65 Technical program manager interview questions (& answers)

Salesforce managers are in charge of managing a group of Salesforce developers and administrators. They collaborate with clients to comprehend their business requirements before translating those demands into technical specifications. Strong communication skills are essential for a Salesforce manager to succeed with both technical and non-technical staff.

You must be ready to respond to a range of interview questions if you’re applying for a position as a Salesforce manager. To assist you in preparing for your upcoming interview, we’ll provide you with a sample of Salesforce manager interview questions and responses in this guide.

What are some of your main goals from the Technical Program Manager role at Salesforce? When it comes to past experiences, what has been your most memorable challenge? If you receive an offer from Salesforce, how long do you think you’ll stay here? 60-minute session with a Salesforce Technical Program Manager expert.

SALESFORCE Interview Questions And Answers!

Interviews for Top Jobs at Salesforce

Technical Program Manager Interview


I applied through an employee referral. The process took 4 weeks. I interviewed at Salesforce (Bellevue, WA) in Jan 2019


A day of Ohana, Interviewing to become a Trailblazer. A day of one hour meetings with future team members, both Onsite and remote video calls. Excellent questions to learn of my experience over the past years, each one driving into different aspects of my career. Many questions around team building and managing projects in a complex digital world. Real focus on fit and function to how Salesforce is working to make everyone a Trailblazer. Salesforce respects diversity and has a strong culture, that is customer focused. Salesforce wanted to find a very collaborative and passionate resource, focused on ensuring the CRM tooling is always trusted and secure both physically and logically. The tooling must be always on and available, performant at scale, in a global infrastructure, and always working towards continues Improvement in the monitoring space.

Interview Questions

  • Tell me about a time when you succeeded very well in a challenging project and how you did it.

Technical Program Manager Interview


I applied through an employee referral. The process took 2 weeks. I interviewed at Salesforce in Feb 2018


Everyone involved were super professional. Automated system kept me informed and guided me through process. Recruiter and aide gave me heads up about phone interview. It was scheduled with the hiring manager. He called promptly as scheduled.

Interview Questions

  • Software projects don’t always go according to plan. Tell me about a time when you encountered such a circumstance and what you did.

What are some project management tools you use in your work?

Explores the candidates understanding of project management tools and methods.

What past Salesforce projects are you particularly proud of managing?

Highlights the candidates experience as a Salesforce project manager.

What criteria would you look at when hiring a Salesforce developer?

explains how candidates use skills in their projects and the hiring process.

5 most common TPM interview questions

You might be surprised to learn that the five questions below can be used to summarize 47% of the 500+ questions we gathered from TPM interview reports. Starting with the most frequently asked question, we’ve listed them in ascending order of frequency.

You’ll be well on your way to ace your TPM interviews if you’re prepared for these.

Salesforce Manager: Job Description and Responsibilities

Salesforce is the world’s leading CRM platform, used by countless businesses around the world. Businesses that adopt this platform – especially those that adopt Salesforce Lightning, the company’s latest iteration of the product – will see major improvements in their sales numbers.

It is not surprising that there are many specialized jobs devoted to Salesforce implementation and management given the tool’s complexity.

These include:

  • Salesforce Manager
  • Salesforce Community Manager
  • Salesforce Project Manager
  • Salesforce Engagement Manager
  • Salesforce Administrator
  • Some jobs only differ in name while others will have a significantly different scope.

    Below, we will focus on Salesforce administrators, who manage and administer Salesforce adoption.

    Common responsibilities for Salesforce administrators include:

  • Managing Salesforce adoption
  • Working with business units and experts to implement and manage new business processes
  • Administering the day-to-day maintenance, configuration, and support of Salesforce
  • Developing and defining documentation
  • Interfacing between users, Salesforce developers, and business partners
  • Training new users and improving performance across the organization
  • Salesforce administrators should have developer certifications, Salesforce administration experience, and certifications for Salesforce Cloud, Service Cloud, and Salesforce.

    Salesforce Platform Specific Questions ‍

    This open-ended query is meant to gauge how well you comprehend the platform. Please understand your audience before answering the question. If the interview panel consists primarily of project managers, try to explain the technical concepts with simple, easy examples while being as technical as possible if they are technical. Â.

    Please refer to the link here for a refresher.Â

    Focus your answer on why Governor limits are required and how exactly is Salesforce architectured (hint: Multi-tenancy). If possible, give examples of best practices regarding managing limits and explain different types of Governor limits. A handy reference is available here.

    This question aims to probe your knowledge regarding different customisation/automation tools available to extend the platform. List down all possible options (i.e. Apex, Flows, Process Builder, workflow) and discuss the pros and cons of the approach. Focus on Salesforce recommendation of low code approach and lists its benefits. A handy reference highlighting the approach is available here

    Your answer should cover the design of the Salesforce sharing model with a special focus on the principle of least privilege. Explain how Organisation wide defaults, profiles, Role hierarchy, Permission Sets, Sharing rules work together to control access to Salesforce data. This is a vast topic but it is essential to have sound fundamentals in this area. If you struggle with the sharing/security model, please go through this handy guide provided by Salesforce.

    While technically not required, a good development manager, especially the ones who lead technical teams, should have at least the Administrator certification. Holding a certification gives immediate credence to your skillset and also shows a willingness to learn the platform. Do not fret if you do not have the certification at the time of your interview. Holding certification will give you an edge but if your fundamentals are clear, you should still ace the interview.

    As mentioned earlier, these are not a list of exhaustive interview questions rather a guide to what to expect and what to focus on. Saleforce Trailhead is a treasure trove when it comes to learning about the Salesforce platform.Â

    salesforce technical program manager interview questions


    What are good questions to ask a technical program manager?

    1. 5 most common TPM interview questions
    • 1.1 Explain X technical concept. …
    • 1. 2 Tell me about X project or program you’ve managed.
    • 1.3 Design x system. …
    • 1. 4 Tell me about a conflict or challenge you’ve faced.
    • 1.5 Why do you want to work at this company?

    How do you prepare for a technical program manager?

    During this interview, your program management, technical, and behavioral skills are typically assessed. Be prepared to discuss your history, prior experiences, system design and architecture, coding, and situational events.

    What questions should I ask in a Program Manager interview?

    Role-specific questions
    • What does a program manager do that project managers don’t?
    • What’s the role of technology in program management?
    • Which metrics do you use most frequently?
    • What’s your experience with program charters?
    • Are you familiar with the PMI code of ethics?
    • What would you use six sigma for?

    Is Salesforce interview hard?

    Most respondents to an Indeed survey who were asked how difficult their interview at Salesforce was said it was medium-difficult. In a survey conducted by Indeed, more than 103 respondents were asked if they thought that Salesforce’s evaluation of their skills during the interview was fair. 92% said yes.

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