Ace Your Matthews Real Estate Investment Services Interview: The Top Questions and Answers

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Landing a role at Matthews Real Estate Investment Services requires conquering a rigorous interview process As a leading global real estate advisor, Matthews looks for candidates who are client-focused, analytical, and driven to help investors succeed.

This article will equip you to shine in your Matthews interview by highlighting commonly asked questions and suggested responses. We’ll also provide tips to help you stand out.

Overview of the Matthews Interview Process

The typical Matthews interview process involves:

  • An initial phone screen with HR
  • One or more interviews with department managers
  • A case study or written skills test
  • An interview with senior leadership

The process aims to thoroughly assess both your real estate knowledge and interpersonal abilities. Top candidates demonstrate strategic thinking, collaboration skills, and a passion for the industry

Most Common Matthews Interview Questions and Answers

Here are 12 of the most frequently asked Matthews interview questions along with advice to craft winning responses

1. Walk me through your experience in the real estate industry. Which accomplishments are you most proud of?

Focus on showcasing your specialized expertise and track record of success. Tailor your response to the role, highlighting projects and deals you played a pivotal role in. Quantify your impact and contributions to demonstrate the value you delivered.

2. How would you approach a new client looking to optimize their real estate portfolio?

Demonstrate your strategic consulting skills by outlining a step-by-step approach. Highlight areas like assessing portfolio strength, identifying vulnerabilities, performing competitive analysis, and presenting strategies to rebalance assets. Emphasize understanding the client’s unique goals.

3. Tell me about a time you successfully negotiated a complex real estate deal. What tactics did you employ?

Share a specific example that showcases negotiation abilities, communication style, and knack for overcoming obstacles creatively. Emphasize listening skills and your talent for finding “win-win” solutions.

4. Describe a situation where you identified a new opportunity or market trend before your competitors. How did you capitalize on it?

This highlights strategic thinking and market acumen. Discuss spotting an emerging trend or undervalued asset class, making a case to leadership, and developing a successful strategy to seize the opportunity ahead of rivals.

5. Share an example of when you had to work collaboratively to solve a problem. What was the outcome?

Collaboration abilities are crucial at Matthews. Provide an example of resolving an issue by proactively seeking others’ input and building consensus around a solution. Share lessons on communication strategies that drive teamwork.

6. Tell me about a time you leveraged data analysis to guide business strategy. What tools did you use?

Demonstrate your ability to derive strategic insights from market data. Reference specialized tools used, like CoStar or Argus Enterprise, to showcase technical expertise. Share how your analysis directly informed deals or investments.

7. Walk me through how you forecast demand or valuations for a commercial real estate asset.

This tests your financial modeling skills. Discuss your valuation methodology, including cash flow analysis, discount rates, capitalization rates, and sensitivity testing. Tailor your response to the specific asset class relevant for the role.

8. How do you stay current on the latest real estate trends, technologies, and best practices?

Discuss proactive learning strategies like industry events, publications, certifications, and networking. Share examples of new methods or innovations you’ve adopted to showcase forward-thinking mindset.

9. Tell me about a difficult client situation and how you handled it. What was the outcome?

Share a story that highlights resilience, creative problem-solving, and commitment to client satisfaction. Explain the dilemma, the collaborative tactics you employed, and the solution that exceeded the client’s expectations.

10. Where do you see your real estate career in five years? How would this role help you achieve your goals?

Showcase alignment of your long-term vision with the company’s strengths, like global footprint, market leadership, and breadth of services. Demonstrate interest in growth and learning. Share goals focused on mastery and client impact.

11. What attracts you to Matthews compared to other real estate firms?

Reference Matthews’ culture, values, and dedication to clients. Share why these resonate with you more deeply than competitors. Know the company’s focus areas and services well.

12. Do you have any questions for me?

Ask thoughtful questions that demonstrate your understanding of Matthews’ competitive advantages, strategic direction, and workplace culture. This shows genuine interest.

Tips to Stand Out in Your Matthews Interview

  • Show passion for real estate: Convey genuine excitement for the industry and working with investors.

  • Demonstrate ethics: Share examples of when you did the right thing for a client, even at expense to yourself or company.

  • Ask insightful questions: Inquiries about culture, training, and growth opportunities make you memorable.

  • Watch your body language: Maintain confident, open posture. Make steady eye contact. Listen actively.

  • Send a follow-up note: Thank the interviewer and reiterate your interest in the position.

With diligent preparation using the advice above, you’ll feel equipped to have a winning Matthews interview. Show you have the technical real estate acumen and personable nature to build trust-based relationships with clients and colleagues. Demonstrate potential to grow into a leader in the industry. If you put your best foot forward, you’ll be one step closer to landing your dream role at one of the top real estate advisory firms worldwide.

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Why are you interested in real estate interview questions?

There are typically three common responses when a broker asks a prospective agent this question: Because I love property. Because I love people. I want to make a lot of money.

Why do you want this job?

“I am excited about this job because it allows me to be part of a company culture that values teamwork, collaboration, and open communication. During my research about [company name], I was impressed by the positive work environment and the emphasis on fostering creativity and diversity of thought.

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