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When it comes to preparing for a job interview, it is important to do your research and know what to expect. If you are interviewing with Vizient, it is especially important to know what kinds of questions you could be asked and how to best prepare. Vizient is a healthcare performance improvement company that focuses on helping customers reduce costs, improve efficiency, and support better clinical outcomes. Knowing the types of questions Vizient recruiters will ask during an interview can help you stand out from the crowd and make a great impression. In this post, we will look at some of the most common Vizient interview questions and provide tips on how to answer them. With the right preparation, you can be confident and well-prepared for your interview and hopefully get the job you want.

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Interviews for Top Jobs at Vizient

Associate Software Engineer Interview


I applied online. The process took 2 weeks. I interviewed at Vizient (Irving, TX) in Apr 2022


After applying I was contacted by the recruiter about 2 weeks later for a phone screening. Later that day I was contacted to schedule an interview over MS Teams with 2 interviewers. During the interview, I was writing a short function on notepad when I made a mistake. One of the interviewers laughed a couple of times at me before pointing out the mistake that I immediately fixed. This gave me a really bad impression of the company and it ruined my mood for the rest of the interview.

Interview Questions

  • The interview questions were broken up into several behavioral questions, technical questions, and a few questions I had to write down on a piece of paper.

Proposal Director Interview


I applied online. The process took 2 weeks. I interviewed at Vizient in May 2022


Vizient seems like a wonderful company with great people; however, I do have some suggestions regarding the interview and candidate assessment process. I am sharing my experience with the hope that it helps streamline and improve future candidates’ experiences. I also want candidates to know what to expect regarding the interview process for certain positions (understanding that my experience might not be applicable to all experiences). As part of my interview experience at Vizient, I met with five different individuals over the course of about a week and a half (four virtually and one screening occurred telephonically). I enjoyed my interviews, but they were a lot. Coordinating all of the interviews with my intense workload and schedule at my present job was challenging, but I was excited about the position and proceeded with the process.After moving around meetings on my work calendar to free up blocks of time for the interviews (while also temporarily halting some home construction/work), I was a bit disappointed that there was no follow-up at all after this arduous interview process that also included a surprise proctored “test.” (This lack of response was especially surprising since everyone that I met with was super lovely and I really enjoyed my conversations with all of them.) A few days after the 5th interview, I was notified that a proctored “test” assignment was being requested of me for the next morning (with 18 hours’ notice). This test was not mentioned previously. Despite several large projects on my plate at work that next day and several meetings already on my calendar, I accommodated the request for the surprise test assignment. (From my conversation with the recruiter, it seemed imperative that this proctored test occur the next day.)As someone who regularly gives candidates tests, I found the timeframe allotted for the test assignment was a bit unreasonable given the scope of the request (30 minutes, which turned out to be 24 after instructions and pleasantries were exchanged and after the proctor logged on two minutes late) and the topic odd/not business related. Right before the virtually proctored test assignment began, a fire-drill, time sensitive request came in at my current job requiring my immediate attention; as such, several of my coworkers were calling, emailing and texting me during the assignment. I still proceeded with the proctored test assignment, although admittedly it was far from my best work given the distractions. After the proctored test ended, I responded to my current coworkers’ time sensitive calls and then sent my completed test assignment back to the contacts at Vizient. I received a confirmation of receipt, but then heard nothing back … ever. It has been over a month and a half. Based on my experience (which I acknowledge may not be everyone’s experience interviewing at Vizient), I would recommend the following to Vizient:1) Combine some of the interviews as a two-person panel interview instead. The interviewers can collaborate before the interview to ensure questions do not overlap.2) Provide the candidate with a clear expectation of steps, including any assignments that might be requested of them if they advance to the next phase – allowing the proctored assignment to be scheduled in advance on days that are not as hectic for the candidates.3) Align the test assignments to your business/what would be required in the role to truly assess the candidate’s skills and how they can contribute to your team’s success.4) Provide more time for candidates to complete the test assignment, especially if it is a multi-faceted request. 5) Inform the candidate of a final decision one way or another (or inform them of what is going on in the process), especially since they may have spent hours interviewing and testing for the role. It is a bit disappointing to be ghosted after the candidate devoted so much time, interest and attention to the candidate assessment process. (In reading the reviews, it seems like a lot of candidates are ultimately ghosted by Vizient.)Hope this information is helpful! Best wishes to all!

Interview Questions

  • What benefits could you offer Vizient and the position?

Software Engineer Interview


I applied online. The process took 2 weeks. I interviewed at Vizient in Apr 2022


The interview process was straightforward. Mostly technicals and no behavioral. There’s almost no room for explanations, and the employers jump between questions without much consideration. Overall, the experience was neutral and there is no follow ups from the employers.

Interview Questions

  • Tell me about your data mining experience and the programming languages you know.

Example: “I’ve been using Excel for several years now. It’s a great tool for compiling data and making graphs and charts, in my opinion. In my previous position as a nurse manager, I used Excel to produce weekly reports on patient care and outcomes. These reports assisted me in identifying process improvement opportunities. ”.

Example: “I had to explain difficult medical procedures to patients who couldn’t speak English well when I worked as an emergency room nurse. To ensure they understood everything I said, I would use visual aids like diagrams and pictures to show them what I was talking about. As a result, I was able to establish trust with my patients and make sure they felt at ease asking questions. ”.

The interviewer can use this query to find out why you’re interested in the job. They might want to know that you are enthusiastic about working in healthcare and that you want to improve the lives of others. Think about what drew you to this position and how it fits with your career goals as you write your response.

The interviewer can evaluate your research abilities and gauge whether you are sincere in your desire to work for their company with this question. Highlighting aspects of the business that appeal to you or that you believe would create a fun working environment can be helpful when responding to this question.

Example: “I would say that one of my strengths is the ability to work independently.” In fact, I have frequently in my professional life. For instance, at my previous position, I was tasked with developing a fresh marketing strategy for our client. My boss provided me with some broad guidelines about what they were looking for, but I was left to handle the rest. I successfully ran a marketing campaign that raised sales by 10%. ”.

Vizient Data Analyst SalaryWe don’t have enough data points to render this information.

Vizient’s interviews typically vary by role and team, but generally speaking, Data Analyst interviews adhere to a fairly standard procedure for all of these question types.

We compiled this information by analyzing thousands of interview experiences provided by members.

Of course, the interviewer is interested in how you handle challenges. You could respond by recalling a difficulty you encountered and how you overcame it. Don’t leave out the details. I had five business days at my previous job to learn a new software system, as an illustration. I worked extra hours, collaborated with the vendor to master the fundamentals, and learned how to use that system in the allotted five days. This challenge showed me that, despite a tight deadline, I can quickly learn a complex system and accomplish a goal. ”.

15. Tell me about a time when you had to deal with a irate client, whether they were internal or external. What happened, and what did you do to salvage the relationship?

14. Please describe a time when you faced a challenge at work and how you handled it.

This is not the time to exaggerate. Answer this question honestly. This information will be revealed during a background check for potential employers.

It’s important how you respond to this query because it demonstrates your interest in the position. Don’t say that you don’t have any questions. Prepare incisive, thought-provoking interview questions that will leave a lasting impression on the hiring manager. Now that you know how to respond to 20 of the most typical interview questions, it’s time to apply for a job! Here is a potential question to ask: What do you expect the person you hire to accomplish in 3 months, 1 year, and 3 years? Another question could be: What do you like about working for this organization?


What are the questions asked in virtual interview?

Questions for remote interviews
  • How do you organize your day-to-day tasks?
  • How do you stay motivated when working alone?
  • Tell me about a project you took on by yourself.
  • How do you limit distractions when you’re working?
  • When did you last experience a work slump, and how did you get over it?

How long does it take to hear back from Vizient?

Vizient’s hiring process takes an average of 29 days when 120 user-submitted interviews are taken into account for all job titles. Senior Analyst roles had the slowest hiring times (on average 37 days), while candidates applying for software engineer positions experienced the fastest hiring times (on average 16 days).

What are the 5 target interview questions?

Interview questions at Target
  • Why do you want to work at Target? What is your professional background?
  • How did you respond when something unexpected happened at work, and what was the result?
  • When w…

What questions are asked in a group interview?

Example group interview questions and answers
  • Give an example of when you went above and beyond to satisfy a customer.
  • What strategies would you use to persuade a customer to buy one of our products?
  • How will your strengths can benefit our company?
  • Identify a weakness you’d like to work on improving.

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