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The top 20 Redux interview questions and answers are listed here for both experienced and new candidates. These interview questions will enable you to successfully complete the job interview.

Redux Saga Interview Questions and Answers
  • What is Redux Saga? …
  • Can you explain the difference between an action and a saga in context with Redux Saga? …
  • How does Redux Saga work? …
  • Why do we need to use Redux Saga? …
  • What are some of the main features provided by Redux-Saga?

Redux Interview Questions (from a Sr. developer)

Can you tell a bit about yourself?#

Yassine ElouafiYassine Elouafi My name is Yassine Elouafi, 39 old and Dad for 2 kids. I live in Tangier (Morocco) and work on a real estate company. I have a lot of passion for coding and learning and hacking new things, exploring new ideas.

Nope (well, I did graduate, but it was in finance, not computer science). Im a self taught programmer. I hack things for myself, my company and occasionally others.

How would you describe redux-saga to someone who has never heard of it?#

It is a Redux middleware for handling side effects.

Redux middleware is a plug-in you can use to add extra features to Redux. Redux is an opinionated library for controlling an application’s state. In Redux, the only thing we can do without middleware is use reducers, which are pure functions, to compute a new state from the previous state and a given action.

All the handling inside reducers is synchronous and pure. But in actual applications, we also have to perform asynchronous (which means they might not finish right away, like an AJAX request) and impure (which means they alter the state of the outside world, like saving to a database) tasks. Side effects are a common term used in functional programming (FP) terminology to describe those things.

The term saga was historically used by Hector Garcia-Molina and Kenneth Salem to define a mechanism to handle long lived transactions in database systems. But in redux-saga, The closest meaning is actually a process manager basically: “a process that receive events, and may emit new events (sync or async), aiming to orchestrate complex workflows inside your application” (kudos to @slorber).

I want to emphasize that using Redux-Saga doesn’t actually require you to understand academic papers and backend concepts. Knowing that a saga is a piece of background-running code that monitors for dispatched actions, performs some async calls (or synchronous impure calls, like browser storage), and can dispatch additional actions to the store is sufficient.

The top 20 Redux interview questions and answers are listed here for both experienced and new candidates. These interview questions will enable you to successfully complete the job interview.

What is Redux in ReactJS?

Redux in React, which is the recommended React binding for Redux, enables React components to read data from a Redux Store and send Actions to the Store to update the data. Redux provides a way to manage the state using a unidirectional data flow architecture in order to make it simpler for apps to scale.

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What is the purpose of Redux saga?

An application’s side effects, such as asynchronous data fetching and accessing impure browser cache, can be made more manageable by using the Redux-Saga library. It is very easy to manage and efficient to execute. Redux-Saga makes it simple to test and handle failure.

What is Redux saga vs thunk?

Redux Saga. The action creator in thunk returns a function rather than an object, whereas the action creator in the saga lets you send actions normally. but it has a watcher. whenever a particular action gets dispatched, the watcher catches it.

What is the advantage of Redux saga?

Redux Saga transforms sagas from imperative to declarative by utilizing effects. This has the added benefit of a function that returns a straightforward object, which is simpler to test than a function that directly makes an asynchronous call.

Is Redux and Redux saga same?

Redux has more endorsements than redux-saga, which is listed in 43 company stacks and 21 developer stacks. Redux is mentioned in 1036 company stacks and 832 developer stacks.

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