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When interviewing for a Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) permit, it is important to be prepared for the questions that may be asked. In order to ensure you are successful in your application, it is important to know what to expect. This blog post will provide an overview of the most common CCW interview questions and provide guidance on how to best answer them. By understanding the interview process and being ready to answer the questions asked, you can increase your chances of being granted a CCW permit. From what to expect in the interview to what documentation to bring, this blog post will provide insight into the questions you may be asked to help you better prepare.

CCW Interview Questions for Fresno County

I applied for a CCW for Sacramento County in 2018. When the officer started asking me general ccw questions during my interview and inquired about my arrest in 2014, I explained that I had been at a house party when I was younger and that I and a few others were eventually arrested for “Resisting Arrest.” The charge was later dropped, but regardless of the outcome, I had been arrested within the previous five years, which would be a denial reason. I was advised to withdraw my application by the officer (interviewer; I’m not sure if it was an actual officer), so that I wouldn’t have a denial on my record. He said to reapply once it had been more than five years, and he would anticipate success.

I did still list my arrest on my application with the date and reason; should I repeat what the previous interviewer said verbatim or should I say something like, “Oh, I decided to focus my time towards something else, etc.?” ” Im not too sure.


What can I expect from a CCW class in California?

You will learn the Firearm Safety Rules in the class, observe different handgun models and carry techniques, learn about ammunition for your gun, and become familiar with the firearm and concealed carry laws of California.

Is Ventura County CCW friendly?

In fact, the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office’s CCW policy is currently satisfied if a resident (21 years of age or older) simply claims they need a firearm for “personal safety or self-defense”.

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