The Top 10 SunTrust Mortgage Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

Getting hired at SunTrust Mortgage can be a competitive process. As one of the leading mortgage lenders in the U.S. they receive thousands of applications every year for just a handful of open positions. This means you need to come prepared to stand out among the crowd if you want to land a job.

In this article, I’ll cover the 10 most common SunTrust Mortgage interview questions based on my own experience and research. I’ll provide tips and sample answers to help you ace the interview.

1. Why do you want to work for SunTrust Mortgage?

This is likely to be one of the very first questions they ask SunTrust wants to know that you have specific reasons for wanting to work for them rather than just needing a job,


  • Research the company’s mission, values, and recent achievements. Align your answer with what attracts you.

  • Focus on your interest in their mortgage products, community banking approach, and commitment to service.

  • Share why you’re drawn to their culture and growth opportunities.

Sample Answer: I’m excited to work for SunTrust Mortgage because of your focus on helping homeowners at the community level. Your wide range of lending options and personalized service align with my passion for educating and guiding clients in one of life’s biggest financial decisions – buying a home. I’m also impressed by your commitment to ethics, diversity and inclusion. I believe these values drive positive business results while making a difference in people’s lives.

2. What do you know about SunTrust Mortgage?

SunTrust wants to gauge how much research you’ve done about the company and what specifically interests you. This shows genuine enthusiasm for the role.


  • Highlight facts such as years in business, number of branches, growth stats, and key executives.

  • Mention unique products and programs that excite you. Show you understand their place in the market.

  • Talk about recent news involving expansions, awards, campaigns, etc.

Sample Answer: As one of the largest mortgage lenders in the U.S., SunTrust has over 130 years of experience in home lending. You serve clients through an extensive branch network of over 400 locations across seven states. Some facts that stand out are your $6 billion in mortgage originations in 2020, 97% customer satisfaction rating, and your A+ ranking with the Better Business Bureau. One program that interests me is your Community Heroes initiative, which offers special rates to nurses, teachers and first responders. This level of commitment to giving back is something I’d be proud to be a part of.

3. Why do you want to work in mortgage lending?

Hiring managers want to determine if you have a genuine interest in the field or are just applying for any available job. Show them mortgage banking aligns with your skills and passions.


  • Talk about how helping people realize the dream of homeownership motivates you.

  • Share if you enjoy analyzing financial information, promoting products, building relationships, etc.

  • Talk about being drawn to the complexities and continuous changes in the industry.

Sample Answer: I’m strongly interested in mortgage lending because I’m passionate about educating people on home financing options and guiding them through one of life’s biggest financial decisions. I enjoy analyzing financial information to find solutions tailored to each client’s needs. I also like working collaboratively with other bank departments and third parties to coordinate the mortgage process from start to finish. The nuances and changing regulatory landscape of lending keep me engaged and continuously learning. Most importantly, I find fulfillment in helping homeowners achieve the stability and pride that comes with owning a home.

4. What do you know about our mortgage products?

SunTrust wants to confirm you have taken time to become familiar with their lending programs. Demonstrate this knowledge to prove you’re prepared for the specifics of the job.


  • Research SunTrust’s mortgage product suite including highlights like: adjustable-rate, jumbo, FHA, VA, renovation, physician, etc.

  • Mention aspects that distinguish SunTrust mortgages like competitive rates and flexible terms.

  • Share which products align with your experience/skills.

Sample Answer: Through my research, I’m quite familiar with SunTrust’s wide range of mortgage products, including your fixed and adjustable-rate options with competitive rates. I see you offer specialty mortgages like Renovation loans that include funds to remodel a home, as well as exclusive programs for physicians. What interests me in particular are your jumbo mortgages with higher lending limits, as I have past experience assisting high net worth clients secure financing for luxury properties. I’m also excited that you offer both conforming and government-backed FHA and VA loans to help qualified borrowers purchase with as little as 3% down. I’m confident my experience aligns well with promoting and processing many of your mortgage programs.

5. How would you explain a complicated mortgage concept to a customer?

Mortgage lending can be filled with complex terminology. SunTrust needs to ensure you can effectively educate clients. Provide examples of simplifying complex ideas.


  • Share your approach to assessing the client’s background and starting at their level of understanding.

  • Give examples of analogies, visuals, or other tools you would use to simplify concepts.

  • Emphasize patience and commitment to transparency.

Sample Answer: When explaining complicated mortgage terms and calculations, I start by assessing the client’s existing knowledge and tailoring my explanation for their level of financial literacy. For those with limited backgrounds, I’ve found analogies can be very effective. For example, comparing an ARM to a vehicle with adjustable speed based on the road helps simplify the adjustable concept. I’ll also use visuals like graphs to demonstrate how rates and payments can fluctuate over time. My goal is to make clients comfortable asking questions and to equip them to make informed decisions. I take time to welcome all inquiries and aim to provide the right information in an easy-to-digest way. At the end, I always confirm their understanding and offer additional resources. Patient transparency is key.

6. How do you stay up to date on mortgage regulations and trends?

The mortgage industry sees frequent changes in policies, programs, and regulations. SunTrust needs people who are self-motivated to constantly expand their knowledge.


  • Give examples of resources you use to stay current like industry publications, training courses, forums, etc.

  • Share how you put new knowledge into practice right away through updated work processes.

  • Emphasize being proactive in seeking information before issues arise.

Sample Answer: Staying current on mortgage regulations and trends is critical in this industry, so I make it a priority to constantly expand my knowledge. I regularly read top publications like National Mortgage News and Scotsman Guide to get the latest on policy changes, rate forecasts, new products, and more. I also take advantage of webcasts from the MBA and lender-specific training programs to receive specialized insights. Participating in forums and professional networking groups helps me discuss challenges and best practices with peers. Whenever I learn something new, I’m quick to update my compliance checklists, loan processing flows, and client materials to integrate this knowledge. I’m proactive in my learning so I’m prepared to act on changes rather than react once issues appear. Knowledge is only power if applied promptly.

7. Tell me about a time you had to resolve a difficult mortgage client complaint.

Mortgage lending involves high-stakes financing, so client complaints do arise. SunTrust needs to know you can handle conflict resolution professionally. Share how you successfully calmed an upset client.


  • Set the context by explaining the client’s original complaint.

  • Share your empathy and active listening skills. Detail how you worked to understand their perspective.

  • Explain how you presented solutions, resolved the issue to their satisfaction, and regained their trust.

Sample Answer: I distinctly remember a complaint from a client who was in the process of buying a home when we had to delay the closing due to missing paperwork from the seller. The client was absolutely livid, as the delay was costing them more in rent and jeopardizing their rate lock expiration. I let them share their full perspective and frustrations; I knew I needed to listen first. I assured them I’d get to the bottom of things and find a solution. I worked closely with our closing department to expedite the paperwork and extend the rate lock at no cost. I also kept the client constantly updated on progress. In the end, we closed just 2 days later than originally planned. My transparency throughout the process and willingness to take ownership in resolving the issue rebuilt the client’s trust in me. They even sent flowers to thank me for saving the deal!

8. How do you balance speed and quality when processing high volumes of mortgage loans?

Mortgage processors need to work efficiently but inaccuracies can be costly. Share how you’ve optimized throughput without sacrificing quality.


  • Provide an example of managing a high capacity of loans while maintaining standards.

  • Discuss how you set benchmarks and use tools to track productivity.

  • Emphasize quality control methods used to catch any errors.

Sample Answer: In my last role, there were periods of extremely high loan volume. To

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Rocket Mortgage Interview Questions with Answer Examples


Why do you want to work in a mortgage?

There are a lot of reasons to become a mortgage lender. On one hand, you get to directly benefit from your own hard work with limitless potential. On the other, you get to help others make one of the biggest financial decisions of their lives — a decision that could help pay off for generations to come.

How do I prepare for a loan officer interview?

Preparing for a Loan Officer interview requires a blend of financial acumen, customer service skills, and a deep understanding of lending products and regulations.

How would you handle processing multiple loan requests at once while meeting deadlines?

I first tracked the major deadlines for each loan, and then I divided these into smaller tasks. I set goals for each week and day to ensure I completed each loan on time. This allowed me to meet my deadlines, while also planning enough time for each task to ensure quality and accuracy.

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