54 Phone Meeting Ice Breakers

Start your next phone meeting with a few of these ice breaker questions and prompts:
  • How is everyone doing? …
  • Tell us about your first job. …
  • Do you have any pets? …
  • Where is your top travel destination? …
  • Use three words to describe yourself. …
  • What did you want to be as a child? …
  • Tell us two truths and one lie about yourself.

Warm Up Any Meeting With These 8 Icebreakers

Phone meeting ice breakers

With a few of these opening questions and exercises, you can kick off your next phone call:

How is everyone doing?

Although this question is straightforward, it demonstrates to your team that you care about their well-being. Take a moment to let everyone fully answer this question. Try to find a way to lift the spirits of anyone who seems down.

Tell us about your first job.

This is an enjoyable way to learn about everyone’s professional paths. While some people’s first jobs may be amusing or surprising, others may be relevant to their current position. You can all enjoy this as a fun way to remember the past.

Do you have any pets?

Pet owners might value the opportunity to talk about their animals. Encourage those who do have pets to bring in pictures the next time you two meet in person.

Where is your top travel destination?

People can share their favorite vacation spots or future travel destinations by answering this question. This is a great way to discover one another’s interests and have some fun.

Use three words to describe yourself.

This query can help you understand someone’s personality when you’re on the phone with them for the first time. This inquiry can help people think about who they are as well.

What did you want to be as a child?

The answers to this question might surprise you. Some individuals may have grown up to pursue their dream profession, while others may have chosen a completely different path.

Tell us two truths and one lie about yourself.

Each participant in this game shares two facts about themselves and one life experience. Everyone then takes a turn speculating on which information is true and which is false. Depending on what each person comes up with for their turn, you can have a lot of fun.

If you could meet any celebrity, who would it be?

Get to know one anothers idols by asking this question. You could even ask people to respond with questions they would pose to their favorite celebrities.

Are you an early riser or someone who stays up late?

Find out if your team members prefer the mornings or the evenings. This query might clarify why some people reach for the coffee maker while others jump right into their work.

How did you get into this career?

Finding out how everyone ended up working for the same company is interesting. By giving people the chance to discuss their professional experiences, you can all connect on a deeper level.

What is your favorite part of your job?

Learn what people enjoy the most about their role. This can assist management in coming up with fresh ideas for boosting employee morale. It also enables you to be more selective about the kinds of projects you can enlist a team member’s assistance with.

Whats something that makes you smile?

Get to know what makes your team members happy. Some of these ideas might be more frequently incorporated into their workday.

What did everyone do this weekend?

Everyone has the chance to think back on a fun weekend memory during this icebreaker. This gives staff members the chance to get to know one another and what they enjoy doing in their free time. You could learn something about how each person relaxes or has fun from their response.

Please share the highlight of your week.

Asking this question will help you set a positive tone for your phone conversation. Give everyone a few moments to think about this question. Celebrate any achievements or successes people share.

Tell us about your favorite hobby.

Learn more about your team by asking this simple question. Try to keep track of everyone’s responses so you can inquire further in the future. You may find some people have interesting or unexpected hobbies.

What skills are you currently developing?

You can encourage one another to pick up some new skills by using this icebreaker. Additionally, it might assist you in comprehending each person’s goals and areas of improvement.

Tell us one goal you currently have.

Setting goals together is a great way to motivate your team to work harder. Give people the freedom to discuss personal or professional goals. The key is to make people feel at ease talking about these subjects.

What is your favorite movie?

Knowing someone’s preferred movie gives you a better understanding of their preferences and areas of interest. Additionally, it gives workers a chance to bond over a common interest in a movie.

What is your favorite season?

Discover which season each meeting participant enjoys the most. While lighthearted and amusing, this query can also teach you more about each other’s preferences and personalities.

What is one item you cant live without?

It might be necessary for participants to pause and consider this query for a moment. You have the opportunity to learn more about people’s values and what matters to them.

What are phone meeting ice breakers?

The best way to start a phone call with a client, team member, or interviewee is with a few lighthearted questions or prompts. By posing these queries, you can start a lively discussion that will eventually lead to the purpose of your meeting. Icebreakers for phone meetings give you the chance to connect with the other person, calm any nerves, and make you both feel prepared for an insightful conversation. These inquiries are a great way to foster teamwork among workers when used for a group phone call.

Additional phone meeting ice breakers

During your next phone call, you might also want to consider the following questions and prompts:


What are some ice breakers for virtual meetings?

12 Unique Virtual Icebreakers That Won’t Traumatize Your Team
  • This or that. Level of effort required: Low. …
  • Song on Repeat. …
  • Tell Us Where You Are Without Actually Telling Us Where You Are
  • Zoom Background Charades. …
  • Item on Your Desk. …
  • Show and Tell: Pet Edition. …
  • The View from My Office. …
  • Two Truths and a Lie.

What is a good ice breaker conversation?

Best virtual icebreaker games for remote team meetings
  1. Two truths and a lie.
  2. Quick questions.
  3. Take a picture of..
  4. Choose your favourite.
  5. Trivia icebreaker game.
  6. Virtual scavenger hunt.
  7. What, where, when?
  8. Virtual water cooler.

What is a good icebreaker question for a zoom meeting?

This is a great conversation starter that gets people talking about their past, which frequently makes other people feel more at ease. 2. People love their pets, and asking if you have any encourages further conversation.

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