What Is Social Media Scoring? (Plus How To Increase It)

Social media scoring is the quantified influence your social media accounts have over other social media users’ accounts. This process takes the following factors into account to determine your social media score: Number of friends or followers. Amount of content posted per day, week, month or year.

Social Media Credit Score

Ways to evaluate your social media score

To determine how much influence you have on social media networks, you might think about calculating your social media score. There are several ways to evaluate this score, including:

After taking these into account, you might have a better idea of what your social media score is.

What is social media scoring?

The quantified influence your social media accounts have over the accounts of other social media users is known as social media scoring. Your social media score is calculated using the following considerations:

How to increase your social media score

To try to raise your social media score, take into account the following steps:

1. Post frequently

To have any influence on social media, you must post content to your social media pages. What your followers or friends respond to the most may influence how many posts you make each day, week, or month as well as the type of content you post. Making as many posts as you can demonstrates your social media activity and can help you exert more influence on these platforms.

2. Make a dedicated social media posting schedule

To make sure you interact frequently on your social media accounts, it can be useful to create a dedicated social media posting schedule. You can decide what to post and when to post it by using your social media metrics. You can plan your posting schedule using these metrics as a guide.

3. Comment on your own social media posts

Your social media score might also rise if you leave comments on your own posts. Having discussions with friends or followers through comments on your own posts broadens your social media interaction and engagement. Additionally, by doing this, you can increase interaction between your accounts and those of other social media users, which broadens your audience.

4. Comment on other social media users posts

Consider commenting on other social media users posts as well. You can share enlightening remarks or inquiries that could draw interest from other users. This not only boosts your social media engagement rate but also adds another way to increase interaction between your social media account and those of others.

5. Share posts on your story

If the platform allows it, posting content to your account’s story will help you improve your social media score. As a result, the content you post to your social media accounts is more varied. By posting content to your account’s story, you open up a new channel of communication with your followers or friends because, for the most part, they can respond to the story by liking it, sharing it, or leaving a comment.

6. Share other social media users content

You might also think about posting content created by other social media users on your own page. You can share content that appeals to you personally, your friends or followers, or in some other way could promote more interaction with your account. This can demonstrate your involvement with the account and others.

7. Follow or friend other social media users

Your social media score can rise if you have a sizable following or number of friends on social media. For instance, compared to a social media user with 100 friends or followers, a user with two friends or followers is likely to have less influence over other users of social media as a whole. As a result, having a large number of friends or followers on social media can increase your level of influence.

8. Track your social media metrics

You might think about monitoring your social media metrics to determine whether your efforts are truly raising your social media score. Several online applications and tools with social media connectivity let you do this. Most programs allow you to track activity across multiple platforms.

9. Have several social media accounts on different platforms

Think about managing multiple social media accounts on various social media networks. By doing this, you can diversify your social media presence and increase your influence and reach. You can plan a posting schedule for each of your social media accounts if you have multiple ones on each platform.

Tips for maintaining a good social media score

It’s crucial to keep your new score once your social media score has increased. Consider these tips for maintaining a good social media score:


What is a social media score?

A person or brand’s overall influence across all of their social channels is measured by their social media score, also referred to as social scoring. It’s a way to measure how engaged your followers are.

What is a media score?

To make the process of creating and performing multimedia compositions easier, media scores expand the idea of a musical score to other modalities. They serve as a vehicle for realizing a contemporary Gesamtkunstwerk.

What is your social score?

The sum of your engagement metrics (or user actions) and engagement rates is what determines your social score.

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