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Want to fine tune your digital marketing efforts? You need to analyze the data that comes with every piece of information or material you put out online. The demand for data savvy digital marketers is spiking in today’s job market. The career expert website, Zippia, reports that “between 2018 and 2028, the [digital marketing analytics] career is expected to grow 20% and produce 139,200 job opportunities across the U.S.”

Data analysis is proven to hone in on target market segments, increasing sales while decreasing bounce rates and improving marketing campaigns. The impressive results explain why there is such fast market growth in this field. Even more, the digital marketing staffing agency, Mondo, claims that a data/web analytics career is one of the top six highest paying digital marketing jobs, bringing in upward of $130,000 per year as a big data analyst! Anyone considering a career in digital marketing analytics must develop both hard and soft skill sets to succeed in the industry.

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Top 10 Web Analytics Interview Questions & Answers
  • How Does Web Analytics Work? …
  • Define Session, Pageviews, Users & Goals? …
  • What do You Understand by Bounce Rate & Exit Rate? …
  • What all can You Analyze through Web Analytics? …
  • How will you enhance web traffic on your web page to get better web analytics?

TOP 20 Google Analytics Interview Questions and Answers 2019 | Google Analytics Questions

3. Can you give us an example of a solution you’ve helped implement in the past?

Strong candidates will be able to clearly outline what wasnt working, and convincingly demonstrate the ways that their solution helped improve the website. Pay special attention to candidates who can mention specific data points, such as a percentage increase in site traffic or conversion rates.

Look for candidates who can mention a few good sources of information for new developments. You might ask a follow-up question to find out if they can tell you about a new trend they have recently learned about from one of these sources.

Interview Questions for Web Analysts:

Look for candidates who have experience working with a variety of tools, or who are very knowledgeable about the same tools your company uses. Depending on your companys needs, in-depth knowledge of a single tool may or may not be preferable to broader familiarity with multiple analytics tools.

Many of the web analytics tools employ tags in their java source code of the web pages. These tags are beneficial in calculating the total number of visitors on the website on an everyday basis. In addition, these tags can find the time, location, and region from where the user accessed the website. However, some users find cookies annoying and delete them. In such a case, finding accurate metrics using the web analytics tool is difficult.

A session is when the user has visited your website, and it can last up to a maximum of 30 minutes. A new session is created when the same user tries to access the website from a different machine. It is important to remember a single session can hold multiple web pages.

Web analytics is a procedure applied to analyse the data gathered from the web to improvise website traffic. Data is sent and processed via a web server to acquire user related information like who has visited the website, login details, and region of the server. This, in turn, boosts the sales of the products sold by the company and expands the productivity of the business.

Bounce rate refers to the number of visitors visiting any page of the site and exit without visiting any other page. In generally a any user who visited only single page of site will result in bounce rate. Bounce rate for a page will be calculated only when user starts from that specific page.

Web Analytics is study of website data using tools and make decision to improve the website performance. Web analytics plays an indispensable role in digital marketing, as these tools help create reports and gauge the website’s performance. Here we discuss the most frequently asked web analytics interview questions and answers to crack the interview.


What questions are asked in analytics interview?

General data analyst interview questions
  • Tell me about yourself. What they’re really asking: What makes you the right fit for this job? …
  • What do data analysts do? …
  • What was your most successful/most challenging data analysis project? …
  • What’s the largest data set you’ve worked with?

What are two skills required for web analytics?

Top 10 Skills of a Great Web Analyst
  • Business Acumen. Always start with a question or “business problem”. …
  • Problem Solving Skills. …
  • Data Visualization Skills. …
  • Understanding of Traffic Drivers. …
  • Adaptation Skills. …
  • Strong Communication Skills. …
  • Political Skills. …
  • Technical Skills.

What should I ask about Google analytics?

Questions to Ask of Your Google Analytics Data
  • How much traffic came to the website?
  • How does that compare to last month? Last year?
  • How engaged was last month’s website traffic?
  • What were the top traffic driving channels?
  • Were there any traffic source fluctuations and if so, what caused them?

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