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If you’re applying for a job at Joann’s, it’s important to be prepared to answer any question that may come your way during the interview. It’s important to be aware that all employers have their own set of interview questions and techniques, and it may be beneficial to do some research on Joann’s interviewing style before you sit down for the interview. Being prepared for the interview is essential for providing a good impression of yourself and your qualifications, so it is important to do your research. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the most common interview questions asked by Joann’s employers, as well as some tips on how to answer them in the most effective manner. We will also provide advice and examples of how to demonstrate your skills and provide answers that show you’re the best fit for the job. By understanding Joann’s interview style and the types of questions they are likely to ask

Working At Jo Ann Fabrics- My Typical Work Day

What candidates say about the interview process at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores

  • I was interviewed ten years ago, and I believe that the two interviews were different. They call you to arrange a time to come in for the interview, which consists of simple questions. Crew Member at Hotel – Shared on September 20, 2022
  • Easy, super easy. shared on September 18, 2022 – El Paso, Texas – Part-Time Sales Associate
  • super simple, just make a phone call, pass the urine test, and you’re good to go! shared August 30, 2022 by a warehouse associate in Hudson, Ohio

What advice do candidates give for interviewing at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores

  • Be sociablePosted on August 18, 2022 – Wichita, Kansas – Full Time Key Holder
  • I would say that this is the ideal position for college students to have shared on August 9, 2022 – Cashier and Customer Service – Warrenton, VA
  • Avoid anything that will interfere with your points for 90 days, such as appointments. On August 7, 2022, General Warehouse in Opelika, Alabama, shared

How candidates received their first interview at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores

  • A job was discussed with the manager when I went into the store on December 25. Key Holder from Montrose, Colorado.
  • Even without any prior experience, if you apply through their official Joann hiring website, you’ll almost certainly receive a call for an interview. shared on September 15, 2019 – Hudson, Ohio, Labor Pull
  • I applied through indeed. Got a call like 8 months later. Just shows that we’re expendable to these sorts of companies. Posted on April 25, 2019 – Customer Service/Cashier – Lakeland, FL

Interviews for Top Jobs at JOANN Stores

Team Member Interview


I interviewed at JOANN Stores


It was more of an introduction and less like an interview. Very straightforward and simple. The interviewer was very kind and sociable. I was able to mention what I liked to do, as well as any experience that I had.

Interview Questions

  • What drew you to this job?

Digital Optimization Specialist Interview


I applied online. The process took 2 months. I interviewed at JOANN Stores (Cleveland, OH) in Jun 2022


I applied on May 10th, and was reached out to by a recruiter the same day for a phone interview, which was not confirmed until May 12th. The initial phone interview was on May 16th, with a recruiter. I heard back on May 18th to schedule a phone interview with a department head, which was set for May 20th. Then on May 27th, I was asked to do a panel interview over Microsoft Teams. This was an all day process that took place on June 7th, which required me to take a PTO day from my current job. It was a 3 part panel interview, beginning with two people in similar positions I interviewed for, moving on to the direct manager for that position, and finally with the department head again. I recieved a response on June 9th, stating that the direct manager wanted to speak to me again over Teams. This occured on June 15th and during this short interview it seemed very likely that I would be offered this position. I did not hear back for a week, so I sent a follow up email on June 21st and 22nd to two different contacts. I finally got a response from one of them on June 28th saying that I would have a response by the end of the week. I recieved a response on June 29th, saying that they chose a different candidate. This was extremely disrespectful to me to spend that long waiting to give me a response, only for it to be a rejection. I understand being rejected, but spending almost 2 months to do it on a low level job is very bad business practice. I rated the interview as very difficult, not because the questions themself were hard, but because of how difficult it was to get a response out of anybody at the company during this process.

Interview Questions

  • There were numerous inquiries about my background, my professional objectives, “tell me about a time” inquiries, and “how would you handle this” inquiries. Very standard questions as this interview process was unbelievably long.

Video Transcript

Interviewer: Please describe your job title and primary duties. I worked as a cashier at Jo-Ann Fabrics, so I essentially checked customers out as they made purchases of arts and crafts there.

What was the atmosphere like at work like at Jo-Ann Fabrics? Cashier: I would say it was very hectic. Some of the time it was very busy, and I had to concentrate a lot. Most of the time, I had to be on my feet. But it was also a very warm environment. People were very friendly, and I enjoyed that.

Jo-Ann Fabrics Cashier: On a typical day, I clock in, go to the register, check people out, take a break for about fifteen minutes, and then repeat the process. The interviewer asked: What was your favorite part about working there?

Interviewer: Please describe a typical day as an employee. Jo-Ann Fabrics Cashier: I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics. I picked up an application from a table by the front door because they were hiring, filled it out, and submitted it to customer service. The supervisor then conducted an interview.

Jo-Ann Fabrics Cashier: I was asked why I was interested in the position and if I was comfortable standing for long periods of time because that was one of the required physical requirements. Interviewer: How would you describe the application and interview process? They asked me about past experiences, as well.

Jo-Ann Fabrics Cashier: I was asked if I was comfortable standing for long periods of time, as that was one of the physical requirements for the position, during the interview. And then, they asked me about past experiences, as well.

Jo-Ann Fabrics Cashier: Be open to what positions they have available because there are many other positions besides cashier, and I guess that’s it for additional advice. Interviewer: What other tips would you offer to a job seeker looking to obtain employment?

Jo-Ann Fabrics Cashier Interview Video

Jo-Ann Fabrics Cutting Counter Representative Interview Video

Example: “I’ve been in this situation before because I used to work at a retail store where we had the same policy. I first inquire as to the reason for a customer’s return of an item without a receipt. I will accept a return if the customer can give me an explanation for why they don’t have their receipt, such as that they misplaced it or accidentally threw it away. If not, I inform them of our company’s return policy and provide a discount on a different item. ”.

Jo-Ann Stores is open from 9 a. m. to 10 p. m. Monday through Saturday and 11 a. m. to 8 p. m. The interviewer will want to know if you can work these hours because they are on Sundays. If you’re not sure about your availability, be up front about it and say that if hired, you’d need some time to change your schedule.

In general, JOANN Stores’ interview procedure is simple and easy to understand. However, the process may be longer and involve more interviews for some positions, such as a buyer or planner.

Craft materials and fabrics are available at Jo-Ann Stores. The interviewer wants to confirm that you have previous experience handling money because this is a crucial aspect of the position. Explain what other relevant skills you can bring to the position if you lack experience working with a cash register or providing customer service.

I’ve been a sales associate at my current retail job for three years, for instance. After two years, I was promoted from my initial position in customer service to team leader. I developed my leadership abilities and ability to collaborate with others to achieve goals in this position. ”.

As a team, they are accountable for the store’s daily operations, success, customer service, and team engagement. DescriptionAssistant Store Manager Assistant Store Manager locations Duluth, GA time type Full-time posted on Posted 2 Days Ago job requisition id R58705 Summary The Assistant Store Manager is to be the Store Manager’s right hand leader – through them, anything is possible. The Assistant Store Manager, like the Store Manager, personally coaches, develops, and motivates the team to ensure that everyone is in line with JOANN’s mission and vision. Along with leading the team with assurance and enthusiasm, this Team Member exhibits the leadership qualities and potential of a Store Manager. Responsibilities & Competencies HEARTS Develops long-lasting customer relationships by recognizing and anticipating customers needs Connects with the community and serves as a brand ambassador for JOANN Motivates, coaches, and inspires the team to make sure they are the best possible brand ambassadors Stays skilled at knowing the ins and outs of the business The FAST model is used to consistently deliver the sales plan and company objective INSPIRE mentors and inspires the team to improve the performance of the overall store creates a model for continuous learning while encouraging teamwork and appreciation throughout the team develops in-store talent by creating succession plans and successfully managing performance networks, recruits, hires to staffing needs, and trains tea If you have any concerns about the restrictions on the duties you can perform, please speak to your manager. Physical Requirements Stand the entire shift (aside from breaks), move around the store constantly, read written instructions, reports, and other information from paper and computer screens, enter data using a keyboard and handheld devices, use 2-way radios to hear incoming messages and respond verbally, push/pull merchandise using the proper equipment (carts, bins, etc.), and so on. Lift, place, and arrange items on shelves and racks Bend over and reach above head Climb and descend ladder Expected Availability Full-time status requires open availability and the ability to work at least an average of 36 hours per week. Individually lifting up to 49 pounds and group lifting up to 97 pounds are the maximum weights that can be lifted in a group. The ability to work any and all hours needed without limitations on the time of day or day of the week, including, but not limited to, days, evenings, weekends, overnight shifts, and holidays, is known as open availability. Team members who meet these criteria are qualified for benefits under the full-time benefits program of the company. Hours are scheduled based on store requirements and team members’ availability. Relocation may be required for career progression. Available to work a flexible schedule, including days, evenings, weekends, or holidays Experience Minimum 1-2 years of progressive retail management experience Benefits Medical, Dental, and Vision benefit plans available Company-paid basic life insurance and short-term disability Qualified to participate in JOANN’s 401(k) Retirement Plan with an employer% match Tuition reimbursement Team Member This brief job description is not intended to include all responsibilities for this position. Nothing contained in this job description should be interpreted as an express or implied employment contract. JOANN is an at-will employer, which means that unless the at-will arrangement is modified by a written agreement signed by both you and an authorized representative of JOANN, either JOANN or you may terminate your employment with or without cause and notice.


What should I wear to my Joanns interview?

Interview tips at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores
  • Business casual (e.g. dress slacks)57%
  • Casual (t-shirt and jeans)30%
  • They didn’t have a dress code8%
  • Formal (business suit)4%
  • Special outfit (e.g. protective gear)1%

Does Joann’s drug test?

No, they don’t drug test.

What do Joann employees wear?

8 answers. Managers must dress in black, navy, white, or chambray collared shirts with name tags and no-holes-in-the-pants or khakis. Non-management personnel may don the same attire or don t-shirts with logos in black, white, or navy. All staff members must don the JoAnn’s apron with a name tag, with the exception of the store manager.

How long does Joann take to hire?

When taking into account 615 user-submitted interviews for all job titles, the hiring process at JOANN Stores takes an average of 13 days. The hiring process for candidates applying for Sales Associate positions was the quickest (8 days on average), while Part Time Sales Associate roles were the slowest (28 days on average).

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