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How do I prepare for a grad school psychology interview?

Research Detailed reading of department, faculty, and lab websites, as well as research papers written by faculty of interest, is in order here. By arriving at the interview equipped with this information, you will be able to better interact with individuals at the program, ask informed questions, and more.

What should I wear to a graduate school interview for psychology?

Many experts recommend a jacket and tie or suit for men and a dress or suit with nylons, dress shoes and subtle jewelry for women.

Why should you consider attending graduate school in psychology?

While a bachelor’s degree in psychology can lead to many rewarding career opportunities, a master’s degree can help you qualify for even more professional roles. Health and forensic psychology are two examples of career tracks in which at least a graduate degree in psychology is typically required.

How do you introduce yourself in a graduate school interview?

You could start by explaining where you’re from, where you grew up, and any interesting personal circumstances. Then talk about your undergraduate university, what you majored and minored in, and why you made those choices. Finally, close by talking about your extracurricular achievements – both in school and outside.

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