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Preparing for a phone interview can be daunting, regardless of the job you’re applying for. When you’re interviewing for a position with UnitedHealth Group, one of the world’s leading health care companies, it can be especially intimidating. UnitedHealth Group highly values professionalism and technical expertise, so it’s important to prepare for the interview to demonstrate your knowledge and experience. This blog post will provide you with a comprehensive guide to UnitedHealth Group phone interview questions, so you can make a great impression on the interviewer and land the job.

UnitedHealth Group Interview Questions with Answer Examples

Interviews for Top Jobs at UnitedHealth Group

TDP Intern Interview


I interviewed at UnitedHealth Group


behavioral questions. good talk with interviewer. spoke about company culture. seemed to like that i knew the company values and what Optum did as a company. didnt get an offer probably because of how tight the industry is right now

Interview Questions

  • why are you interested in TDP internship program

Customer Service Interview


I applied online. I interviewed at UnitedHealth Group


Quick and standard interview questions. The first was a video interview. The second was a video call within a week apart. The complete process from applying and receiving an offer was about 12 business days.

Interview Questions

  • Tell me about a time you made a mistake.

Customer Service Supervisor Interview


I applied online. I interviewed at UnitedHealth Group (Detroit, MI)


The interview process was HORRIBLE! I spoke to a recruiter and her rooster was crowing in the background the whole time. She never got back with me after telling me she wanted to schedule me for next steps. I emailed her with no response. They need a revamp on their recruiting process. ITS BAD!

Interview Questions

  • She asked about my work experience.

90 questions about Interviews at UnitedHealth Group

How soon after applying do you get a job interview at UnitedHealth Group?

Within a week, I received a call, underwent an interview, and began a two-week training program at the home office.

What queries did they pose to you during the UnitedHealth Group interview?

They a particular with the certifications and credentials.

I applied, completed the assessment, and then had a phone interview and in-person interview. wasn’t hired. Is it difficult to find a job? Has anyone succeeded in doing so after making several attempts? Should I give up?

Before being hired, many of our applicants will submit applications for multiple positions. Finding the ideal match for the position and the applicant is a top priority for our hiring staff. I would advise you to follow up and request feedback. Our recruiters are available every week to chat here: http://uhg. hr/1s1p1XS.

What is the interview process like at UnitedHealth Group?

They were simple to work with and posed questions in an understandable manner.

Hello, what questions were asked during the behavioral interview process for this job, and do you have any advice?

Hello, I’d like to recommend that you visit this blog: http://uhg hr/1q02v0b. It refers specifically to the behavioral interview. During our recruiter chat at http://uhg, you can speak with our recruiters if you have any further inquiries. hr/1hDSNjQ.

Must you have a face to face interview or telephone?

At UnitedHealth Group, we conduct interviews using a variety of methods, including telephone, digital video, and in-person interviews. Throughout the process, you might encounter one or all three of these types. Visit this link for more details on our hiring procedure: http://uhg hr/1kHIaPf.

Despite having extensive experience for the position I applied for, I received a response from UHG after my video interview that they were not going to take me into consideration. Very frustrating. Is that the norm?.

I recommend getting in touch with our recruiters via chat at http://uhg hr/1hDSNjQ.

What pointers or suggestions would you offer a candidate for a position at UnitedHealth Group?

Be prepared to work past 5pm without pay. Even if your pay is hourly, you’ll still be expected to put in long hours and meet arbitrary goals.

Hello. Yesterday, after my phone interview for the position of Customer Service Advocate in Greensboro, North Carolina was completed, the recruiter informed me that I had advanced to the next stage, which was a face-to-face interview, and that I would be contacted with an interview time. When I called today, I was informed that the hiring manager was reviewing my application. Please explain what this means and let me know when I can expect a call or email in response.

This indicates that the hiring manager is examining your credentials and will be conducting the in-person interview in this instance. Although the anticipated wait time varies depending on the position, you can contact your recruiter or join the recruiter chat at this link: http://uhg. hr/1hDSNjQ.

Hello! My interviews were video, phone, and in-person the following Friday. I believe that during the phone interview, we went over my resume and the Q&As; what questions do they ask during the in-person interview? Also, is it possible that a face-to-face interview is when the job offer is made?

A job offer won’t be made to you during an interview.

Briefly, Tell Us What You Know About United Health Group

This question is posed by the hiring manager to gauge how thoroughly you have researched the business before the interview. Your interest in the company may be indicated by your research on it. Tell the interviewer a few details about the UnitedHealth group in your response.

Sample Answer

“The UnitedHealth Group is a multinational corporation based in the United States that runs two different health care platforms, Optum and UnitedHealth care.” Optum focuses on providing technology and information-based services, whereas UnitedHealth Care focuses on benefit services and healthcare coverage despite the fact that these two platforms are integrated. The company’s guiding principles impressed me because they align with my own values. One of the things that makes me want to work for this company is this. In addition, this business places a high value on encouraging its staff to volunteer. I’m interested in finding out more about how to participate as well. ”.

Large company UnitedHealth Group provides a variety of career opportunities. While some jobs demand quick and effective work, others give employees more time to complete tasks. This question is asked by interviewers to ascertain your comfort level with the organization’s pace. In your answer, explain how you handle working under pressure. Give an instance of a time when you had to meet a deadline or work well in a hectic setting.

A good project manager, in my opinion, possesses excellent communication skills, problem-solving skills, and attention to detail. The team members of a project manager must be able to understand their instructions and ask questions when necessary through clear communication. Additionally, they must be able to resolve issues on their own or with assistance from others. Last but not least, I believe it’s crucial for a project manager to pay close attention to details because doing so enables them to ensure that all tasks are successfully completed. ”.

I spoke with the on-call physician right away and described the situation. She informed me that before making a diagnosis, she would need to examine him. I attended to my other patients while I waited for her to arrive, then went back to check on our ill patient. I asked him if he wanted another blanket when I saw that he was shivering He said yes, so I went to get one. He was no longer shivering as I made my way back to his bed. This led me to believe that he might be experiencing sickness-related chills rather than a true cold.

Example: “At my previous job, we had a patient who was experiencing some serious health issues. Despite being very young, they were in great pain due to their illness. Together, we came up with a treatment strategy that would enable them to control their symptoms and lead regular lives. In the end, they were successful in going back to school and leading a normal life. ”.

For instance, “I am very at ease using a computer system to process claims.” In my previous position as an insurance agent, we utilized software to assist us in processing the claims of our clients. The program was simple to use and assisted me in learning how to use various systems. I learned how to input data into the system as well, enabling me to track client information. ”.

Why Did You Apply For This Job?

Why are you interested in working for this particular company? the interviewer wants to know. Demonstrate your passion to work here.

Sample Answer

“Because I love technology, I want to work for this company.” I adore how this business applies information and technology to transform the healthcare industry and enhance people’s lives. I would like to help you develop the best concepts that can quickly raise the standard of healthcare. Gaining employment here will have a positive impact on my life because I will have the chance to collaborate with some of the world’s brightest minds. ”.


How long is the interview process for UnitedHealth Group?

It depends on the position applied for. In my case, the process took longer than two months to complete. My phone interview was scheduled two weeks after I submitted my application. The second interview took place in person two weeks later, and the third was conducted via video call one and a half weeks later.

Why should I work at UnitedHealth Group?

If you start your career here, you’ll have the chance to do something extraordinary with your first job out of college and actually make a difference. Our modest objectives are to assist 85 million people in leading healthier lives. Change the landscape of health care forever. Leave the world a better place than we found it.

What is UnitedHealth Group core values?

We at UnitedHealth Group (NYSE: UNH) are motivated by and use our values of Integrity, Compassion, Relationships, Innovation, and Performance to improve everyone’s access to affordable, high-quality healthcare.

How long is Uhg digital interview?

Each response has a 3-minute time limit, and a timer will count down and let you know when it’s almost up. The first step to carrying out your life’s greatest work can be a digital video interview with UnitedHealth Group. Remember, this is a real interview, and you should conduct yourself accordingly.

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