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If you are looking to acquire a job in the field of virtualization and cloud computing, then the VMware Level 3 interview is certainly the gateway to a successful career. VMware Level 3 is the most sought-after certification and hiring companies are looking for professionals who have what it takes to become a certified expert. To help you ace your interview and get one step closer to your dream job, we have put together a comprehensive list of VMware Level 3 interview questions and answers. This blog post will provide you with all the necessary information you need to know to prepare for the VMware Level 3 interview, including a PDF of the questions and answers. With this resource, you will have a good understanding of the topics that are likely to be covered in the interview and the answers that will enable you to impress the interviewers.

VMware 80 special Interview Questions & Answers Part-01

Top 10 Frequently Asked VMware Interview Questions

A hypervisor is a method of dividing a computer’s operating system and applications using its underlying physical hardware. By enabling the physical host machine to act as guests for the practical usage of computing resources like network bandwidth, memory, and CPU cycles, it propels the idea of virtualization.

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What is VMware vSphere?

Ans: The VMware suite, also known as VMware vSphere, is made up of interface, management, and virtualization layers. The ESXi server and the vCenter Server are VMware vSphere’s two most important core components.

The central management system for VMware Virtualization infrastructure is called VMware vCenter. You can manage multiple ESXi hosts because vCenter’s inventory can hold thousands of ESXi hosts.

A file-sharing protocol called Network File System uses a TCP/IP network as a communication bridge between ESXi hosts and NAS (network-attached storage) devices. It can store virtual machine files, ISOs, templates, and other dates.

What is VMware?

VMware is a virtualization technology-based software tool used to create a virtual operating system to test various software virtually. It resembles simultaneously using a different operating system and your current OS. It creates software for virtualization, which entails adding an abstraction layer over computer hardware to enable the division of a single computer’s hardware components into multiple virtual computers (also known as virtual machines, or VMs).

Why is my list any different from the hundreds of others on the web?

First off, it’s not a brain dump for the VCP test.

Second, these interview questions have been thoughtfully designed to only include the most qualified candidates.

The questions below are divided into 5 groups on purpose:

  • System Requirements for ESXi 5.5/6,x/7.x
  • ESXi 5.5/6.x/7.x Installation
  • System Requirements for vCenter
  • vCenter Installation
  • Managing vSphere Resources
  • These 5 teams will be tested on the technical knowledge that a seasoned VMware administrator [should have]

    The list is also what I refer to when conducting interviews with administrators who possess the fundamental VMware skills necessary to oversee the daily maintenance, creation, and provisioning of:

  • vCenter
  • ESXi hosts
  • virtual servers
  • virtual networks
  • virtual storage
  • Note: You could also use this list of inquiries to assess potential vSphere engineers or architects.

    Every interview has at least one person who poses challenging technical queries. I’ve compiled a list of the best VMware books that cover installing vSphere and ESXi as well as Horizon, vCenter, VCP Exams, and more.


    What are the interview questions for VMware?

    VMware Interview Questions for Freshers
    • What is the importance of virtualization? …
    • Explain the different types of virtualization available. …
    • Explain VMKernel and its importance. …
    • Write four core elements of the VMkernel networking layer. …
    • What do you mean by Hypervisor? …
    • What do you mean by ESXi? …
    • Explain NFS and VMFS.

    What is VMotion in VMware?

    VMware® VMotionTM allows for the live migration of virtual machines that are already running from one physical server to another while maintaining complete transaction integrity, continuous service availability, and no downtime. The development of the dynamic, automated, and self-optimizing data center is made possible in large part by VMotion. benefits.

    What is the main function of VMware?

    On a single Windows or Linux desktop or laptop, users can build and run virtual machines (VMs). Those VMs run simultaneously with the physical machine. Every VM runs its own OS, like Windows or Linux. This makes it possible for users to run Windows on a Linux machine or vice versa in addition to the OS that is already installed.

    What is DRS in VMware?

    For vSphere, the resource scheduling and load balancing solution is VMware vSphere® Distributed Resource SchedulerTM (DRS). DRS manages resources by performing tasks like load balancing and virtual machine (VM) placement on a cluster of ESXi hosts.

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