Ace Your R+L Carriers Interview: Common Questions and How to Prepare Your Best Answers

If you have an interview coming up with R+L Carriers, one of the leading freight shipping companies in the US, preparation will be key to landing the job. R+L Carriers interviews candidates for roles like truck driver, accounts receivable clerk, operations supervisor and more.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the most common R+L Carriers interview questions asked for different roles. We’ll also provide tips to help you give winning, thoughtful answers that impress the interviewer.

Research the Company Culture and Values

Before your R+L Carriers interview, take time to thoroughly research the company so you can knowledgeably discuss their operations andvalues. Some key points:

  • R+L Carriers is a freight shipping company started in 1965 that ships across the lower 48 states

  • They have over 16,000 employees system-wide and 5,500 trucks in their fleet.

  • R+L has a strong focus on safety and training, investing heavily in equipping drivers with knowledge and technology.

  • They aim to promote an ethical, team-oriented environment with opportunities for employees to grow their skills and career.

  • R+L values innovation and optimizing operations through data and technology.

Familiarize yourself with R+L’s services, facilities, leadership team, awards, and recent news. This will allow you to show your enthusiasm for the company during the interview.

Expect Interview Questions Tailored to the Role

While some general questions will likely be asked in any R+L Carriers interview, many of the questions will be tailored around the specific position you are applying for.

For a truck driver role, common questions include:

  • Do you have experience driving a commercial motor vehicle? What classes of CDLs do you hold?

  • How would you inspect a truck before and after a trip?

  • How do you remain alert during long hauls? What do you do when fatigued?

  • How would you handle challenging weather or traffic conditions?

  • How do you ensure on-time pick-up and delivery when delays arise?

  • What is your philosophy on safety and how do you prevent accidents?

For an office role like accounts receivable clerk, you may be asked:

  • Describe your experience in accounts receivable and billing processes. What accounting systems are you familiar with?

  • How do you prioritize handling a high volume of invoices and billing inquiries?

  • Tell me about a time you identified and resolved an error in invoicing or payments.

  • How do you verify customer information is accurate during the billing process?

  • What steps would you take to collect on past-due invoices?

  • How do you keep detailed records of account activities and invoice processing?

Highlight Relevant Skills and Experience

A major part of the interview will revolve around the specific skills and experience required for the role.

For a driver position, emphasize safety certifications, clean driving history, route planning skills, experience with ELDs and transportation software, and meeting DOT regulations.

For an office position, highlight computer skills like Excel and accounting software, attention to detail, customer service and collections experience, and ability to multitask.

Use real examples of times you demonstrated these abilities in past jobs. Quantify your accomplishments when possible.

Expect Scenario-Based Questions

Many R+L Carriers interview questions will present real-world scenarios to assess your judgment and problem-solving abilities.

As a driver, you may be asked “How would you…” questions, such as:

  • How would you handle a major traffic jam that will cause a delivery delay?

  • How would you handle a equipment failure or flat tire while out on a long haul?

  • How would you deal with a frustrated customer calling about a late delivery?

For office roles, scenario questions may include:

  • How would you prioritize your day if faced with a high volume of billing inquiries?

  • How would you handle discovering an overpayment on an invoice?

  • If multiple customers called with past-due invoices, how would you handle the calls?

Use the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result) to provide a structured response. Set up the scenario, explain your thought process, describe your actions, and the positive result.

Ask Insightful Questions

The interview is also a chance for you to assess if R+L Carriers seems like a good fit. Asking thoughtful questions shows your engagement.

Some questions you may want to ask:

  • Can you describe the team I’d be working with? What are they like?

  • What are the possibilities for career growth from this role? Is promotion from within encouraged?

  • What do you enjoy most about working for R+L Carriers?

  • Do you provide ongoing training and development opportunities?

  • What are some of the biggest challenges facing the company right now?

  • Why did the previous person in this role leave the company?

Dress for the Position You’re Applying For

It’s important to dress professionally for any

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