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As an IT manager for an enterprise, one of the most important decisions you will make is choosing the right security solution. VMware Carbon Black is an excellent security platform that you may be considering for your organization. If you are in the process of evaluating Carbon Black, it is important to ask the right questions during the interview process to ensure the product is a good fit. This blog post will provide a comprehensive list of questions to ask when interviewing a VMware Carbon Black expert to help you determine whether it is the right solution for your company’s needs. In this blog post, we will discuss the various aspects of the platform and identify the key questions to ask during your interview. We will also explore the benefits of deploying VMware Carbon Black in your environment. Finally, we will discuss how to choose the right security solution and how to determine if VMware Carbon Black is the right fit for your organization.

Interview Questions
  • Introduction ,why should we hire you ,what are your carrier option. 1 Answer.
  • What are your hobbies and why you like it? 1 Answer.

VMware Carbon Black EDR ( On-Prem)

53 questions about working at VMware

What benefits does VMware offer?

Medical, legal, tuition, health

What would you change if you were in charge to improve working conditions at VMware?

Evaluate management on their soft skills.

What is the interview process like at VMware?

Typically, a recruiter would get in touch with you first, conduct a phone interview, and then hire you.

What do you think about going to work at VMware every day?

I always looked forward to work.

Do Sales Professional work onsite or remote?

Both. All remote now due to COVID

How long do you spend working at VMware each day, on average?

12-15 hour days were what I was required to work. Additionally, my boss required me to work on weekends and holidays nonstop.

How many vacation days are granted annually and what is VMware’s vacation policy?

Depending how many hours you put in

What are the steps along the way and how long does it take to get hired at VMware?

Three weeks

What is the work environment and culture like at VMware?

Learn more about our culture here: https://lifeatcb.carbonblack.com/our-culture/

How many sick days are allotted to VMware employees annually?

Unlimited sick days

Please describe the background behind VMWare and Carbon Black, who they are, and why they joined forces

I’ll walk you through this journey from Carbon Black, my own, perspective. Since Carbon Black has existed as a separate entity for 17 years, it is a cybersecurity company with some experience. It began by developing an industry and technology known as application control. As a product, Carbon Black is frequently used in extremely secure environments where businesses only permit the use of well-known executables and forbid all others.

Five to six people were working on a problem in a garage a few years later that involved both government and commercial organizations. That was called Operation Aurora. A nation-state began focusing on commercial cloud service providers, defense agencies, and public institutions. There was no technology available to record endpoint activity, and there was also no data available to determine this. Due to the fact that team’s creation, a brand-new market known as Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) was born.

After launching EDR, another company was acquired in order to offer next-generation antivirus software and a cloud platform, combining those two solutions.

We went public in 2018, following the release of our cloud technology that moved on-premises solutions into the cloud, and in late 2019 VMware acquired us. Therefore, we are currently working for VMware as a part of the security business unit.

VMware has an awesome history. In essence, it began in the late 1990s by developing virtualization technology, which is used by 80% of all providers today. There’s a good chance that you use VMware if you manage a data center. As a result, it presents us with the chance to not only develop security for 80% of that market space but also to offer intrinsic solutions – security that is woven into the very foundation of current technology. Too many people simply bolt security on. Customers can streamline and strengthen security thanks to VMware’s inherent security strategy.

In essence, our technology will be present whenever you deploy a virtual machine server, automatically deployed as a part of the toolset, and transparent to all users. We’re attempting to streamline and minimize the number of controls teams require so they can concentrate on the crucial tasks. That’s the journey we’re on in 2020.

Here is a brief description of the VMware Carbon Black dashboard:

Here are the top 10 questions to ask:

If the answer to this question is no: RUN. Although basic behavior identification and IOC matching are useful uses of watchlists, they only make up a small portion of the detection that can be built using Cb Response data. The behaviors connected to privilege escalation, defense evasion, credential access, and lateral movement cannot be detected by watchlists alone.

2: Are you using Cb Response to triage and investigate alerts?

Cb Response drastically reduces the duration of endpoint investigations. To fully understand the situation, an analyst may need to switch between 5 to 25 different processes and supporting data during a thorough investigation. This is time-consuming and ineffective, especially when dealing with hundreds of customers.

By developing their own endpoint analysis and investigation platform, the most experienced providers streamline this procedure. All of the raw endpoint activity gathered by Cb Response is ingested by these platforms, which then correlate and enrich that data with additional valuable pieces of knowledge like knowledge about binary signing, knowledge about decoded base64 commands, knowledge about detection criteria, knowledge about previous users and endpoints, and knowledge about customer environments


How many rounds of interview does VMware have?

The coding round, the design round, and the behavioral round are the three main rounds of the on-site interview.

How many rounds are there in VMware?

The VMware interview process typically consists of four stages: online assessment Technical Rounds (2-3).

How long is VMware hiring process?

A few weeks pass between the initial application and screening and the first interview during the hiring process, which lasts about two months. Two phone interviews are an example of the hiring procedure at VMware for a project manager. two rounds of one-hour long interviews with the department head and the hiring manager

What is the discovery interview in VMware?

This type of interview has been created to delve more deeply into your “past, present, and future” aspects. In the end, we’re looking for your capacity to analyze problems, delve deeply into their causes, take action, and then execute those actions to produce the solutions that will define your “future success.”

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