The Top 15 Tonal Interview Questions and How to Prepare Winning Answers

Whether you’re an employer or job seeker, the hiring process is hard. To shed light on this issue, we asked Steve Moser, Tonal’s Talent Acquisition Manager, what his best tips are for job seekers who want to stand out, move up, and get their dream health and fitness job.

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Landing a job at the high-tech fitness company Tonal can be competitive, but going into the interview prepared with strong answers to common questions can give you a major advantage In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the top 15 Tonal interview questions you’re likely to encounter, provide sample answers, and offer tips to help you craft winning responses.

Whether you’re interviewing for a sales, engineering, marketing, or other role at Tonal, understanding the company’s priorities, culture, and vision is key We’ll cover both general and role-specific questions to help you anticipate and develop confident answers that highlight your qualifications and fit for the innovative fitness tech leader.

Overview of Tonal and Its Hiring Process

Before diving into the questions, let’s do a quick overview of Tonal, its culture, and what to expect during the interview process.

About Tonal

  • Founded in 2015 and headquartered in San Francisco, Tonal is a fitness tech company pioneering smart home gyms and personalized strength training powered by artificial intelligence and digital weights.

  • Tonal uses electromagnetism to digitally control weight, provide real-time feedback and tracking, and offer customized workout programs via its proprietary software and machine learning algorithms.

  • The company has raised over $200 million in funding to date and is rapidly expanding as demand grows for its high-tech home fitness solution.

Tonal’s Culture and Values

  • Innovation: Tonal prides itself on being an industry innovator, finding new ways to merge fitness, technology, design and experience. Innovation is core to its identity.

  • Teamwork: Cross-functional collaboration, open communication, and transparency are emphasized at Tonal. Siloes are discouraged.

  • Impact: Tonal has a high performance culture focused on outcomes, visibility, and creating meaningful impact.

  • Agility: rapid iteration, controlled risk-taking, and embracing change are valued to keep innovating.

What to Expect During the Interview

  • Multiple rounds: Typically a phone screen,

Roles at high-growth health and fitness companies are highly competitive. What can candidates do to stand out?

SM: These roles are definitely highly competitive. In the past few years, I’ve heard candidates and even recruiters say that cover letters are no longer necessary.

But when you’re applying for a job in an industry or company you’re really interested in—and there may be hundreds of other people who meet the requirements—is there a better way to stand out than with a cover letter that ties together your work experience and your dedication to the company’s mission?

Some people may not be able to spend hours writing a cover letter for every job they apply for, but make sure the ones you’re really interested in get the best ones.

You might also want to add some personal interests or a statement of interest to your resume that shows why you want to work in the health and fitness industry.

What does your company’s hiring process entail?

SM: This has shifted a bit in the last year or so, as I’m sure many have. Our process is rather straightforward, but it depends on the role.

The typical process after submitting an application is an intro call with someone from our Talent Acquisition team. Those who make it this far will then have a second phone or Zoom call with a hiring manager.

There might be a homework assignment, presentation, or technical test after this step, but not always. That will come before the final round of interviews. Our last round of interviews used to all happen in person, but now most of them happen over Zoom.

It will be interesting to see how often we still use Zoom interviews instead of in-person interviews once the world reopens. Sometimes it’s easier to set up and manage Zoom interviews, but we miss being able to show candidates our office gym and show them how Tonal works!

Tonal Regulator interview questions

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