, we’ll be providing an overview of the key interview questions you can expect to be asked by Infosys recruiters when interviewing for an AWS role. We’ll also provide suggestions to help you prepare for the interview and increase your chances of success.

Infosys – AWS Interview Questions
  • Compare AWS with OpenStack. …
  • How will you access the data on EBS in AWS ? …
  • What is the boot time for an instance store backed instance ? …
  • Differentiate between vertical and horizontal scaling in AWS. …
  • What is the total number of buckets that can be created in AWS by default ?

Infosys AWS Interview Questions

Interviews for Top Jobs at Infosys



I applied online. The process took 2 weeks. I interviewed at Infosys (Chennai) in May 2021


Awesome!! interview experience with Infosys’s virtual interview process. In total there are 2 rounds Technical panel and HR discussion.In the Technical round, there were 2 interviewers and the questions are fully core and scenario-based, which was really fun and in side by side they measure personality development skills, and the time taken to complete was 45 mins.In the very next 2 days, I had an HR discussion, generally about my brief introduction, later conversations move on to official discussions like salary negotiation, preferred location, etc…..Overall I would rate the interview experience 10/10 for the process they followed and the tracking system they designed in the career portal which is really helpful for candidate to track the progress of the interview.

Interview Questions

  • Information on the AWS Platform and its frequently used DevOps services

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The following are the top queries in the Infosys AWS interview:

  • Compare AWS with OpenStack
  • How to access the data on EBS in AWS?
  • Boot time for an instance store backed instance?
  • Differentiate between vertical and horizontal scaling in AWS.
  • Differentiate between Amazon RDS, Redshift, and Dynamo DB.
  • What Is Amazon Machine (AMI)?
  • Explain Storage for Amazon Ec2 Instance?
  • Security best practices for Amazon Ec2?
  • Can I vertically scale An Amazon Instance? How?
  • How to use Amazon Sqs?
  • Name the several layers Of Cloud Computing?
  • Explain vertically scale an Amazon Instance? How?
  • Enroll in the Intellipaat AWS Certification program if you want to pass the Infosys AWS interviews.

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    If you’re preparing for an Amazon Web Services job, you’ve come to the right place for helpful interview tips that will help you land the position of your dreams. Amazon Web Services is a subsidiary of Amazon. com that offers on-demand cloud computing platforms. Due to the many benefits it offers to businesses, the market for cloud computing has grown significantly around the globe. More than 180 countries around the world’s hundreds of thousands of customers have benefited from Amazon web services. There are many Amazon Web Services jobs out there that you can apply for to launch a successful career as an AWS architect. Visit our Amazon Web Services job interview questions and answers page, which was created by professional experts at WisdomJobs, to learn more about AWS interview questions.


    What is basic interview questions on AWS?

    Basic AWS Interview Questions
    • What are the three primary categories of cloud services and the AWS products that are based on them defined and explained?
    • What is the relation between the Availability Zone and Region? .
    • What is auto-scaling? …
    • What is geo-targeting in CloudFront? …
    • What are the steps involved in a CloudFormation Solution?

    What are the questions asked in Infosys interview?

    Some questions from your resume regarding projects, previous projects, etc. Question: What is the most difficult challenge you have encountered while working on a team or project? Question: Why do you think Infosys is a good career choice for you?

    How do I pass AWS interview?

    How to Prepare for AWS Interview Questions
    1. Research the Company. …
    2. Prepare to Talk about Specific Accomplishments. …
    3. Train yourself to Handle Adversity. …
    4. Keep in mind that Interviewers are Writing Everything Down. …
    5. Don’t Skip Fundamental Questions. …
    6. Be Honest and Tell them if you don’t Know. …
    7. Get as Detailed as you can.

    Is AWS interview difficult?

    The Tricky and Difficult Amazon Behavioral Interview is required for all engineers applying for positions, and it evaluates them on a variety of behavioral traits. The questions typically center on the 14 leadership principles that Amazon values greatly.

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