Game producer interview questions

Game Industry Interview Questions: Game Production Resource Management And Planning

Interviews for Top Jobs at Riot Games

  • Tell me a time when you had to do some group work and one person didn’t pull their weight?
  • Tell me about a time when you wouldnt prioritize the player experience?
  • Have you ever done anything that didn’t put the player experience first?
  • What Sprint processes do you find the most useful or necessary?
  • Do you play League of Legends?
  • Who’s your main?
  • What strategies do you use?
  • Tall about a time you had to interact with a fan?
  • What’s your experience and process managing projects?
  • What do you believe a Product Manager does?
  • Game knowledge is very important, how much do you know?
  • How do you manage your finances?
  • Why is success important to you?
  • How do I know I should stop investing in League of Legends?

Game Producer Interview Questions

  • You’re not one of those “gamer elitists” are you?
  • Are you sure I want to be a Producer and not a Game Designer?
  • What did you do to increase the retention of your game?
  • “Why did you insist on using the singular ‘they’ in your development schedule?”
  • Can you explain what you mean by Agile and Scrum?

Give us some examples of changes you’d make to a movie you produced in the past. Why would you do it differently?

This question will help you gauge the professional growth of the candidate as well as how much experience they have in the industry. Creative projects always involve compromises, but the potential hire should share some insights about what makes a film successful versus mediocre. You can also assess the applicant in terms of management skills. Finally, their choice of lessons learned can indicate how well they’ll fit your organization. What to look for in an answer:

  • Explains creative process
  • Past management experience
  • Cultural and management style fits with the company

“One film I produced taught me the value of working closely with my director and writers throughout a project, not just during the planning phase. We spent several months rewriting scenes that evolved in a direction I didn’t like. It wouldn’t have been necessary if I had been more involved during initial shoots.”

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  • When deciding whether to join a project as a producer, what do you look for in a script? See answer
  • Tell us how you go about selecting a director. What are some of the qualities you look for? See answer
  • You’re working on a project with expensive special effects never attempted before. How do you stay under budget? See answer
  • Give us some examples of changes you’d make to a movie you produced in the past. Why would you do it differently? See answer
  • Describe how you set a deadline for a project and keep it on schedule. What are some strategies you use? See answer
  • Tell me about the mediums you have delivered content for in the past? See answer
  • Tell me about a project where the client changed the job requirements after you’ve already commissioned the cast and paid vendors. How did you manage the client?
  • Do you have experience handling SAG paperwork in productions?
  • Have you ever made a mistake during a production that led to a disaster? Did you resolve the problem and how did you handle it?
  • When is it appropriate to show cuts to internal and external stakeholders? What tools do you use to share cuts?
  • Tell me about the steps involved in the editorial process.
  • How do you qualify and get bids from vendors?
  • What is your take on union vs. non-union work?
  • List the software tools you use during the post-production phase.
  • How do you stay on trend with the latest video production technologies?
  • How do source for copyrighted footage and music?
  • What do you love most about production?

Tell us how you go about selecting a director. What are some of the qualities you look for?

Producers oversee the production of a film project, which means they’re responsible for hiring staff. One of the most important decisions a producer will make is choosing the director. An experienced candidate should have examples of previous hiring decisions from past projects, both good and bad, that illustrate their criteria. You can also use questions like this to determine their cultural fitness for your organization. What to look for in an answer:

  • Explains hiring process for director position
  • Past experience with choosing staff
  • Cultural fitness

“The director is a key member of any film project, and I’ve learned from experience that it’s important to find someone who matches my personality as well as the other production staff under them. Then, I look at their creative talent and what’s needed for the project.”


How do you prepare for a producer interview?

Interview Questions for TV Producers:
  1. What, in your experience, is the most important quality in a TV producer? …
  2. What is your approach to delegation of responsibility? …
  3. What is the most difficult production problem you had to solve? …
  4. What do you look for in a script? …
  5. How do you select a director?

What do you do as a game producer?

10 Skills You Need to Become a Video Game Designer
  • Collaboration. The creation of a video game isn’t a solo project. …
  • Time management. …
  • Critical thinking. …
  • Effective communication. …
  • Creativity. …
  • Storytelling ability. …
  • Knowledge of multimedia development software. …
  • Programming knowledge.

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