The Top 12 Seesaw Interview Questions and How to Answer Them Like a Pro

To create an environment where students are inspired to be their best. We’re a group of engineers, teachers, and lifelong learners who wake up every day thinking about how to get students excited about learning and how to make it easier for teachers and administrators to do so.

Getting hired at a fast-growing edtech company like Seesaw is no easy task With its intuitive digital portfolio platform adopted by millions of teachers and students worldwide, Seesaw has cemented itself as a leader in transforming classroom learning

As such, the Seesaw interview process is designed to thoroughly assess whether candidates have what it takes to join the team behind this innovative product

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll share the 12 most common Seesaw interview questions based on my own experience interviewing with them as well as insights from other candidates. I’ll provide tips and sample responses to help you craft winning answers that will impress your Seesaw interviewers.

1. Why do you want to work at Seesaw?

This question is asked early in the interview process to gauge your passion and alignment with Seesaw’s mission of empowering students to independently document and share their learning.


  • Show your enthusiasm for their product and how it transforms classrooms.

  • Reference specific aspects of their culture or values that resonate with you. Authenticity is key.

  • Avoid generic answers – tailor your response to Seesaw specifically.

Sample Response:

I’m truly excited by Seesaw’s vision of creating a more student-driven, creative learning environment through your digital portfolio platform. As a former educator myself, I understand the challenges teachers face in fostering engaged learning. Seesaw provides such an intuitive and collaborative solution that gives students ownership over the learning process. Your culture of “every voice matters” also deeply resonates with my personal values of inclusion and empowerment. I’m passionate about educational technology and would be honored to join Seesaw in bringing meaningful change to classrooms worldwide.

2. What experience do you have with educational technology?

Seesaw is looking for some familiarity with edtech tools and an understanding of how technology can enhance learning. Share examples of your exposure to education-focused software/hardware.


  • Draw from classroom teaching experience if applicable.

  • Otherwise discuss relevant coursework, projects, or research.

  • Focus on the user experience and how tech can enable engaging learning.

Sample Response:

During my student teaching experience, I had the opportunity to experiment with various edtech tools aimed at promoting student collaboration and digital literacy. For instance, I spearheaded an initiative for students to create educational podcasts using Audacity software. This allowed for creativity while developing presentation skills. I also utilized Padlet to facilitate brainstorming activities, allowing students to build on each other’s ideas in real time. These hands-on learning experiences with education-focused technology fueled my passion for leveraging such tools to create an immersive, student-centered learning environment. I’m eager to apply these insights alongside Seesaw’s product team to continually enhance the platform’s classroom integration and intuitive user experience for teachers and students.

3. How do you stay up-to-date on developments in K-12 education?

Seesaw needs team members passionate about learning and education. This question tests your level of knowledge and continuous learning when it comes to trends affecting K-12 classrooms.


  • Showcase your go-to resources for staying in the know. These could include podcasts, education blogs, conferences, Twitter chats, etc.

  • Share 1-2 recent developments or concepts you’ve come across. Demonstrate curiosity.

  • Emphasize that learning never stops – you eagerly soak up new perspectives.

Sample Response:

I make it a priority to continually expand my understanding of emerging trends, best practices, and challenges in K-12 education. I stay in tune by reading prominent education blogs and publications such as EdSurge, eSchool News, and Edutopia. I also gain valuable insights by listening to podcasts like The Future of School and The Google Teacher Tribe. Beyond publications, I participate in Twitter chats like #Edchat and #Edtech to exchange ideas with other educators. In fact, through one of these chats, I recently learned of personalized learning playlists gaining traction as a way to meet students where they are academically. I’m fascinated by such innovations that allow for differentiated instruction in classrooms. These activities provide an enriching mix of perspectives that deepens my passion for education and for devising ways to facilitate impactful learning.

4. What do you know about Seesaw’s products and mission?

It’s critical that you’ve taken time to thoroughly research Seesaw before your interview. This is your chance to demonstrate knowledge of their offerings and how they align with Seesaw’s greater vision.


  • Discuss Seesaw’s core digital portfolio product and key features.

  • Highlight other products like Seesaw Class and Seesaw for Schools.

  • Tie it all back to their mission of student-driven learning and empowering all voices.

Sample Response:

Through my research, I’m very impressed with how Seesaw’s products are centered around the mission to empower students. The flagship Seesaw digital portfolio equips students to independently document what they’re learning using photos, videos, drawings and notes. This not only promotes creativity but gives them ownership to drive their own learning journey.

Expanding upon this, Seesaw Class enables whole-class engagement tools like announcements, assignments and class discussions. There’s also the Seesaw for Schools administrative dashboard providing useful analytics for teachers and schools. At its core though, Seesaw maintains that focus on amplifying student voice. Everything ties back to the idea that when students are in charge of showing what they know, it leads to deeper learning and growth. It’s a refreshing student-first approach that I’m excited to be a part of.

5. How would you handle a parent or teacher complaint about our product?

Customer service and communication skills are crucial for a fast-growing product company like Seesaw. Hiring managers want to know you can represent the brand and resolve issues empathetically.


  • Express understanding of their frustration and willingness to help.

  • Outline steps to diagnose the problem from their perspective.

  • Assure them you’ll involve other teams or leadership if needed to reach a resolution.

Sample Response:

If a parent or teacher contacted me with a complaint about Seesaw, my first priority would be ensuring they feel heard and understood. I would listen attentively to gain a complete picture of their specific concerns. Next, I would apologize for any inconvenience while assuring them I’m committed to resolving the issue to their satisfaction. I would then work closely with them to reproduce the problem so I can diagnose it from their experience and perspective. If I was able to identify the root cause and steps to address it, I would walk them through the solution and follow-up to confirm it met their needs. For more complex technical issues, I would escalate to the appropriate product and engineering teams, continuing to keep the customer updated until the issue is fully resolved. Throughout the process, I would make it clear they can rely on me to advocate for them within the company to ensure we meet and exceed their expectations.

6. How would you go about improving adoption and engagement among our school district clients?

Seesaw needs strong marketers who understand their evolving product capabilities and can communicate the value to school stakeholders. Show how you’d drive usage and loyalty.


  • Discuss how you’d research relevant pain points and target key decision makers.

  • Provide ideas for compelling content, outreach campaigns, and trainings tailored to districts.

  • Suggest leveraging happy users as brand advocates.

Sample Response:

Boosting adoption and engagement among school district clients requires a strategic marketing approach tailored to their needs. I would start by conducting in-depth research to uncover district leaders’ greatest challenges and priorities, such as improving community engagement or meeting state standards. With these pain points in mind, I could consult with our product team to showcase how Seesaw’s latest features can help address those specific concerns. For example, highlighting Seesaw’s family engagement tools to superintendents focused on community relationships.

I would then develop targeted content like use case ebooks, email campaigns, and on-demand webinars to showcase Seesaw’s value to key decision makers. These could be backed by dedicated trainings to help districts fully leverage our platform and optimize their results. Finally, I would foster organic word-of-mouth growth by empowering teachers who have successfully used Seesaw to share their experiences with colleagues. This educator advocacy paints a highly credible picture of Seesaw’s benefits and would be a powerful driver of broader usage and engagement within districts over time.

7. How would you design the onboarding experience for a new Seesaw user?

Seesaw seeks team members who can adopt the perspective of new users to make the product intuitive and easy to use. Share your approach to crafting a stellar onboarding experience.


  • Discuss researching pain points of new vs experienced users.

  • Explain step-by-step how you’d scaffold the learning.

  • Highlight the importance of intuitive UX and motivation.

Sample Response:

Designing an exceptional onboarding experience requires deeply understanding learners’ perspectives. I woul

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What is the best answer for “Tell me about yourself”?

The best way to answer “Tell me about yourself” is with a brief highlight-summary of your experience, your education, the value you bring to an employer, and the reason you’re looking forward to learning more about this next job and the opportunity to work with them.

What questions will be asked in a teaching interview?

How would you describe your style of teaching? What was your greatest challenge in student teaching? How did you resolve it? What techniques do you use to keep students actively involved and motivated during a lesson?

Why should we hire you?

A: When answering, focus on your relevant skills, experience, and achievements that make you the best fit for the role.You should hire me because I am a hard worker who wants to help your company succeed. I have the skills and experience needed for the job, and I am eager to learn and grow with your team .

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