What Is Freight Handling? (Definition and Necessary Skills)

What is meant by freight handling?

Unloading and storing materials, keeping track of the distribution and delivery of the freight, and ensuring that the freight records contain accurate information are all duties of a freight handler. Before putting the goods and materials into the delivery trucks, the freight handlers check their quality and condition. Additionally, they use a variety of warehouse tools and equipment to move goods from the car to various locations within the building. A freight handler needs to be extremely organized, especially when ensuring that items are properly tagged and performing safety checks.

Freight Handling

What do freight handlers do?

The following are some of the duties that freight handlers might perform:

What is freight handling?

Large shipping items are typically referred to as freight, and it can travel by truck, ship, or airplane. Many goods travel using more than one method of transportation. The process of loading and unloading cargo at the point of origin, at each stop along the transportation route, and at the cargo’s final destination is known as freight handling. Freight handling guarantees that goods move through each stage of their journey successfully and safely reach their destination.

How is freight handling different from shipping and handling?

Moving goods from their point of origin to their final destination is a task shared by both freight handling and shipping and handling, but there are some key distinctions between the two. Typically, shipping and handling entails a vendor packing, labeling, and sending an item to a customer. Larger, bulkier items are typically involved in freight handling, which only concentrates on facilitating an item’s movement during transit.

What equipment is used in freight handling?

Although many freight handlers do most of their work by hand, many cargoes need specialized equipment. Freight handlers may use the following tools in the course of their work:

Qualifications for freight handlers

Most employers don’t require a college degree for freight handlers, but some may demand a high school diploma or GED. As an entry-level position, freight handling frequently involves learning new skills on the job. A state-issued driver’s license or a commercial driver’s license may be required by some employers, and freight handlers may occasionally need to be certified to operate a forklift.

Freight handler skills

A freight handler may use the following competencies at work:

Work environment for freight handlers

Depending on the company that employs them, freight handlers may work in a variety of settings. Some people work primarily in warehouses, while others handle the loading and unloading of cargo at airports. Additionally, freight handlers may work dockside, loading and unloading ships. Some senior freight handlers may perform managerial duties in an office, creating schedules and recruiting new employees. The majority of freight handlers work a standard 40-hour work week, but they occasionally have to work odd hours, like late nights, to accommodate shipments.


Is freight handling hard?

It’s difficult work, but the pay is fair, as the summary states. There are plenty of shifts available to accommodate everyone’s scheduling requirements for a healthy balance between work and life at home.

What is freight handler at Walmart?

Handling of Freight Handling and processing of freight through the facility to the Stores in a safe and proper manner accurately and promptly loads, unloads, orders, fills, packs, and/or processes freight. Inform the facility’s management of any unsafe working conditions, damaged goods, or improper practices.

What does a cargo handler do?

Overview of the position: Cargo handlers are in charge of loading and unloading luggage and safely transferring bags between aircraft. Live animals may also be moved by cargo handlers in addition to conventional suitcases.

What is a freight handler Pat?

Any job that requires you to handle freight, such as loading, unloading, filling orders, etc., falls under the category of freight handling. (my definition). However, Walmart D. C. asks that you take a Physical Assessment Test (PAT) before being hired or transferred to a position that involves freight handling Upvote Downvote.

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