What are good interview questions on Spring Boot?

As a software engineer, interviews are part and parcel of the job. Being prepared with the right knowledge and understanding of the technology you will be working with is essential to getting the job. Spring Boot is an open-source Java-based framework used to create web applications and microservices quickly and easily. This blog post is aimed at helping software engineers prepare for an upcoming job interview for a position involving Spring Boot by providing a comprehensive list of interview questions. Here, we will cover questions related to the fundamentals of Spring Boot, its features and advantages, configurations, and more. We hope that this comprehensive list of Spring Boot interview questions will help you ace your next job interview.

4. Spring Boot advanced topics
  • 4.1 What are Spring Boot starters? …
  • 4.2 What is actuator and how do you configure? …
  • 4.3 What is Spring Boot CLI and how do you use it? …
  • 4.4 What do you understand by auto-configuration? …
  • 4.5 What is Spring Data REST? …
  • 4.6 Difference between conditional annotation and profiles.

Must Know Concepts of SpringBoot | GeeksforGeeks

Setup Spring Boot:

  • Setup Java JDK from Oracle’s official site.
  • Download and Setup STS(Spring Tools Suite).
  • Start a new spring starter project
    • Click on File -> New -> Spring starter project
    • Fill the appropriate details and add dependency and finish.
    • Edit the application properties.
    • Run the main file as a Java application.
  • Further reading:

    Here is the list of Spring Boot interview questions.

    What is Spring boot?

    You can quickly create production-ready applications with Spring Boot. It is an opinionated view to create Spring application quickly. It follows convention over configuration. Simply put, it already has default configurations for the majority of Spring projects, so you don’t need to do much to get any Spring application up and running.

    A web application called the Spring Initializer can create a Spring Boot project structure for you. It doesn’t create any application code. To create your code with, it will provide you with a Maven or Gradle build specification and the fundamental project structure. You should simply compose the application code.

    To reduce developer effort, it adopts the “Opinionated Defaults Configuration” Approach. Because of spring boot’s subjective viewpoint, we can start with what is necessary but stop if it is not appropriate for the application. In most cases, Spring Boot makes use of reasonable defaults, or “opinions,” based on the classpath content.

    An innovative and highly customizable access-control and authentication framework is called Spring Security. It is the true standard for securing Spring-based applications. A system called Spring Security focuses on providing Java applications with both authentication and approval. Like all spring projects, Spring Security’s true power lies in how well it can be adapted to meet specific requirements.

    Dev Tools comes with Spring Boot, which is known to increase the profitability of designers. Your application does not need to be redeployed each time you make a change. The server does not need to restart for the developer to reload the progressions. It keeps you from having to repeatedly deploy the application whenever you roll out an improvement. This module will can’t be utilized in a production environment.

    A system called “Spring Boot” was created by “The Spring Team” to make it easier to launch and create new Spring Applications. It provides defaults for the code and annotation configurations so that Snappy can instantly start new spring projects. To improve the Development, Unit Test, and Integration Test Process, it adopts the “Opinionated Defaults Configuration” Approach to get rid of a lot of standard code and configuration.


    What are the Spring Boot interview questions?

    Top Spring Boot Interview Questions for Experienced Developers
    • What annotations are used to create an Interceptor? …
    • What is a Swagger in Spring Boot? …
    • What are Profiles in Spring Boot? …
    • What differentiates Spring Data JPA and Hibernate? …
    • How are the @RestController and @Controller Annotation different?

    What are the three main annotations in Spring Boot?

    The main class of a Spring Boot application is designated with this annotation. It includes the default attributes for the @SpringBootConfiguration, @EnableAutoConfiguration, and @ComponentScan annotations.

    What are the types of Spring Boot?

    Spring Boot provides a number of starter dependencies for different Spring modules.
    • spring-boot-starter-data-jpa.
    • spring-boot-starter-security.
    • spring-boot-starter-test.
    • spring-boot-starter-web.
    • spring-boot-starter-thymeleaf.

    What are 3 ways to configure the Spring container?

    The book states that there are 3 ways to configure the Spring Container.

    but every single bean can be declared in 3 ways:
    1. from a xml file.
    2. with a @Bean annotation inside a @Configuration annotated bean.
    3. a @Component directly (or any of the specialized annotations @Controller, @Service, etc. ).

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