Preparing for Your South University Physician Assistant Program Interview

Interviewing for a top physician assistant program like South University’s can be an intimidating process. With competition for seats fierce, it’s crucial to make a stellar impression during your interview to boost your chances of admission.

As someone who went through the process myself I want to share my advice to help you adequately prepare know what to expect, and ace your South University PA program interview.

Overview of South University’s PA Program

South University offers an accredited 27-month master’s degree physician assistant program at their Savannah, GA campus Students complete 114 credit hours of instruction and over 2,000 hours of clinical rotations

The program only admits one cohort per year in January, with spots for just 60 students. In 2021, they had over 800 applicants competing for those seats, making the program highly selective.

Given the popularity of South’s PA program, you can expect the interview process to be rigorous. Thorough preparation and understanding the specific requirements of South’s interviews is key.

What to Expect During the Interview

South University conducts panel interviews over two days in Savannah.

Day 1

The first day involves:

  • Meetings with admissions staff and faculty
  • Campus tour
  • Dinner with current PA students

This offers a relaxed way to learn more about the program and campus. It’s also a great opportunity to get insider tips from current students about the upcoming interviews.

Day 2

The second day consists of three focused interviews:

  • 30 minutes with the Program Director – discuss your interests and fit with the program
  • 30 minutes with Faculty Member #1
  • 30 minutes with Faculty Member #2

The faculty interviews involve behavioral questions focused on past experiences that assess your soft skills, mindset, and motivations. Some examples include:

  • Tell me about a challenging interpersonal conflict you faced. How did you handle it?
  • What do you consider your biggest failure and what did you learn from it?
  • Knowing this program is rigorous, what do you plan to do for self-care and fun?
  • Describe a time you had to quickly adapt to a new situation.

The interviews are conversational rather than overly formal. The key is showing your communication skills, emotional intelligence, and genuine passion for the PA profession.

How to Prepare for the Interview

Here are my top tips for preparing for your South University PA program interview:

1. Reflect on Your Motivations

  • Why do you want to be a PA specifically? What draws you to the profession?
  • How will you be an asset to the program and PA field? What unique strengths will you bring?

Practice articulating this clearly and authentically. The faculty wants to ensure you have the right motivations.

2. Review Sample Behavioral Questions

  • Google “physician assistant behavioral interview questions”
  • Read through examples and reflect on your own experiences
  • Don’t prepare scripted answers, but brainstorm stories and anecdotes you could reference

This helps you start thinking about how to frame your responses.

3. Know South University’s Program Thoroughly

  • Study their website and literature
  • Understand the curriculum, faculty expertise, clinical sites, unique offerings
  • Prepare informed questions to ask about the program

This shows your genuine interest and enthusiasm.

4. Polish Your Communication Skills

  • Practice speaking clearly and concisely
  • Work on projecting confidence through body language
  • Prepare some icebreaker stories/anecdotes in case there are lulls

This boosts your ability to make a great impression during the interviews.

5. Plan Your Logistics

  • Book travel and accommodations early
  • Map out parking, routes to campus
  • Have interview attire ready well in advance
  • Get plenty of rest the night before

Solid logistics reduce day-of stress so you can focus on the interviews.

How to Ace the Interview Day

On interview day, keep these tips in mind:

  • Arrive early – better to have extra time than rush in
  • Bring copies of your application materials
  • Turn your phone off and avoid distractions
  • Make eye contact and smile – this shows confidence
  • Give focused, concise yet thoughtful answers
  • Ask intelligent questions that show your interest in the program
  • Be professional yet personable – find the right tone
  • Thank the interviewers and reiterate your interest in the program

Stay calm and trust your preparation. I know interviews can induce anxiety, but look at it as a conversation rather than an inquisition. They want to get to know the real you.

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