Acing Your Wake Forest University Interview: Insider Tips and Sample Questions

Earning an invitation to interview at Wake Forest University is an exciting milestone on your admissions journey. As a top-ranked national liberal arts school, Wake Forest draws applications from ambitious students across the country. The interview allows you to highlight your unique passions, perspective and qualifications in hopes of securing a coveted spot in the next class of Demon Deacons.

To help you shine during your Wake Forest interview, I’ve compiled an in-depth overview of the process and format along with tips for preparation Read on to discover sample questions you’re likely to encounter as well as strategies to craft thoughtful, memorable answers With these insights, you’ll gain the confidence to put your best foot forward.

The Wake Forest Interview Experience

  • Interviews are optional – you can let your application speak for itself without one if preferred. But it’s a great way to strengthen your candidacy.

  • They last 25 minutes and are conducted virtually via video call.

  • You’ll speak with an admissions counselor who reviews applications from your region.

  • Interview requests must be submitted within 5 days of applying The deadline is November 17th

  • The conversation aims to expand on aspects not fully captured in your application – your intellectual passions, values, unique stories and personality.

How to Prepare for a Wake Forest Interview

  • Reflect on your interests – What academic subjects, books, ideas get you fired up? What extracurricular accomplishments are you proudest of?

  • Review your application – Refresh yourself on the activities, awards and essay details you submitted.

  • Research Wake Forest – Get familiar with specifics around academic programs, traditions, and offerings that appeal to you.

  • Practice aloud – Rehearse answers to common questions so you can articulate your thoughts clearly and concisely.

  • Come with questions – Asking thoughtful questions shows your engagement and interest in attending.

With preparation, you’ll be ready to have an authentic conversation highlighting the qualities that make you a great fit for Wake Forest.

Sample Wake Forest Interview Questions

Let’s look at some commonly asked interview questions and how to craft strong responses:

Why are you interested in Wake Forest and how do you envision fitting in here?

  • This is a chance to demonstrate you’ve done your research about aspects of Wake Forest that align with your goals and interests. Mention specific academic departments or programs that appeal to you and why they are a good match. Discuss particular student organizations you’d want to join based on your current extracurricular passions. Convey a genuine enthusiasm and knowledge of campus culture. Ultimately you want to show the interviewer that Wake Forest would allow you to continue pursuing your intellectual and personal growth.

How did your high school experience prepare you for the challenges and opportunities of college academics?

  • Highlight 1-2 specific classes or academic projects that ignited your intellectual curiosity. Explain how assignments like in-depth research papers, lab reports, or presentations helped develop critical thinking, time management and problem-solving skills. Share any examples of going above required coursework out of personal interest in the subject. You can also mention academics-related extracurriculars such as Math Club, Debate Team or Science Olympiad that reinforced essential skills for college success. The goal is to paint a picture of someone who actively seeks out academic rigor and has the self-motivation to thrive in higher learning environments.

What extracurricular activity or leadership role has been most meaningful to you and why?

  • Choose one of your main extracurricular passions and articulate how it has shaped your personal growth. Share any specific accomplishments in the activity that made you proud. Explain what skills you’ve developed – teamwork, communication, time management are good options. If applicable, describe how your contributions created positive impacts on others through volunteering, mentoring, raising awareness etc. Conclude with how this activity ties into your future aspirations. The interviewer is looking for commitment, leadership potential and the maturity to find meaning in your involvements.

How would you describe your ideal college community? Where do you think you would fit in at Wake Forest?

  • Share how the values of Pro Humanitate resonate with your own desire to contribute meaningfully to the lives of others. Explain how you’d uphold this motto through specific volunteer work, campus activities and day-to-day acts of service. Describe the balance you hope to achieve between academics, extracurriculars, and social life – convey that you plan to take full advantage of all Wake Forest has to offer. Mention any current hobbies, cultural backgrounds or other unique aspects of yourself and how you’d share these with others. Ultimately you want to come across as someone who will actively enrich the campus community.

Do you have any questions for me about Wake Forest?

  • This is your chance to demonstrate sincere interest and learn more about life at Wake Forest. Ask about campus culture, traditions, or insights into specific majors/programs. You can also ask about the interviewer’s own Wake Forest experience. Avoid questions easily found on the website. Thoughtful questions will leave a strong final impression.

Preparing engaging anecdotes and examples to weave into your responses will allow your passion for Wake Forest to shine through. With these question strategies and tips, you’ll be ready to have a compelling discussion that could help propel your candidacy.

Additional Tips for Interview Success

  • Maintain good eye contact via the video call. Look directly at the camera when speaking.

  • Speak slowly, clearly and avoid filler words like “um”, “like”, “you know”.

  • Pause briefly before responding to questions to gather your thoughts.

  • Provide specific examples and anecdotes to back up your answers.

  • Convey genuine passion and enthusiasm throughout the conversation.

  • Smile and lean forward slightly to display engagement.

  • Listen closely to any follow up questions and clarify if needed.

  • Send a thank you email afterwards reaffirming your interest.

Embrace the Wake Forest interview as a valuable chance to expand upon why you’d be an asset to the university. Come prepared to share diverse perspectives and stories showcasing the best versions of yourself. With the right mindset and preparation, you can ace this conversation and move one step closer towards calling Wake Forest home for the next four years.

For any interview, be prepared for these common questions:

Answer this question as if the interviewer has asked, “Why are you here today?”. Present your significant professional and academic qualities for the position. Do not include personal information such as your age. Be concise. Let the interviewer ask for further detail if necessary.

What are your long-range goals?

Express your commitment to the profession, maturity, foresight, and realistic outlook.

Answering your questions on Wake Forest & Myself | Q&A


Does Wake Forest conduct interviews?

Although personal interviews are not required of all students, personal interviews are encouraged and may be specified as a requirement for some academic programs.

What to wear for a Wake Forest interview?

Tips for Dressing for Success at the Wake Forest University School of Law Interview. While your appearance is not the most important thing during the interview, it’s still important to dress appropriately. Men should wear a suit and tie, while women should opt for a conservative dress or suit.

How difficult is it to get into Wake Forest University?

The acceptance rate at Wake Forest is 21.4%. In other words, of 100 students who apply, 21 are admitted. This means the school is quite selective.

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