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To help you prepare for a TIBCO BPM job interview, here are 28 interview questions and answer examples.

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What data cleaning methods are you familiar with and comfortable using if hired for this role at TIBCO BPM?

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  • To improve data quality and increase overall productivity of a system, TIBCO BPM relies on their data analysts to use data cleansing methods to ensure quality data exists in their software. Be open and honest with the ways that youve helped ensure quality and accurate data in the systems that youve worked with while also showing that you have an open mind to learning and utilizing more methods if hired for this position.

    “In my current work, I use a very methodical fashion in cleaning data for finished systems. My first step is to remove duplicate and irrelevant observations within the data. Then I scan the data to remove extra spaces, convert numbers stored as text into numbers and remove duplicate data. These steps help ensure clean and accurate data and I never overlook them. If hired for this position, what methods does the current data analyst team her at TIBCO BPM utilize?”

    “I am familiar with many methods used in the cleansing of data. The initial monitoring of errors within a system is very important to identifying where errors occur and give insight into how to fix corrupt data. I have utilized the tools within Domo software to validate data accuracy and scrub for duplicate data in my processes as well. Being very proficient in data analysis, Im very open to learning new methods as well if hired for this position.”

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    tibco amx bpm interview questions

    Sam has overall 17+ years of experience in IT Industry. This experience is primarily in Consultancy, Mentoring & Training.

    He could get opportunity to train 7000+ IT Professionals with diversified profiles like Architects, Designers, Programmers, Testers, Support Engineers, Project Managers. He taught them TIBCO, Mulesoft, Salesforce, Java and related technologies. Apart from this, Sam also conducts training in UML, OOAD, Design Patterns etc core areas.

    Sam has been awarded with industry reputed certification in TIBCO BusinessWorks (100% score) & TIBCO AMX BPM.

    He has trained 2000+ academic students of UG (Under Graduate) & PG (Post Graduate) programs of various universities in India (North Maharashtra University, Pune University, BITs Pilani) . He taught them courses like VB, VC++, C++, Data Structures, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Object Oriented Programming, Java, J2EE, Windows SDK Programming, Software Engineering.

    Sam also has published his research papers on various subjects like Cyber Crime etc. in various National Conferences.

    Currently He has associated with various Multi-National Companies to conduct Corporate Trainings and Mentoring Programs for their professionals.

    Sam holds expertise in various products, platforms and technologies. Few of them are highlighted below,

  • TIBCO (BW 5x/6x, BE 5x, Spotfire, iProcess, MDM, AMX BPM)
  • Mulesoft (3x/4x)
  • Salesforce (Admin, Development, Lightning)
  • Java (Core & Advanced)
  • Oracle SQL, PL-SQL
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    Is Tibco a BPM tool?

    TIBCO® BPM Enterprise (formerly TIBCO ActiveMatrix® BPM) is a modern and enterprise-grade Digital Process Automation platform that enables you to automate, execute, and monitor business processes.

    What is the main use of Tibco BPM enterprise?

    TIBCO® BPM Enterprise software is the next generation of the TIBCO BPM Enterprise solution. It enables your center of excellence to execute on your digital process automation strategy at scale for aligning the business for transformation.

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