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Mercer, which employs about 23,000 people and operates in more than 130 countries, is the largest HR consulting firm in the world.

Mercer, which was established in 1937 and was acquired by Marsh & McLennan Companies in 1959, assists businesses in enhancing the productivity, well-being, and wealth of their workforce.

This includes strategies for talent development, employee communications and engagement, workplace health, and retirement and pension plans.

Its graduate program offers three career paths, each with its own set of advantages for professionals: Health, Wealth, and Career. We’ll cover each application process in this article, along with some important advice.

Mercer offers a number of ‘Early Careers Opportunities’. Its graduate program is a two-year course of study with three options: career, wealth, or health.

You will have a “home location” as a graduate scheme participant where you will participate in various placements to learn more about the kinds of work in your specialty area.

You’ll need to finish one project in each of the three pathways in addition to the placements. You will gain a thorough understanding of the organization as a whole and of your area of expertise as a result.

Because “People are at the heart of everything” is one of Mercer’s core principles, you can anticipate receiving a lot of support from the company throughout the graduate program.

This assistance will come in the form of a manager who will support your personal growth as well as opportunities to collaborate with other program graduates.

To ensure that everyone has the assistance they require while participating in the program, Mercer also runs a “buddy system.”

The professional study opportunities the company will fund during your two years with them are a key benefit of joining Mercer’s graduate program. These qualifications are with:

All graduates on the Wealth pathway will also complete the Investment Management Certification within the first three months of the program.

You might be matched with a permanent job opportunity at the company at the conclusion of the program. But there is no assurance that you will get a job offer.

Three placements are necessary for the Health and Career pathways. You must complete four placements in the Wealth pathway, including one in DB Funding & Benefits and one in DB Investment.

Assignments from all three of the pathways will be given to you to complete in addition to your placements.

Mercer Interview Process

Interviews for Top Jobs at Mercer

Benefits Representative Interview


I interviewed at Mercer


The interview process was straightforward. The interviewer was very friendly and positive about the role. I was given a very realistic view of what a day in the role would be like.

Interview Questions

  • How do you respond to an upset customer?

Analyst Interview


I interviewed at Mercer


2 hours long but goes by really fast! Everyone was so welcoming. Great interview experience. The entire process was about 1 month. I would practice behavioral and technical questions. 1st interview was hirevue and then 2 hour long interview- 30 minute sessions with 4 people

Interview Questions

  • how do you handle multiple tasks at once?

Mercer Case Interview: Everything You Need to Know

Case interviews and behavioral or fit interview questions are both parts of Mercer consulting interviews. You will typically have to go through two rounds of interviews before Mercer will make you an offer for a consulting position.

  • First round interview: If you are applying as a student, first round interviews typically happen on-campus. Expect to be given a case interview along with a few behavioral or fit interview questions. For non-students, first round interviews will happen over the phone. You may be asked questions about your resume and work experiences, interest in Mercer, and may be given a case.
  • Second round interview: The second and final round of interviews are conducted in-office and can range from a half day to a full day. You’ll be interviewed by 3-4 separate Mercer consultants. Interviews will consist of case interviews and behavioral or fit interview questions.
  • We can prepare you for your upcoming consulting interview with Mercer. We’ll go over everything you need to know in this article to ace interviews and receive job offers. In this article, we’ll cover in detail:

  • The 5 steps to solve any Mercer case interview
  • The 10 most common Mercer behavioral interview questions
  • Recommended case interview prep resources
  • Popular Careers with Mercer Job Seekers

    mercer interview questions

    At Mercer, we believe in building brighter futures. Together, we’re changing how people work and how they invest and retire. – More.

    The opportunity for the employer to explain why you should work for them is now. The information provided is from their perspective.

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    How do I prepare for a Mercer interview?

    Before your interview, visit the office to familiarize yourself with the area and the travel time. Prepare some remarks about why Mercer interests you. Consider how your qualifications and experience match those listed in the job description, and be prepared to give specific examples.

    Does Mercer have a case interview?

    Case interviews and behavioral or fit interview questions are both parts of Mercer consulting interviews. You will typically have to go through two rounds of interviews before Mercer will make you an offer for a consulting position.

    What are the 5 Ps of interview preparation?

    My three Ps for interview preparation are therefore past, people, and personal; however, I’ll get to these in a moment.

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