Ace Your Reyes Beer Division Interview: The Top Questions They’ll Ask & How to Crush Your Responses

If you’ve got an interview coming up at Reyes Beer Division, congrats! Landing an interview is an exciting first step toward potentially launching your career at one of the leading beer distributors in the country.

To help you absolutely crush your upcoming interview, we’ve put together an overview of some of the most common Reyes Beer Division interview questions along with advice for nailing thoughtful, compelling responses

Let’s dive in!

Tell Me About Yourself

This kind of open-ended question is almost always asked at job interviews, and Reyes Beer Division is no different. Don’t ramble through your entire resume here. Instead, share 3-4 quick highlights that emphasize why you’re an awesome culture fit.

Focus on relevant experiences, skills, or passions that got you excited about distribution and beverage logistics. Convey your personality and work ethic. This overview should get the convo flowing in the right direction.

Why Do You Want to Work at Reyes Beer Division?

Reyes wants to see that you have a genuine interest in their company specifically, not just any old distribution gig. Do your research ahead of time to identify specifics that appeal to you about Reyes. A few aspects you could mention include:

  • Their status as a leading national beer distributor and their impressive range of brand partnerships
  • The growth and innovation opportunities at such a massive company
  • Their company values and culture which emphasize things like integrity, relationships, and community impact
  • Benefits like their education and tuition assistance programs
  • Their commitment to philanthropy and sustainability

Show that you know why Reyes is the best person for you by doing your research!

What Experience Do You Have with Distribution or Logistics?

Even if you’re coming from a totally unrelated field, highlight any experiences that translate. Emphasize skills like:

  • Relationship-building and customer service
  • Organization, attention to detail, and inventory management
  • Coordinating complex distribution logistics
  • Transporting goods safely and efficiently
  • Technology/software skills relevant to distribution
  • Sales, negotiating, and partnerships

If you have direct beer distribution experience, great! But don’t worry if not. Focus on the transferrable abilities you do have.

How Do You Handle a High-Pressure Environment?

Distribution moves fast, and things can get hectic at Reyes during busy seasons. Share examples that showcase how you operate under pressure:

  • Remain calm and focused on solutions when issues arise
  • Use strong organizational and time management skills to balance multiple responsibilities
  • Over-communicate with team members during crunch times
  • Block off time for your own self-care to avoid burnout
  • Ask managers for support before getting overwhelmed

Convey that you know how to keep stress under control and deliver results even when under the gun.

Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years?

Reyes wants driven team members focused on growth. Emphasize your aspirations for professional development and increasing impact. Possibilities could include:

  • Advancing to management roles with more responsibility
  • Leading programs to improve warehousing efficiency
  • Overseeing high-profile brand partnerships regionally
  • Spearheading sustainability initiatives nationally
  • Serving as an expert trainer and mentor for new hires

Avoid anything that hints at short tenure or using Reyes as just a temporary stop. Demonstrate your commitment to the company and industry.

What Are Your Salary Expectations?

Do your salary research beforehand on sites like Glassdoor so you can give a reasonable range based on the role, your experience, and local market rates. You could say something like:

“Based on my background and the typical compensation levels I’ve seen for this role, I’d expect the salary to fall somewhere between $XX,000 and $XX,000. However, I’m open to understanding your full compensation package, growth opportunities, and overall value proposition.”

This shows you know your worth but leaves room for negotiation.

Do You Have Any Questions for Me?

Ask 2-3 thoughtful questions here like:

  • How would you describe the

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What is the mission statement of Reyes Beer Division?

CONNECTING CUSTOMERS, CONSUMERS AND BRANDS EVERY DAY, EVERWHERE WE OPERATE. TO BE THE ELITE BEVERAGE DISTRIBUTOR IN THE U.S. We are committed to being the brewers’ distributor of choice by leveraging our scale to provide unparalleled service and continually striving to grow our customers’ profitability.

Why do you want to work here?

The best answer to this question includes something that personally stood out to you in your research about the company, what that means to you and the contribution that you could make in the role you are interviewing for. The best answer focuses on the company, not yourself or your needs.

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