How to Ace Your Printful Interview: The Complete Guide

Im new. I have added products from Printful to my store and it is live. I placed an order to test out the site. It does not show as an order in my Printful account. Shouldn’t I be able to see if it got to Printful? What should I do if my orders aren’t getting to Printful?

Thank you for reaching out to the Community. Im happy to provide some assistance with this request, to ensure it gets resolved.

Printful is a third-party app, so you will need to get in touch with the app developers directly. This will give them a chance to look into it further and give you steps on how to fix it as soon as possible.

Get in touch with the app developer by going to the Shopify App Store and scrolling down to the Built by Printful section. There, you’ll see how to get in touch with them.

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Are you preparing for an upcoming interview at Printful? As one of the fastest growing print-on-demand companies, Printful is highly selective in their hiring process Read on for my complete guide to standing out in your Printful interview and landing the job

About Printful

Founded in 2013 Printful is a print-on-demand dropshipping company based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Printful handles printing, warehousing and shipping of products for ecommerce businesses so brands can focus on design and marketing.

Some key facts about Printful

  • Employs over 1600 employees globally.

  • Part of a larger parent company, Printify.

  • Serves over 1 million customers in 170+ countries.

  • Named one of the 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies by Inc.

  • Offers opportunities across tech, product, marketing, operations and more.

How to Prepare for the Printful Interview

Thorough prep work is vital for any job interview, and Printful is no exception. Here are my top tips for getting ready:

Research the company: Study Printful’s website, blog and social media to understand their products, culture and values. Follow recent news articles about the company.

Practice answering common questions: Rehearse smooth responses to questions like “Tell me about yourself” and “Why do you want to work at Printful?” Prepare success stories using the STAR method.

Review the job description: Highlight all the requirements and qualifications for the role. Assess how your skills and experience map to each. Think of examples that showcase them.

Familiarize yourself with the technologies: For technical roles, study up on any programming languages, frameworks, databases etc. mentioned in the job description so you can speak about them intelligently.

Polish your resume: Update your resume to include all relevant accomplishments, projects and responsibilities. Quantify your achievements with numbers/data where possible.

Plan your interview attire: Pick out professional interview clothes in line with Printful’s casual dress code. Pay attention to neat grooming and styling details.

Commonly Asked Printful Interview Questions

Here are some of the most common Printful interview questions candidates report being asked, along with tips to nail your responses:

Walk me through your resume

Succinctly summarize your background and credentials relevant to the role in 4-5 key points. Offer to elaborate on anything they would like more details on. Focus on your biggest accomplishments and unique strengths.

Why do you want to join Printful?

Show you’ve researched the company. Explain how Printful’s mission and culture appeals to you. Highlight specific things that excite you like their focus on innovation, rapid growth, international footprint etc.

What are your strengths?

Share 2-3 strengths like leadership, collaboration, adaptability etc. Use specific examples of when you demonstrated these strengths to drive results or solve problems. Quantify your achievements where possible.

What is your greatest weakness?

Turn this into a positive by sharing a previous weakness you have improved on through effort and learning – e.g. public speaking skills or prioritization. Emphasize the steps you took to overcome the weakness.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Show you’re interested in growing long-term with the company. You can mention goals like:

  • Gaining expertise in a certain technology

  • Moving from Engineer to Lead Architect

  • Leading an international team

  • Starting new initiatives that add value to customers

Align your goals to Printful’s priorities and culture.

Do you have any questions for me?

Ask smart questions that demonstrate your understanding of the company and your engagement. For example:

  • How would you describe the work culture here at Printful?

  • What are some of the biggest challenges facing your engineering team today?

  • What are the key skills and qualities you look for in a successful hire for this role?

Technical Interview Questions at Printful

For engineering roles, expect more technical questions to evaluate your hard skills. Brush up on concepts like:


  • Object oriented programming principles

  • Common data structures like arrays, hash tables, trees

  • Writing clean, maintainable and well-tested code


  • Building responsive layouts with CSS, HTML

  • Creating interactive UIs with JavaScript frameworks like React

  • Optimizing web app performance – caching, CDNs etc.


  • Designing REST APIs

  • Writing SQL queries to manipulate databases

  • Securing apps against vulnerabilities like SQL injection

  • Scaling apps to handle high traffic

Use the job description to guide what level of depth to prepare for. Provide your code samples to showcase skills.

How to Make the Best Impression

Here are some final tips to ace your Printful interview:

  • Arrive 10-15 minutes early to get settled.

  • Firm handshake and warm smile go a long way.

  • Maintain good eye contact and posture to project confidence.

  • Speak clearly and organize thoughts before responding. Avoid rambling.

  • Ask smart questions to show your engagement.

  • Express genuine passion and interest in the company.

  • Send thank you notes to all your interviewers within 24 hours.

With rigorous preparation and a stellar interview performance, you’ll stand out from the competition. Wishing you the very best in landing your dream job at Printful!

PRINTFUL Q&A – Top 8 Questions Answered!


What are on demand interviews like?

Essentially, an on-demand interview is an asynchronous interviewing method where your candidates can answer pre-selected and recorded interview questions. On-demand interviews are often also referred to as virtual or virtual interviews.

What is the most asked question in an interview?

“Why should we hire you?” – is one of the most frequently asked questions asked by any interviewer ever. The Hiring Manager won’t be satisfied unless there is a unique or out-of-the-box answer. This question seems simple; however, it is quite tricky to impress the recruiter.

What are the most impressive interview questions you’ve ever been asked?

Amy Ogden, Director of Marketing and Development for J Public Relations said one of the most impressive questions she’s been asked by a candidate is, “what is an example of a client challenge you have recently faced?” She addes that in your follow up thank you note, the candidate should address that challenge and how they would tackle it.

What questions do employers ask during an interview?

While we can’t know exactly what an employer will ask, here are 10 common interview questions along with advice on how to answer them. The questions include: Could you tell me something about yourself and describe your background in brief?: Interviewers like to hear stories about candidates.

What should I know before a job interview?

: Before you walk in for your first interview, you should already know what the salary is for the position you’re applying to. Check out websites such as Glassdoor, Fishbowl, or for salary information. You could also ask people in the field by reaching out to your community on LinkedIn. Where your work meets your life.

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