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As a job candidate, you’re well aware that interviews are a crucial part of the hiring process. With the right preparation, you’ll be able to succeed in any job interview. For positions in the field of data center systems (DCS), it’s important to have a good understanding of the questions you may be asked. In this blog post, we’ll provide an overview of the types of questions you should be prepared to answer in a DCS interview. We’ll discuss what to expect in terms of topics, and provide some tips for approaching each question. With the right strategy, you’ll be able to impress the interviewer and land the job you want. Read on to learn more about DCS interview questions.

Distributed Control System Interview Questions
  • When Proportional (P) Controller is Used ? …
  • When Integral (I) Controller is Used ? …
  • When Derivative (D) Controller is used ?
  • When Proportional plus Integral (PI) Controller is used ? …
  • When Proportional and Derivative (PD) controller is used ?

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Interviews for Top Jobs at DCS

State of TN DCS Interview


I applied in-person. I interviewed at DCS (Dickson, TN) in Jan 2014


One interview, questionnaire on pass jobs and why I want to work for the company. How I felt about work long hours and assessing families. Traveling to different counties for court, home visits and school visits. Would that be a problem I would have to work 5 counties.

Interview Questions

  • What do I expect from my job?

Software Engineer Interview


I applied through other source. The process took 5 days. I interviewed at DCS (Bangalore) in Jun 2015


They will ask about c codes and sql queries.Some of the basic codes like reverse a numberand check whether it is palindrome or not.Sql queries like to find the third highest salary from a table and queries to implement aggregate functions.

Interview Questions

  • Rate yourself in coding?

FCM Interview


I applied online. The process took 5 days. I interviewed at DCS (Gary, IN) in Jan 2015


You will be interviewed by 3-4 supervisors at 1 times. Keep supervisor will take turns asking you between 10-15 questions. After then are done questioning you they provide you with a picture along with another series of questions.

Interview Questions

  • What is the meaning of abuse and neglect?

6 questions about Interviews at DCS

How soon after applying to DCS can you expect to be contacted for an interview?

24 hour from the time you apply

What is the interview process like at DCS?

a little stressful, but I also found the training to be very simple.

How did you get your first interview at DCS?

answered a call to action in an online advertisement, followed by a simple process.

What pointers or suggestions would you offer a candidate for a DCS interview?

Ask about support.

How should I prepare for an interview at DCS?

Watch videos

What questions did they ask during your interview at DCS?

Experience with kids and families if any. They questioned my motivation for accepting the case manager position.

Are you looking for a job change? Are you prepared to attend an interview? If so, are you worried about your job interview preparation? If so, we have the solution for you. If you are preparing for a DCS (distributed Control System) job interview and are unsure of how to succeed or the level of difficulty of the questions that will be asked, consult the WisdomJobs DCS interview questions and answers page. A large number of control loops with self-running controllers are dispersed throughout the system’s centrally controlled control system, or DCS. The frequently asked questions and answers for DCS (distributed Control System) interviews are provided below to help you feel at ease during the interviews:

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  • 1. DCS (DISTRIBUTED CONTROL SYSTEM) INTERVIEW QUESTIONS & ANSWERS Question 1. What Is A Distributed Control System? Answer : A distributed control system (DCS) is a computerized control system for a process or plant, in which autonomous controllers are distributed throughout the system, but there is central operator supervisory control. Question 2. In Split Range Control, Whether The Signal Is Splitted Through I/p Converter Or The Converter Itself? Answer: This can be typically achieved by two ways: By connecting o/p of one I/P converter to two positioners adjusted suitably for split range operation of control valves. Taking two AO from DCS. Split range to be defined in DCS. Both I/P converters and positioners to be calibrated with input as 4to20 ma dc and 3to15 psi respectively. Question 3. What If Thermocouple Wire Is Opened In The Field? What Signal Goes To Dcs? Answer :I n most modern instruments the signal may be programmed to go to either maximum or minimum depending upon end user’s requirement. Question 4. What If The Power Supply Connections To A Two-wire Transmitter Get Interchanged? What Signal Will Go To Dcs? Answer: Usually there is a blocking diode to protect the transmitter against supply reversal and almost zero current signal should be transmitted. Question 5. What Is The Difference Between A Hart Patch Card And A Field Terminal Assembly? Answer : A field terminal assembly is a DCS component where field signals are terminated. In a DCS using analog transmitter signals but smart remotely configured transmitters field signals from barriers are first brought to a HART patch panel. From here the
  • 2. analog signals are wired to the DCS field termination assembly or I/O card. The digital signals are wired to the HART multiplexes who extract the digital information and provide two way communication path between smart instruments and a computer running suitable software. Question 6. What Is The Difference Between Dcs And Plc? Answer : Distributed control system (DCS) and Programmable logic controller. These are the control systems which handles fields I/Os. Basic difference between DCS & PLC is o DCS handles more nos of I/Os rather than PLC. o PLC is faster system than DCS. o DCS can handles handsome quantity of I/Os so that can be used for total plant automation. Where as PLC has own limitations so it generally used for small but for important(Safety point of view) units, like boiler automations, Make-up compressor automations Etc. o In the above mentioned case the these PLC’s can be get connected with the DCS with the help of soft link. Generally this is used to make alert to both the operator. o As I heard the PLC used to handle the DI/DO signals so it can take fast actions. Some of the time it is used to handle few nos of AI/AO. o DCS & PLC’s speed depends on the scan rate of I/Os. o For both the system Marshalling panels, Consoles and other faculties of Ethernet Etc can be used according to the need. o According to the Cause and effects diagrams the System programmer assigns the control action block into the system, we can call them as memory assigning. Question 7. When Proportional, Integral And Derivative (pid) Controller Is Used? Answer : PID controller is used when system requires: o System changes are small. o Offset must be eliminated. o Fast recovery time. Question 8. When Proportional (p) Controller Is Used ? Answer : Proportional (P) Controller is used during the following conditions: o Load Changes are small. o Offset (error exist due to difference between steady state value and desired value) can be tolerated. o The process reaction rate is such as to permit a narrow proportional band. Since this reduces the amount of the offset.
  • 3. Question 9. When Proportional (p) Controller Is Used ? Answer : Proportional (P) Controller is used during the following conditions: o Load Changes are small. o Offset (error exist due to difference between steady state value and desired value) can be tolerated. o The process reaction rate is such as to permit a narrow proportional band. Since this reduces the amount of the offset. Question 10. When Integral (i) Controller Is Used ? Answer : Integral (I) controller is used during: o When the offset must be eliminated. o Integral saturation due to sustained deviation is not objectionable. Question 11. When Derivative (d) Controller Is Used ? Answer : o Large transfer or distance velocity lags are present. o It is necessary to minimize the amount of deviation caused by the system changes. Question 12. When Proportional Plus Integral (pi) Controller Is Used Answer : Proportional and Integral action is employed when o System changes is small. o Offset must be eliminated. o No objection on the recovery duration. Question 13. When Proportional And Derivative (pd) Controller Is Used ? Answer : PD action is employed when: o When the system changes are small. o Improve the recovery time. o When system lags are high. Question 14. What Are The Basic Elements Of Distributed Control System? Answer : Basic Elements of Distributed Control System : Distributed Control System continuously interacts with the processes in process control applications ones it gets instruction from the operator. It also facilitates to variable set points and opening and closing of valves for manual control by the
  • 4. operator. Its human machine interface (HMI), face plates and trend display gives the effective monitoring of industrial processes. Question 15. Explain Open Loop Control System ? Answer : Control System in which output quantity has no effect on the input quantity is called Open Loop Control System. Open Loop Control System has no facility to correct automatically the error generated in the output. From output of the system no feedback is given back to the input for correction. In Open loop control system the output can be varied by varying the input. But due the external disturbance system output may change. Any variation in the output from the desired once again attained by varying the inputs manually. Question 16. What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Open Loop Control System ? Answer : Advantages: o Open loop system is simple and economical. o Construction of open loop system is easier. o Open loop systems are generally stable. Disadvantages: o Open loop systems are inaccurate and unreliable o The changes in the outputs due to external disturbance are not corrected automatically Question 17. Explain Closed Loop Control System ? Answer : Control system in which the output has an effect on the input quantity in such a manner that the input quantity will adjust itself based on the output generated is called Closed loop Control System. Open loop control system can be modified in to closed loop control system by providing a feedback. This feedback automatically corrects the changes in the output due to external disturbance. Hence closed loop control system is called automatic control system. Question 18. What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Closed Loop Control System? Answer : Advantages: o Closed loop control systems are more accurate even in the presence of non-linearities o The sensitivity of the system may be made small to make the system more stable o The closed loop systems are less affected by noise.
  • 5. Disadvantages: o Closed loop control systems are costlier and complex o The feedback in the closed loop system may lead to oscillatory response o The feedback reduces the overall gain of the system o Stability is the major problem in the closed loop system and more care is needed to design a stable closed loop system. Question 19. What Is The Significance Of Single Ended & Differential Ended Input For Plc? Application Wise Comparison Of These Two Types Of Inputs? Answer : Differential inputs provide better common mode rejection and signal-to-noise ratio. Question 20. What Is Ground Loop? Preventive Steps To Avoid Ground Loop? Answer : When ground wiring is not done properly, grounding of various points is not effective and potential differences exist between them resulting in currents flowing between them. This leads to measurement errors and is not desirable. It can be eliminated by proper ground wiring. Question 21. In A Globe Type Control Valve, What Is The Importance Of Flow Direction (top To Bottom Or Bottom To Top)? Answer : Control valves must be installed as per direction marking provided by the manufacturers or instruction manuals. Though people tend to generalize, this is often misleading. Question 22. How Control Loop Should Be Tuned In Process Loop? Answer : You may use Ziegler-Nichol’s method ( open loop / closed loop ) or special tuning software tools.
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    DCS Operator Interview Questions and Answers

    DCS Operator Interview Questions and Answers


    What questions are asked in a DSP interview?

    DSP general interview questions
    • Tell me about yourself.
    • Why are you interested in this position?
    • What do you know about our organization?
    • How did you become aware of the direct support professional position?
    • What makes you a good candidate for this position?

    How do I prepare for a service desk interview?

    General questions
    1. What brought you into working in help desk roles?
    2. How important would you say customer service is?
    3. How useful do you believe a help desk is to a business?
    4. How important are IT skills in a service desk role?
    5. Where do you find motivation in a help desk role?
    6. Are you able to work weekend shifts?

    How do you interview a case manager position?

    Case Manager interview questions
    1. What specific interests do you have in case management?
    2. Tell me about your typical day at work.
    3. What education or experience have you had that has helped you be ready for this position?
    4. Describe a time when you collaborated with a patient’s care team to accomplish a goal.

    What do Panel Interviews ask?

    Panel interview questions and answers
    • What can you tell us about yourself? …
    • How would a colleague describe you? …
    • Have you ever disagreed with a boss or colleague? …
    • Why do you want to work for us? …
    • Why should we hire you? …
    • Do you have any questions for us?

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