Top OnTrac Interview Questions and Answers for 2023

Getting hired at OnTrac, one of the leading regional parcel delivery companies in the West, can be a competitive process. Being prepared with strong answers to common OnTrac interview questions is key to standing out among candidates.

In this article, we provide a breakdown of what to expect during the OnTrac hiring process and interview. We also share the top interview questions with sample answers to help you ace your next job interview with OnTrac

Overview of OnTrac

Headquartered in Chandler, Arizona, OnTrac specializes in expedited parcel delivery services within California and major metropolitan areas in seven other Western states. The company was founded in 1991 and has grown to become a cost-effective alternative to national carriers like UPS, FedEx, and USPS for businesses shipping packages and freight weighing up to 150 lbs.

OnTrac touts its advantages as

  • Overnight delivery by 8:00 AM or 8:30 AM next-day within California
  • Guaranteed early AM delivery in major metros in AZ, NV, OR, WA, ID, UT
  • 100% ground-based infrastructure allows for reliability and route flexibility
  • Low-cost options for budget-conscious businesses
  • Customer service team focused on resolving issues quickly

With its reputation for speed, reliability, and affordability, OnTrac continues to expand. This growth means regularly hiring Delivery Drivers, Customer Service Representatives, Dispatchers, Warehouse Associates, and other roles.

Understanding OnTrac’s priorities through their interview questions allows candidates to stand out.

OnTrac Interview Process

The OnTrac hiring process is quite straightforward:

  1. Online Application: This involves submitting your resume and filling out an application with basic personal and work history details. Some openings may require taking online assessments.

  2. Phone Interview (30 mins): A recruiter will screen applicants by asking about their background, work experience, and wage expectations. This call verifies candidates match the job requirements.

  3. In-Person Interview: Shortlisted applicants are invited for 1-2 in-person interviews at a local OnTrac facility. The hiring manager and potential co-workers will conduct interviews to evaluate soft skills, technical abilities, and culture fit.

  4. Job Offer: Selected candidates will receive a formal job offer contingent on passing a background check and drug screening. The entire process usually concludes within 2-3 weeks.

  5. Onboarding & Training: New hires undergo a paid 3-5 day onboarding and training program covering OnTrac procedures, equipment, safety, and core job functions.

With some preparation, the OnTrac interview process can be smooth and painless.

Top OnTrac Interview Questions and Answers

Here are some of the most common questions asked in OnTrac interviews with tips on how to answer them impressively:

1. Why do you want to work at OnTrac?

This opening question allows interviewers to assess your interest in the company and role. They want to know you’ve done your research about OnTrac.

Sample Answer: I’m drawn to OnTrac’s reputation for reliable overnight deliveries and customer-focused values. After learning about the company’s rapid growth in my region, I was excited by the opportunity to contribute my skills in parcel logistics and passion for customer service to the team. OnTrac’s fast-paced environment seems like a great fit as I thrive when challenged and motivated to deliver quality work. The company’s promote-from-within philosophy also appeals to me as I aim to grow my career long-term with an industry leader like OnTrac.

2. What makes you qualified for this role?

With this question, interviewers want you to connect your background with the role’s requirements. Identify relevant hard and soft skills.

Sample Answer: With over 5 years’ experience in shipping and warehouse operations, I believe my skills directly match this Delivery Driver role. In my previous supervisor position, I gained valuable expertise in route optimization, DOT regulations compliance, and vehicle fleet coordination that I can leverage here. Beyond my technical abilities, I excel at customer service with a 95% satisfaction rating through attentive service and transparent communication. My safety-focused mindset also aligns well with OnTrac’s commitment to incident prevention. Overall, my operational knowledge, service-oriented approach, and focus on efficiency will enable me to deliver quality results in this role.

3. How do you handle a high-pressure situation?

OnTrac wants people who can think clearly and act decisively under pressure. Share a relevant example.

Sample Answer: In my experience, being proactive is key to managing high-pressure situations. For example, during peak season at my last job, we faced an unexpected 30% jump in package volume. To meet the deadlines, I immediately worked with the team to identify our priority orders and reroute deliveries to optimize our driver capacity. We also leveraged our off-shift team members to handle an overflow ofsorting and scanning tasks seamlessly. Through clear communication and planning ahead, we successfully delivered our peak volume while upholding service standards, proving my ability to excel under pressure.

4. How would you handle an unhappy customer?

OnTrac emphasizes customer satisfaction. Show your empathy and conflict-resolution ability.

Sample Answer: When dealing with an upset customer, I first listen attentively to understand the circumstances and empathize with their perspective. After apologizing for the negative experience, I focus on finding an acceptable solution, whether that involves expediting a delayed shipment or providing a refund for damaged goods. During my 3 years as a Customer Service Supervisor, maintaining patience and communicating transparently was key to resolving over 85% of complaints amicably. My aim is always to restore the customer’s trust and satisfaction through earnest service recovery efforts.

5. Describe your approach to safety and accident prevention.

Safety is a top priority, so share any safety program experience. Emphasize proactive risk identification.

Sample Answer: My safety approach begins with consistent training and open communication about potential hazards. I spearheaded the implementation of a “See Something, Say Something” initiative at my previous warehouse, encouraging team members to speak up about any observed risks so we could address them promptly. I also perform regular audits to identify problems early and suggest process improvements to enhance safety, such as installing convex mirrors to reduce blind spots for drivers. Having managed my past facility’s achievement of a 95% incident reduction over 2 years, I’m confident I can promote a culture of accident prevention here at OnTrac.

6. How do you stay organized while managing multiple tasks or projects?

Strong time management and multitasking skills are essential in this fast-paced environment.

Sample Answer: Organization and planning are crucial to my productivity. I start each day by prioritizing my key tasks and deliverables based on their urgency and importance levels. To stay focused, I use project management tools to create task checklists and calendars that enable me to effectively track progress across multiple assignments. When needed, I delegate tasks to utilize my team’s strengths and ensure deadlines are met. With these strategies, I delivered a complex 3-month warehouse consolidation project on-time while still excelling at my day-to-day duties. I’m confident my organizational skills will allow me to handle both routine and special initiatives efficiently.

7. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Have a growth plan in mind. OnTrac wants motivated team members looking to build their careers long-term.

Sample Answer: In 5 years, I see myself taking on more responsibility in a leadership role, having advanced from the knowledge I’ll gain in this position. After establishing myself as a top Delivery Driver with OnTrac’s promote-from-within approach, I hope to grow into an Operations Supervisor role where I can use my experience to mentor fellow drivers, facilitate process improvements, and help expand OnTrac’s services. I’m excited by the growth potential I see here and hope to develop the skills early in my career to position myself for management opportunities down the line.

8. Do you have any questions for us?

Always ask 1-2 thoughtful questions to show your interest in the company and role.

Sample Questions:

  • What are the characteristics of your ideal new hire for this role?

  • How does the onboarding program prepare new employees to start contributing quickly?

  • What opportunities are there for professional development or continued learning?

  • What are some of the challenges the team is focused on solving right now?

Preparation Tips for OnTrac Interviews

  • Research the company’s services, values, and growth plans so you understand their priorities.

  • Practice answering common questions aloud to improve your responses.

  • Review the job description to tailor your experience examples to the role’s requirements.

  • Prepare at least 2-3 questions to ask about the position, training, company culture, etc.

  • Dress professionally and exhibit polite, friendly behavior throughout your interactions.

With some simple preparation using the advice above, you can show up to your OnTrac interview ready to impress. Show your genuine interest, align your background with the role’s needs, and convey your dedication to customer satisfaction and reliable service.

Stay calm, make good eye contact, and give thoughtful responses

Ontrac Technologies Limited Interview Questions and Answers

Below are some common interview questions you can expect to be asked at Ontrac Technologies Limited Interview. Click on each interview question to see how to answer them.

Mock Interviews


What to expect at an all day interview?

All-day interviews are typically a series of 30- to 60-minute sessions with a variety of interviewers from the company/school and may include informational sessions, presentations, panels, workshops, and/or meals throughout the day.

How do you walk into a job interview?

When you arrive at the office where the interview will take place (and never more than 10 minutes early), politely intro- duce yourself to the receptionist, and sit at attention in the waiting area–no cell phone, BlackBerry, magazines. Stand and shake hands with the person who comes to escort you into the interview.

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