The Top 20 Teachable Interview Questions and How to Answer Them Like a Pro

Getting ready to interview for a new teaching job? You’re probably excited but also nervous. The best way to overcome those nerves is to prepare in advance. Take a look at this list of the most common teacher interview questions and answers. Practice your responses, and you’ll feel much more confident when you walk through that door.

Check out the questions and tips for answering below. Also, fill out the form on this page to get a free list of questions you can print out to help you get ready for your next interview.

Remember, though, that interviews are a two-way street. Impressing your interviewers is important, of course. But so is finding out if this school is a place where you’ll truly thrive. That’s why, along with the most common teacher interview questions and answers, we’ve also included five questions you might want to ask if you get the chance. Make your interview time count for everyone involved!.

Interviewing at Teachable? You’ve come to the right place In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the top 20 most common Teachable interview questions and provide tips and example responses to help you ace your interview

Overview of Teachable

For those unfamiliar, Teachable is an online platform that allows anyone to create, host, market, and sell courses online. Since launching in 2014, Teachable has helped over 60,000 instructors monetize their knowledge and expertise.

The company values innovation, transparency, empathy and embraces remote work Teachable is headquartered in New York City with employees distributed globally

Now let’s dive into the top questions you’re likely to encounter during the Teachable interview process and how to tackle them like a pro

Teachable’s Hiring Process

The Teachable hiring process typically involves:

  • Initial phone screening with HR
  • Interview with the hiring manager
  • Series of 4-5 virtual interviews with team members, 30 mins each
  • Possible written assignment or technical challenge

The process aims to be thorough yet efficient. Candidates praise the clear communication and support from recruiters.

Top 20 Teachable Interview Questions and Answers

1. Tell me about yourself

This common opening question allows you to set the tone for the interview. Keep your answer concise and focused on highlights related to the role.

  • Provide a quick overview of your background and experience
  • Highlight key skills or achievements relevant to the position
  • Convey your passion for the company’s mission
  • Close with how the role aligns with your goals and interests

Example: “I’m a product marketing manager with 5 years of experience driving growth for SaaS companies. I’m highly analytical with expertise in segmentation, positioning and competitive analysis. I led the rebranding effort for my last company that resulted in a 20% increase in conversions. Teachable’s mission to democratize education deeply resonates with me. I’d be excited to leverage my skills in marketing, data analysis and strategy to help Teachable empower more creators and students through the platform.”

2. Why do you want to work at Teachable?

Hiring managers want to know you have a genuine interest in the company.

  • Demonstrate your understanding of Teachable’s products, mission and values
  • Explain how your background makes you a great culture add
  • Share why you’re drawn to the company and what excites you about the role

Example: “Teachable’s platform has completely changed the landscape of online education, providing access and income opportunities to educators worldwide. The company truly embodies innovation and empowerment. As someone passionate about education and technology, I would find it incredibly rewarding to contribute to a product that is democratizing education globally. Plus, Teachable’s culture of transparency, remote work and professional development aligns perfectly with my values. I’m excited by the opportunity to join an agile, high-growth company like Teachable and help drive the next phase of product innovation and creator success.”

3. What do you know about Teachable?

Demonstrate you’ve done your research on the company. Highlight:

  • Teachable’s origin story and growth
  • Product capabilities and how it works
  • Competitive advantages over other elearning platforms
  • Recent news and developments

Example: “Founded in 2014 by Ankur Nagpal and Mike Lenzini, Teachable is an all-in-one platform that allows anyone to create online courses, manage students and process payments. It empowers creators to build businesses around their knowledge without needing advanced technical skills. Some standout features include customizable course pages, student quizzes, discussion forums and analytics. Teachable takes a 10% cut from transactions versus competitors that charge around 30% commission. The company has raised over $25 million in funding and supports over 60,000 creators. An exciting recent development was the April 2022 release of Teachable Mobile, allowing students to learn on the go.”

4. Why do you want to leave your current job?

Be honest but avoid sounding negative. Focus on seeking new growth opportunities.

  • Share your reasons in a professional, constructive tone
  • Emphasize your desire to expand skills, take on new challenges
  • Say you’re excited about growth potential at Teachable

Example: “While I’ve learned a lot in my current role, I’m ready for a new challenge to continue advancing my skills. Teachable offers opportunities to grow in areas like product marketing and analytics that align with my long-term goals. I’m drawn to the startup culture and rapid innovation here that will push me in new directions. Most importantly, Teachable’s mission resonates with me deeply, and I’m excited to contribute to a purpose-driven company making an impact.”

5. What are your strengths?

Pick 2-3 strengths relevant to the role. Provide specific examples.

  • Align strengths with skills needed for the job
  • Give examples demonstrating each strength in action

Example: “Two of my key strengths are creativity and team collaboration. As a designer, I leverage my creativity daily in concepting innovative solutions and thinking outside the box. For example, when redesigning a client’s product page, I came up with an interactive carousel design that increased conversions by 30%. In terms of collaboration, I love facilitating creative sessions and workshopping ideas with cross-functional teams. For a recent marketing campaign, I led collaborative brainstorms that helped us align around an exciting creative direction.”

6. What are your weaknesses?

Be honest while framing weaknesses positively. Pick a minor weakness not core to the job. Show steps you’ve taken to improve.

  • Choose a minor, non-critical weakness
  • Demonstrate self-awareness and growth mindset
  • Share how you’re working to improve the weakness

Example: “One area I’ve been working on is time management and prioritization when tackling multiple projects. With so many creative ideas flowing, I sometimes struggle with focusing and saying no to less critical initiatives. However, I’ve gotten much better after taking a time management workshop through my company. I now utilize tools like Asana to stay on track with top priorities. While I still have room to improve, my productivity and ability to focus has increased significantly.”

7. Why should we hire you?

Summarize your strongest qualifications matched to the role’s requirements.

  • Highlight your most relevant skills, achievements and experience
  • Show how you’re a great fit for both the company and position
  • Convey enthusiasm and motivation for the role

Example: “With over 7 years of digital marketing experience, I have the proven skills and drive to tackle this role head-on. Specifically, my expertise in optimizing funnels, analyzing user data and executing targeted campaigns would enable me to maximize Teachable’s marketing performance. I’m deeply passionate about online education and have studied Teachable’s product and mission extensively. I’m committed to leveraging my background to help Teachable achieve its student and revenue growth goals. I’d love to bring my marketing strategy and critical thinking skills to such an innovative, purpose-driven company.”

8. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Show you’re interested in growing long-term with the company.

  • Express desire for more responsibility and leadership opportunities
  • Share goals aligned with company trajectory and your ambition
  • Emphasize wanting to build a career at Teachable

Example: “In 5 years, I hope to take on increasing responsibility and leadership within Teachable’s product team. As the company scales, I aim to grow into more senior product roles, leveraging my analytical skills and strategic mindset. I’m excited by Teachable’s tremendous growth potential, and I see myself building my career here long-term. While my exact role is hard to predict, I know I want to be an integral part of Teachable’s future innovations and make a lasting impact on educating people worldwide.”

9. How do you handle pressure or stressful situations?

Show you can keep calm under pressure. Share examples.

  • Describe your thought process when faced with stress
  • Discuss proactive stress management techniques you use
  • Give examples of remaining focused to deliver under pressure

Example: “I deal with pressure by leaning into my planning abilities and logical mindset. When faced with tight deadlines or urgent issues, I take a step back, make a list of priorities and handle things one step at a time without getting overwhelmed. For example, when our marketing website crashed right before a big product launch, I quickly rallied my team, got developers working on fixes, and created a temporary landing page to minimize disruption. While stressful, I focused on solutions rather than emotions, which allowed us to get back on track swiftly. I also make sure to carve out time for exercise and meditation as proactive stress management.”

10. Tell me about a challenge you overcame at work.

Showcase problem-solving, critical thinking and resilience.

  • Set up the challenge and context briefly
  • Share the systematic approach you took to address it
  • Emp

How do you use technology in the classroom?

Since technology is so important in school, now is the time to show how smart you are in your interview. Talk about why you’re excited to use technology with students. In what ways did you keep students interested and managed remote classrooms? What technology did you use both in the classroom and at home? Your administration needs teachers who are tech-savvy and creative with technology. Check out our many resources to learn more.

What are some methods you use to check for understanding as you’re teaching?

It’s one thing to make a great lesson plan, but what good is it if the students don’t follow it? Explain how your lessons will be tailored to their needs. Will you use tech tools for tests or exit slips that summarize what they’ve learned? Do you have a quick-check method, like thumbs-up/thumbs-down, to see if they understand?

How to Answer Behavioral Interview Questions Sample Answers


What questions will be asked in a teaching interview?

How would you describe your style of teaching? What was your greatest challenge in student teaching? How did you resolve it? What techniques do you use to keep students actively involved and motivated during a lesson?

How to show you are coachable in an interview?

Coachability Interview Questions Another approach is to use role-playing exercises. For example, a hiring manager might ask you to walk through a mock scenario, such as a discovery call. After, you may be asked to list the strengths and weaknesses of your performance.

What are good interview questions about learning?

Tell me about a time when you were asked to do something you had never done before. How did you react? What did you learn? Listen for excitement about tackling new challenges and a willingness to leave their comfort zone, knowing they’ll learn something valuable from the experience.

How do you answer a teacher interview question?

This is one of the most common, as well as one of the trickiest, teacher interview questions. Don’t answer with a clichéd, generic response. In fact, your response is your teaching mission statement. It’s the answer to why you’re a teacher. It’s helpful if you write out your mission statement before the interview and practice reciting it.

What should you expect in a teacher interview?

In a teacher interview, you can expect a mix of questions designed to understand more about who you are, how you approach your work, and how you’d handle hypothetical situations. These include: These standard interview questions will likely be geared toward teaching.

How do you prepare for a teacher interview?

This might seem like it’s just a way to wrap things up, but it’s actually one of the most important parts of the interview. In addition to practicing your answers to the most common teacher interview questions, you should prepare a handful of questions to ask your interviewer.

What questions should you ask in a teacher interview?

For example, a corporate interview might include a question like, “How do you stay organized?” But in a teacher interview, the question could shift to something like, “How do you organize your lesson plans each week?” or “How do you stay organized when it comes to grading?”

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