CSWA vs. CSWP: Similarities and Differences To Consider

The Certified SolidWorks Professional (CSWP) is the next level up from the CSWA, designed for more advanced users who’ve used SolidWorks within a professional setting. Passing the CSWP indicates that you’ve gone above the basic skills in SolidWorks and have a higher understanding of how to navigate the software.

Is the CSWP Valuable?

What is the CSWP certification?

Your proficiency with SOLIDWORKS is demonstrated by the Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional (CSWP) designation. The CSWP is not required in order to earn this second-tier certification. A CSWP certification highlights your abilities to hiring managers by validating your CAD expertise and SOLIDWORKS experience.

Depending on your career path, you may take a variety of exams. The CSWP exams are:


Your ability to use SOLIDWORKS’ Application Programming Interface (API) capability is validated by the CSWP-API certification. The exam may cover topics like:


The CSWP-CAM certification demonstrates your familiarity with SOLIDWORKS CAM features and tools. The exam may cover topics like:


The CSWP-Flow certification attests to your proficiency in setting up, running, and evaluating the outcomes of various SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation scenarios. The exam may cover topics like:

CSWP-Mechanical Design

With the aid of SOLIDWORKS’ design and analysis tools, you can create moveable assemblies and parametric parts, as shown by the CSWP-Mechanical Design certification. The exam may cover SOLIDWORKS tools like:

CSWP-Model-based Design

Your knowledge of the SOLIDWORKS Model Based tools and functionality is demonstrated by the CSWP-Model-based Design certification. The exam may cover topics like:


Your capacity to set up, run, and evaluate the outcomes of various SOLIDWORKS Simulation scenarios is demonstrated by your CSWP-Simulation certification. The exam may cover topics like:

What is the CSWA certification?

The Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA) certification is an entry-level certification. It demonstrates a fundamental understanding of working with SOLIDWORKS. Although it is the lowest level of certification you can obtain, it demonstrates to employers your proficiency with SOLIDWORKS and may convince them that you are immediately employable in CAD-related positions.

Depending on your career path, you may take a variety of exams. The CSWA exams are:


Students may only obtain the CSWA-Academic certification to prove their understanding of SOLIDWORKS. The exam covers topics like:

CSWA-Additive Manufacturing

Your understanding of 3D printing principles is demonstrated by your CSWA-Additive Manufacturing certification. The exam covers topics like:


Your knowledge of the fundamental concepts underlying the functionality and tools of SOLIDWORKS electrical is validated by the CSWA-Electrical certification. The exam covers topics like:

CSWA-Mechanical Design

The CSWA-Mechanical Design certification attests to your possession of the SOLIDWORKS abilities that most employers value. The exam covers topics like:


The CSWA-Simulation certification demonstrates your familiarity with concepts like stress analysis and the Finite Element Method (FEM). Anyone with some experience with: is the target audience for this certification.

Additionally, familiarity with the following applied concepts in SOLIDWORKS Simulation is crucial.


The CSWA-Sustainability certification attests to your comprehension of the fundamentals of environmentally conscious design. This theory-based exam covers topics like:

Similarities between CSWA and CSWP

Both the CSWA and CSWP certifications require successful completion of a practical exam. With the exception of the CSWA-Academic exam, which is a proctored exam accessible to students, both exams are available on-demand to take on your own computer using the SOLIDWORKS software. Consider taking training courses, taking practice exams, or learning more about the exam format to get ready for either test. Your certification doesn’t expire, but you might think about getting recertified every few years to make sure you’re using the most recent interfaces, tools, and best practices.

The number of times you can take the CSWA or CSWP exam is unlimited. The waiting period before you can retake the exam is typically 14 days, though. Furthermore, it’s crucial to keep in mind that each exam has a fee. However, as many people receive SOLIDWORKS exam vouchers when they buy their software licenses, you might be able to ask your employer or school to pay for your exam.

CSWA vs. CSWP certifications

Here are some differences between the CSWA versus CSWP certifications:

Who earns it

In general, any SOLIDWORKS user has access to both the CSWA and CSWP. However, CSWA certifications are typically pursued by high school students, post-secondary students, and entry-level professionals. On the other hand, designers, engineers, and other product development specialists who have some SOLIDWORKS experience typically pursue CSWP certifications.

What the test covers

Depending on the specific type of certification you seek, the test’s exact topics may change. The CSWA exams, however, frequently include material on assembly modeling, drafting, and part modeling. While part modeling and assembly modeling are frequently covered in the CSWP exams, configurations are instead of drafting.

Professionals who need them

For a variety of reasons, professionals seek out CSWA and CSWP certifications. When applying for jobs, the majority of professionals earn them as a way to demonstrate their expertise and stand out from the competition. However, some states demand that all CAD students in colleges complete a CSWA in order to graduate.

Test structure

Depending on the particular exam you take, the structure and length of the test may change. However, the CSWA exam is typically a single test that you have up to three hours to finish. The CSWA-Academic is one exception to this rule, as it consists of two separate sessions rather than a single, three-hour exam period. In contrast, the CSWP exam consists of three sections that you can finish independently and typically takes up to three and a half hours to complete.

Passing score

Depending on the specific exam you take, you may need to achieve a certain passing score. However, passing a CSWA certification exam typically requires a score of at least 70%. You typically need to pass each segment with at least a 75% score to receive a CSWP certification.

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Do you need CSWA before Cswp?

Before taking the CSWP – Academic Exam, students must have CSWA – Academic certification. English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Spanish, Chinese S, Chinese T, Japanese, and Brazilian Portuguese are the available languages for the CSWP – Academic Exam.

Is the CSWP exam hard?

Even the most experienced engineers require CSWP practice to pass the exam and obtain a certificate, as only 80% of candidates pass. Passing the CSWP exam is challenging, but that’s the point. If it were simple, anybody could do it, and you wouldn’t stand out from the crowd.

Which SOLIDWORKS certification is best?

Expert. The program’s highest level certificate is a Certified Solidworks Expert (CSWE). Those who succeed in the test have demonstrated that they are competent in using Solidworks’ advanced features and can solve nearly any design problem that is given to them.

What is CSWP certification?

An individual who has passed our advanced skills test is a Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional. Each CSWP has demonstrated their proficiency in the design and analysis of parametric parts and moveable assemblies while utilizing a variety of intricate SOLIDWORKS features.

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