Preparing for Your Scentsy Interview: Top Questions and Answers

Landing a job at Scentsy can be an exciting opportunity to join a rapidly growing company with a strong sense of community. As a direct sales leader in scented products Scentsy places high value on finding candidates that embody their culture and can contribute to their continued success.

Understanding what to expect in a Scentsy interview is key to presenting yourself as the ideal candidate. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore some of the most common Scentsy interview questions along with tips on how to prepare winning answers.

Overview of Scentsy’s Hiring Process

The Scentsy hiring process typically involves

  • Submitting an online application
  • Initial phone screening
  • One or more in-person interviews
  • Potential skills testing

The process aims to assess both your qualifications and your fit with Scentsy’s values. Interviews are described as friendly yet professional. Strong communication is maintained throughout the process that usually takes 2-4 weeks from application to offer.

Scentsy Core Values to Keep in Mind

Scentsy prides itself on being a values-driven company. Some key values to embody during your interview include:

  • Community – Scentsy fosters a sense of family among employees and consultants. Show you are a team player.

  • Optimism – Demonstrate a positive, solutions-focused attitude.

  • Integrity – Highlight your ethics and authenticity.

  • generosity – Express desire to give back and help others succeed.

  • Creativity – Share examples of innovation and imagination.

Top Interview Questions and Answers

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions to expect during a Scentsy interview:

Q: Why do you want to work for Scentsy?

This fundamental question assesses your motivation for seeking a role with the company.


  • Research Scentsy’s mission, values, and culture thoroughly. Identify aspects that genuinely appeal to you.

  • Show enthusiasm for their products, business model, and warm community.

  • Avoid generic answers—be specific on what attracts you.

Example: I am deeply inspired by Scentsy’s commitment to bringing joy through fragrance, artistry, and connection. Having seen firsthand the power of Scentsy products to spark meaningful experiences, I am eager to contribute my skills in service of the company’s mission. What draws me most is Scentsy’s vibrant culture built on community, optimism and integrity. If given the opportunity, I would be honored to join in advancing the Scentsy vision.

Q: What do you know about our products and direct sales model?

This question evaluates your knowledge of their product line and business operations. Thorough research is key.


  • Study their core products and product categories. Know their business model.

  • Discuss the benefits and technology behind their scented products.

  • Show understanding of the consultant role and Scentsy’s community ethos.

Example: Through my research, I’ve gained deep appreciation for Scentsy’s product innovation in the home fragrance space. The use of patented, wickless warming technology sets them apart, allowing for safe, long-lasting scent diffusion. Beyond the traditional scented candles and warmers, product lines like Scentsy Buddy’s and Scentsy Go truly showcase creativity. I’m also impressed by Scentsy’s direct sales model powered by a network of independent consultants who build personal connections and foster community. This model aligns beautifully with the brand’s emphasis on bringing people together.

Q: Why do you want to work in this role?

Hiring managers want to understand why you are pursuing this specific position. Show how your skills, interests and values align.


  • Explain how your qualifications match the role requirements.

  • Share why the role excites you and matches your career goals.

  • Demonstrate you have extensively researched the role and its responsibilities.

Example: As an experienced software engineer, the opportunity to join Scentsy’s Application Development team strongly appeals to me. I am deeply passionate about leveraging technology to drive business growth and operational excellence. Having reviewed the role in depth, I’m confident my background in agile development, system integration and automation makes me an excellent fit. Joining such a values-driven company in this advanced engineering capacity would enable me to apply my technical skills in service of a brand and mission I believe in. This role is an ideal next step in my career path.

Q: How do you handle challenging customer service situations?

Customer satisfaction is paramount for Scentsy. This question probes your patience, empathy and conflict resolution abilities.


  • Share an example of resolving a difficult case, highlighting your composure, active listening and creative solution.

  • Demonstrate ability to de-escalate tensions while prioritizing a positive outcome.

  • Conclude by noting key lessons learned about service recovery.

Example: In my most challenging customer service scenario, I had to handle an upset client demanding compensation for damaged products. Recognizing the heightened emotions, I made a concerted effort to listen without judgement and understand all perspectives. I expressed empathy for their frustration while also gathering the facts needed to form an effective solution. In the end, I decided to replace the damaged items at no extra charge, expedite the new shipment, and follow up post-delivery to ensure satisfaction. This ultimately transformed the negative experience into a positive one. Most importantly, I learned just how vital compassionate listening and patience are when tensions run high.

Q: How would you contribute to our company culture?

Scentsy prides itself on its culture. This question aims to determine if you are a cultural fit.


  • Research their culture and values thoroughly to identify authentic overlap with your own principles.

  • Share specific ideas on how you can foster community, optimism, integrity, etc.

  • Provide examples of how you’ve strengthened culture in past roles.

Example: Throughout my career, I have worked hard to cultivate warm, inclusive communities rooted in mutual trust and respect. If given the chance to join Scentsy, I would look for every opportunity to nurture their special culture of optimism and integrity daily. For example, I would aim to build rapport with my team through open communication, active collaboration, and genuine support. I would also look to organize team building activities to foster camaraderie and uplift morale. At my core, I believe in the power of human connections to drive success, which closely aligns with Scentsy’s emphasis on relationships. I would be honored to infuse my passion for bringing people together into this organization.

Q: How do you handle working under pressure?

This behavioral question tests your composure, focus and grace under stress—vital skills in a fast-paced work environment.


  • Share a time you successfully delivered high-quality work despite tight deadlines or high stakes.

  • Demonstrate your systematic approach to prioritization and time management.

  • Emphasize calmness in assessing situations and pursuing solutions.

Example: When working under pressure, I leverage my organize approach to prioritization ensure that critical tasks get accomplished efficiently without compromising quality. For example, when multiple urgent deadlines converged on a recent project, I quickly identified the highest priorities and mapped out a plan to stagger the steps accordingly. Despite the time crunch, I stayed focused by compartmentalizing tasks and avoiding distractions. My calm, solution-focused attitude allowed me to de-escalate tensions across stakeholders when delays did arise. In the end, I successfully delivered all key project elements on-time with no drop in quality, proving I perform well even in high-pressure scenarios.

Q: How do you respond to feedback from supervisors?

This question reveals your openness to growth opportunities and strengthening collaboration.


  • Emphasize that you welcome feedback and view it as essential to your development.

  • Share examples of integrating manager feedback to improve performance.

  • Note how you create an open dialogue to discuss feedback constructively.

Example: I see supervisor feedback as a valuable tool for driving my professional growth and working together more effectively. For example, when a manager critiqued my presentation skills, I was grateful for the perspective. We discussed openly how I could improve clarity and impact. I integrated their advice which led to notable progress. By maintaining an open dialogue around feedback, both positive and constructive, I’m able to gain insights that make me a stronger team player.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

This question gauges your fit, aspirations and retention potential. Craft an ambitious yet realistic vision.


  • Demonstrate eagerness to grow skills, responsibilities and impact over time.

  • Share aspirations that align with the company’s strategic direction and culture.

  • Emphasize desire to stick with the company long-term.

Example: In 5 years, my goal is to take on greater responsibility as a leader driving digital innovation and customer experience excellence at Scentsy. I hope to guide

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