Get Hired at Zions Bank: Master the Top Interview Questions

With over 500 branches across 11 western states, Zions Bank is one of the premier regional banks in the US Landing a job here can be highly competitive, but proper preparation for the Zions interview process can set you up for success.

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll walk through the most common Zions Bank interview questions along with proven strategies to craft winning answers. From customer service scenarios to technical knowledge tests, you’ll gain insights into excelling in all aspects of the Zions interview. Let’s get started!

Overview of Zions Bank

Zions Bank provides banking, financing, and investment services to consumers and businesses across the Western and Southwestern United States. With its origins dating back to 1873, it has grown over the decades into a leading regional financial brand.

Some key facts about Zions Bank

  • Headquartered in Salt Lake City Utah

  • Operates over 500 bank branches across 11 states

  • Offers commercial banking, retail banking, mortgage lending, insurance, and investment advisory services

  • Employs approximately 10,000 people

  • Known for its focus on building local relationships and community banking

Zions Bank’s Hiring Process

The Zions Bank interview process typically follows these stages:

  • Initial online application and assessment

  • Phone screening focused on resume and basic qualifications

  • 1-2 rounds of in-person interviews covering:

    • Customer service situational questions

    • Technical knowledge related to banking products and services

    • Behavioral questions evaluating competencies

  • For client-facing roles, a branch immersion day may be required

  • Background and reference checks

  • Final hiring decision

The in-person interviews aim to deeply assess your customer orientation, communication abilities, integrity, and passion for banking. Advanced preparation is key to stand out amongst applicants.

Now let’s look at some of the most common Zions Bank interview questions and how to nail your responses.

Customer Service Questions

Client relationships are paramount at Zions Bank. Expect scenario-based questions testing your service focus.

A client is upset about overdraft fees on their account. How would you handle this situation?

  • Express empathy for the client’s frustration. Apologize for the inconvenience.

  • Ask clarifying questions to understand their specific concern. Get details on the context.

  • Explain overdraft protection services and associated fees. Outline steps to potentially waive fees.

  • Offer solutions tailored to helping avoid fees moving forward.

  • Follow up after the interaction to ensure issue resolution.

The emphasis should be on your composure, active listening, and commitment to resolving the client’s needs. Showcase your ability to de-escalate and problem-solve.

Tell me about a time you went above and beyond for a customer.

Pick an example that highlights your dedication to exceptional service. Structure your story using the STAR method:

  • Situation: Briefly explain the client context

  • Task: Your role and responsibilities in this situation

  • Action: The specific extra mile actions you took for this customer

  • Result: The ultimate benefit or outcome for the client

Quantify your impact when possible. Share any appreciation expressed by the customer.

You notice a client is struggling with a banking app. How would you handle this?

  • Proactively offer assistance in a friendly manner. Ask if they need help with anything.

  • If they confirm issues with the app, ask permission to walk through it together. Confirm the specific task they are trying to complete.

  • Give a brief, easy-to-follow overview of how the feature works, walking them through it in real time.

  • Offer to email written instructions as a reference. Provide your contact details for any further questions.

Emphasize patience and a collaborative approach focused on empowering the client.

Banking Knowledge Questions

Interviewers will probe your understanding of core banking products and services. Brush up on:

  • Types of consumer/business accounts and their features

  • Lending products – credit cards, personal loans, mortgages, commercial loans

  • Investing and wealth management offerings – trading, retirement planning, insurance

  • Digital banking capabilities – online/mobile banking, security protocols

When responding to banking knowledge questions:

  • Ask clarifying questions to understand exact specifics being asked

  • Provide an easy-to-understand overview of the product/service

  • Use real-life examples and analogies to explain complex financial concepts simply

  • Offer to recommend options tailored to different client profiles

  • Welcome cross-questions from interviewers to demonstrate your depth of knowledge

Walk me through the process of opening a new checking account for a client.

Outline the step-by-step process including:

  • Verifying client identity and eligibility

  • Describing account options and associated features

  • Helping client select appropriate account product

  • Collecting documents and client information

  • Explaining fees, overdraft protection, debit cards

  • Setting up online/mobile banking access

  • Offering additional services – bill pay, wire transfers, etc.

  • Following up after account opening to confirm satisfaction

Demonstrate your familiarity with the end-to-end account opening procedure.

What factors do you consider when recommending a mortgage product to a client?

Cover key considerations:

  • Loan amount needed

  • Down payment size and source

  • Income and existing debt obligations

  • Credit history and scores

  • Loan type (fixed-rate, ARM, etc) and term aligned to financial situation

  • Other unique needs – cash-out refinancing, jumbo loans, etc.

Emphasize customizing your recommendation based on the client’s financial profile and goals.

Behavioral Interview Questions

Zions Bank assesses critical soft skills and cultural fit through behavioral questions.

Tell me about a time you made a mistake at work. How did you handle it?

Structure your example using the STAR method:

  • Situation: Context of the mistake

  • Task: Your role and responsibilities

  • Action: How you took ownership of the mistake and responded

  • Result: How the situation was ultimately resolved

The emphasis should be on transparency, accountability, and learning from errors. Share key lessons that improved your performance.

When have you effectively resolved a disagreement with a colleague?

  • Describe the nature of the disagreement or conflict

  • Explain your focused approach to hearing them out and finding common ground

  • Share how you separated emotions from facts to compromise

  • Discuss the resolution and how your relationship improved

Demonstrate your maturity, communication skills, and focus on win-win outcomes.

Tell me about a time you had to rapidly learn a new process or system. How did you approach this?

  • Share the situation requiring quick ramp-up of new knowledge

  • Describe the steps you took to actively learn – training, documentation review, hands-on practice

  • Discuss any difficulties faced and how you overcame them

  • Quantify how quickly you became proficient through your learning strategies

Emphasize your adaptability, self-motivation, and dedication to excelling even with quick change.

Tips for Acing Your Zions Bank Interview

With rigorous preparation, you can confidently tackle any question that comes your way in the Zions interview process. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Thoroughly research Zions Bank’s website to understand their services, values, and community banking focus

  • Use the STAR method to craft compelling stories for behavioral questions

  • Brush up on your banking knowledge – study product overviews and practice explaining concepts simply

  • Prepare 2-3 smart questions to ask your interviewers to show your engagement

  • Review your resume and be ready to discuss your background and career goals

  • Build rapport with a warm, authentic demeanor combined with professionalism

  • Express genuine passion for contributing to Zions Bank’s growth and community relationships

I wish you the very best with your Zions Bank interviews! Your dedication to excellence in serving clients will truly shine through.

Zions BancorporationCommercial Banking

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The title percentile score is based on an adjusted score based on Bayesian Estimates that is applied to the whole Company Database. This is done to account for companies that don’t have many interview insights. The confidence in a “true score” rises as more reviews are given about a business. This causes the score to move closer to its simple average and away from the average of the whole dataset. 4.

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The number in the middle of the doughnut pie chart is the mean of all these scores. The higher the number, the more difficult the interviews on average. This doughnut has different parts that, when you move your mouse over them, show you the 20% breakdown of each score given.

The title percentile score is based on an adjusted score based on Bayesian Estimates that is applied to the whole Company Database. This is done to account for companies that don’t have many interview insights. That is, as a business learns more, it becomes more sure of a “true score,” which moves it closer to its own simple average and away from the overall average of the data set. 3.

Based on reviews at this company, the 20% of interns getting full-time offers chart is meant to give you a good idea of how the company hires people.

The number in the middle of the doughnut pie chart is the mean of all these scores. This doughnut has different parts that, when you move your mouse over them, show you the 20% breakdown of each score given.

It uses an adjusted score based on Bayesian Estimates to account for companies that don’t have many reviews, which is how the percentile score in the title is found. To put it simply, when a business gets more reviews, the “true score” becomes more likely to be accurate. This makes it move closer to the simple company average and away from the average of all the data points. 20%.

Bank Teller/Associate Banker Interview Questions – UPDATED


What questions are asked at Zions bank teller interview?

Interview questions at Zions Bancorporation How do you handle multi-tasking? Have you previously worked with commercial operations? Tell me about yourself? Willing to work for a bank?

How do you pass a bank interview?

Be prepared to talk about specific examples. Even though banks can seem similar, being able to talk about why the firm is different and why it interests you will impress the interviewer. Alongside this, use examples of the skills you have to show them that you are suited for the position.

Is Zions bank a good company to work for?

Ratings distribution Zions Bancorporation has an employee rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars, based on 724 company reviews on Glassdoor which indicates that most employees have a good working experience there.

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