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Wisdom jobs offer you a variety of options to choose from and greatly enhance your capabilities if you are an expert in managing web-related protocols and want to advance in your career. In order to improve performance and function at its best, restful web services use a standard interface. One needs to have excellent knowledge of data structures, algorithms, and web services in addition to experience with JAVA, Oracle, SOAP, REST API, and SQL to qualify for jobs requiring Restful Web services. Wisdomjobs. In order to assist candidates in developing their skills and advancing toward a successful interview, com has a team of professionals who are constantly working to produce the best Restful Web Service job interview questions and answers page.

REST API Basic Interview Questions
  • What do you understand by RESTful Web Services? …
  • What is a REST Resource? …
  • What is URI? …
  • What are the features of RESTful Web Services? …
  • What is the concept of statelessness in REST? …
  • What do you understand by JAX-RS? …
  • What are HTTP Status codes? …
  • What are the HTTP Methods?

Restful API Web Services Interview Questions and Answers for freshers and experienced | Code Decode

Always keep cacheable static content, such as s, css, and JavaScript, with a two- to three-day expiration date. Never keep expiry date too high. Dynamic contents should be cached for few hours only. What best practices should be used when creating a safe RESTful web service?

It means, NOT FOUND, states that method is not available. What HTTP Status Code 409 states?.

The phrase “BAD REQUEST” denotes that incorrect input has been given. g. validation error, missing data. What HTTP Status Code 401 states?.

Dear Readers, these RESTful Web services Interview Questions have been created specifically to familiarize you with the types of questions you may be asked regarding RESTful Web services during your interview. What REST stands for? is one example of a question that, in my experience, good interviewers rarely plan to ask during your interview. Rather, questions typically begin with a basic understanding of the topic before moving on based on further discussion and your response.

The following are crucial considerations when designing a resource’s representation format for a RESTful web service:

Explain what is REST and RESTFUL?

REpresentational State Transfer, or REST, is a relatively new technique for creating web APIs.

The term “RESTFUL” refers to web services that are written using the REST architectural concept; these services concentrate on system resources and how the state of those resources should be transmitted over the HTTP protocol to various clients written in various languages. CRUD operations can be carried out in RESTFUL web services using HTTP methods like GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE.

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restful web services interview questions 2

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REST APIs are a widely used design style. Many tech firms demand REST API experience from software engineers and ask about it during technical interviews.

You should brush up on ideas like REST API design principles, REST/RESTful web services, SOAP, JSON/XML/protocol buffers, validation and persistence frameworks when getting ready for a tech interview that asks for knowledge of REST API. We’ve compiled some of the frequently asked REST API interview questions in this article to help you get started with your preparation.

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In this article, we will cover:

  • Basic REST API Interview Questions and Answers
  • REST API Interview Questions for Experienced Developers
  • REST API Interview Questions for Tech Leads
  • FAQs on Rest API Interview Questions
  • Explain the architectural style for creating web API?

    The architectural style for creating web api are

  • HTTP for client server communication
  • XML/JSON as formatting language
  • Simple URI as the address for the services
  • Stateless communication
  • FAQ

    What are the 3 components of a RESTful API?

    REST Components
    • Resource Path (request target)
    • HTTP Verb.
    • Body.
    • Header.

    What are the 5 principles for a RESTful API?

    The six guiding principles or constraints of the RESTful architecture are:
    • 1.1. Uniform Interface. …
    • 1.2. Client-Server. …
    • 1.3. Stateless. …
    • 1.4. Cacheable. …
    • 1.5. Layered System. …
    • 1.6. Code on Demand (Optional)

    What is difference between RESTful and REST API?

    Simply put, there is no difference between REST and RESTful in terms of APIs. REST is the set of constraints. RESTful refers to an API adhering to those constraints. It can be used in web services, applications, and software.

    What are examples of RESTful web services?

    In the form of Restful web services, Facebook, Twitter, and Google make their functionality available. Due to this, any client application can use REST to call these web services.

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