How To Write a Retirement Announcement Email

We are both happy and sad to announce that Mr. As of right now, Martin Rossford is formally stepping down from his role as our company’s vice president. Ross, as his coworkers like to refer to him, has been a part of our company since its founding in 1973. Over the years, Ross has been in charge of three successful mergers that have improved our position in the market and made us one of the current front-runners in the sector. His considerate leadership style has also contributed to our company becoming more like a large, happy family than anything else. At 7:30 p.m., we’ll throw a retirement celebration for him at the Lotus Garden Restaurant. m. on July 14. We cordially invite everyone to this celebration in memory of our dear friend and colleague. Ross, you have our best wishes and we hope you have a wonderful, healthy vacation that you deserve!

Farewell Letter to Coworkers – Template & Example!

How to write a retirement announcement email to employees

Managers, supervisors, and other leaders frequently decide to send an email to their teams to inform them of impending retirement and to recognize a retiree’s accomplishments. Here are some guidelines you can follow if you’re a manager and want to send a retirement announcement email to a worker:

1. Brainstorm ideas

Start by jotting down information that you want to include in your retirement announcement. To get motivated, you might start by making a list of the upcoming retirees’ good qualities and fun memories. As part of the brainstorming phase, take into account collaborating with other team members who are familiar with the retiree.

Be sure to consider these details when generating ideas:

2. Structure your letter

Consider next the sequence in which you want to present your ideas. Review your brainstorming notes to see if there is a pattern in the ideas you came up with. To organize your thoughts, you could also use a template like the one provided here. Make sure your ideas flow naturally from one to the next so that your reader can understand what you’re saying. To plan the structure of your retirement announcement email, consider using an outline or the internet.

3. Write the first draft

Write a draft of your retirement announcement email based on your outline and brainstormed ideas. In the anecdotes and information you want to share about the retiree, add any pertinent or interesting details; leave out irrelevant details. Use transitional words and phrases to connect ideas between paragraphs and sections. To give the retiree the best possible impression, try to use professional, relatable, and positive language in your retirement announcement email.

4. Review and revise

When your draft is complete, review your retirement announcement email. Think about any adjustments you can make to help your writing be clearer or more interesting. Make sure your grammar, usage, and mechanics are flawless by following this step. You might even think about putting your message on hold for a while and coming back to it later with new eyes to help you identify any changes you might want to make. Consider having a trustworthy coworker review your email and make additional changes.

5. Send your email

Finally, you can email your staff to announce your retirement. Make sure to thoroughly review your recipient list to make sure all the appropriate people will receive your message. Keep in mind any company guidelines for recipient lists and BCC or CC usage. For instance, some regulations might only permit mailing lists in certain email formats. Depending on the policies of your company, you might also want to think about whether any former workers or affiliated parties might benefit from receiving your retirement announcement email.

What is a retirement announcement?

Many leaders will send their teams a retirement announcement on behalf of departing employees. This frequently takes the form of a business email, especially in settings where this form of communication is used frequently. An email announcing retirement can be used to acknowledge the retiree’s accomplishments, inform recipients of their impending departure, and share information about any events or activities that will be held in their honor. When an employee retires, sending a retirement announcement email to your team can support a positive work environment and foster goodwill for the retiree and the remaining team members.

Retirement announcement email template

Here is a sample email template you can use to inform your staff of your impending retirement to aid your writing process:


[Express the mixed emotions of a pending retirement. [Employee name] will be leaving [company name] as of [retirement date], I’m writing to let you know.

[Explain briefly the employee’s tenure with the company, highlighting some of their accomplishments. ].

[Express that the employee will be missed.]

[Specify any festivities or events planned in the retiree’s honor, along with their time, date, and location. ].

[Reiterate a statement of thanks.]

[Your name]

Example retirement announcement email to employees

Here is an illustration of a retirement announcement email to serve as your model:

Dear team,

I’m writing to let you know that Diane Jones will be leaving Smith and Co. with mixed emotions for her and for us. effective June 3 of this year.

Since we opened almost 30 years ago, Diane has been a crucial part of our company. Her quick wit and keen eye for numbers have made her practically indispensable from her beginnings as a data entry clerk to her current position as head of accounting, which she has held for the last third of her career. We won’t easily forget how much her own laudable career has inspired us all to do our best each and every day, despite the fact that her lifetime achievement plaque will undoubtedly find a new place of honor in her home.

We will host a catered luncheon next Thursday in the conference room in honor of Diane’s retirement. As the card to sign circulates through our inboxes, kindly take note. We will also host a celebration that evening at Diane’s favorite location; the time and location will be announced.

Thank you, Diane, for your incredible contributions to our team. Without a doubt, we will miss you, and we wish you the best of luck as you embark on new adventures with your family after retiring.

All the best,
Sandra and the team at Smith and Co.


How do you announce employee retirement to coworkers?

Helpful tips for writing a retirement announcement for someone an employee
  1. Start the announcement with pleasantries. …
  2. Share the role and the accomplishments of the retiree. …
  3. Talk about the future plans of the retiree. …
  4. Include information about the retirement party and express gratitude as you close the announcement.

How do you email an employee about retirement?

Mention the person’s name and the date of their impending retirement. Give a succinct account of the person’s employment history, emphasizing their unique contributions and accomplishments. If appropriate, make any events honoring his or her retirement known. Close with good wishes for the future.

How do you write an announcing letter for retirement?

How to write a retirement announcement email to employees
  1. Retiree’s name and intended retirement date.
  2. Noteworthy career information and accomplishments.
  3. Events or activities to celebrate the retiree.
  4. Positive regards for the retiree’s future.

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