Ace Your PL Marketing Inc Interview: Common Questions and How to Answer Them

Preparing for a job interview is key to making a great impression and landing the role. This is especially true when interviewing at PL Marketing Inc, a leading sales and marketing firm. In this article, we’ll look at commonly asked PL Marketing interview questions and provide example responses to help you get ready for the big day.

About PL Marketing Inc

Founded in 1986 and headquartered in Cypress, CA, PL Marketing is a sales and marketing company that promotes brands through in-store demonstrations, product sampling, and merchandising. They have executed campaigns for major brands across diverse retail channels.

PL Marketing positions itself as the connection between brands and consumers. Through educating shoppers on products at the point of purchase, they aim to drive trial and sales. The company emphasizes a promotional marketing approach focused on direct personal engagement.

Preparing for the Interview

When interviewing at PL Marketing expect questions assessing your

  • Communication skills
  • Persistence and work ethic
  • Comfort approaching strangers
  • Dynamism and outgoing personality
  • Flexibility and ability to work independently
  • Passion for sales and marketing

Research the company beforehand so you can speak knowledgably about their business model and brand partnerships Have examples ready highlighting your people skills, determination, and sales abilities

Here are some of the most common questions asked in PL Marketing interviews with tips on how to ace your responses:

Tell me about yourself.

This open-ended question allows you to shape the narrative. Share a brief summary of your background, interest in the role, and relevant skills or experience. Focus on highlights that position you as a strong candidate.

Example response: “I’m a recent marketing graduate from San Diego State University. Throughout college, I worked part-time doing in-store product demonstrations for a cosmetics brand, which sparked my interest in promotional marketing. I find direct customer engagement exciting and enjoy educating people one-on-one about products. I’m confident my outgoing personality, sales experience, and passion for marketing make me a great fit for PL.”

Why do you want to work for PL Marketing?

Demonstrate a sincere interest in the company and how you would be a good culture fit. Research PL beforehand and reference specific things that excite you, like their brand partnerships, training program, growth opportunities, etc.

Example response: “After researching PL Marketing, I’m really impressed by the variety of major brands you partner with and your focus on in-person promotional marketing. I value companies that invest in consumer education vs. just traditional advertising. I’m drawn to the direct customer engagement, creativity, and energetic environment your field marketing roles offer. I think my personality and enthusiasm would fit really well with the culture.”

How would you handle consumers who are reluctant to engage?

Show your communication adaptability. Give an example of how you overcame consumer resistance or disinterest. Emphasize persistence paired with listening and adjusting your pitch to find an opening.

Example response: “When I did product demos, there were definitely consumers who at first avoided engagement. But I learned the importance of persistence and reading body language. If one approach wasn’t working, I would casually engage them in a relevant conversation to build rapport. Finding some commonality helped warm them to the idea of learning more. My goal was educating them on the product if they had interest, not forcing conversation. Persistence paired with adapting my communication style for each person was key.”

Describe your experience working on a team.

Even if you don’t have direct team experience, highlight transferable collaboration skills. For example, talk about group class projects, playing team sports, or coordinating with colleagues. Emphasize listening, problem-solving, and relationship-building.

Example response: “As part of an entrepreneurship club in college, I worked on a cross-functional team of six students planning a large campus event. The creative process involved compromising and blending our ideas together into an event concept that represented everyone’s contributions. There were disagreements at times on direction. I helped keep us on track by facilitating open communication. I valued everyone’s perspectives and focused on finding solutions. In the end, our event exceeded attendance goals and we came away with a great collaborative experience.”

Tell me about a time you struggled to meet a goal. How did you handle it?

Everyone faces obstacles, but overcoming them demonstrates resilience. Briefly tell a story of a challenging goal scenario, but focus most of your response on the actions you took in response to the difficulty. Demonstrate resourcefulness, problem-solving and determination.

Example response: “When I was working part-time in college, I really struggled one month to meet the sales goal for product trials of a new skin cream. Rather than get discouraged, I tapped into my creativity. I tried moving my in-store demo to higher foot traffic areas at peak times. I refined my product knowledge and conversational approach to get more interest. I also requested to do a demo at a networking event that had an all-female audience in my target demographic. My efforts paid off and I ended up hitting my goal after persistence and an adjusted strategy.”

Make a Strong First Impression

Follow these additional tips for acing your PL Marketing interview:

  • Highlight energy and enthusiasm. Promotional marketing relies on engaging personalities. Stress how you’re outgoing, social, and passionate about consumer engagement.

  • Research the company’s clients. Understanding their brand partners shows your interest in their business. Read their website and online reviews.

  • Ask thoughtful questions. Inquire about training, career development, leadership mentoring, etc. Avoid questions about salary and benefits until an offer.

  • Watch your body language. Maintain eye contact, smile and lean slightly forward to show interest. Avoid nervous movements like tapping your foot.

  • Follow up afterwards. Send a thank you email expressing your continued enthusiasm and reiterating why you’re an excellent match.

With preparation and a genuine interest in PL Marketing’s mission, you’ll be ready to take on their interview questions. Use the tips and example responses in this article to craft strong answers that highlight your personality, qualifications and fit for the role. Come prepared to show your persistence, communication skills and passion for sales and marketing. With practice and confidence, you can land the job at this dynamic promotional marketing firm.

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  • P.L. Marketing has 32 employees.
  • 63% of P. L. Marketing employees are women, while 37% are men.
  • The most common ethnicity at P.L. Marketing is White (67%).
  • 15% of P.L. Marketing employees are Black or African American.
  • 10% of P.L. Marketing employees are Hispanic or Latino.
  • The average employee at P.L. Marketing makes $32,980 per year.
  • Employees at P. L. Marketing stay with the company for 3. 6 years on average.

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How To Prepare for a MARKETING JOB INTERVIEW // Common marketing interview questions and answers


Does PL marketing drug test?

You have to pass drug test. Its a simple screening at start of employment.

Why should we hire you?

A: When answering, focus on your relevant skills, experience, and achievements that make you the best fit for the role.You should hire me because I am a hard worker who wants to help your company succeed. I have the skills and experience needed for the job, and I am eager to learn and grow with your team .

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