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If you’re preparing for a job interview in the financial industry, you may be wondering which questions you should expect. While the exact questions you’ll be asked will depend on the company and the specific position, there are certain common questions that you can anticipate. In this blog post, we’ll look at one main financial interview question that you might be asked and how to give the best possible answer. Since this is an important part of the job interview process, we’ll also provide some tips on how to prepare and handle the interview with confidence. With the right preparation, you can make sure that you are as prepared as possible to answer this question and make a good impression.

Finance Interview Questions & Answers | For Entry-Level Roles!

Interviews for Top Jobs at OneMain Financial

Loan Consultant Interview


I applied online. I interviewed at OneMain Financial (Baltimore, MD) in Oct 2022


It was pretty smooth for the most part I must say. One of the recruiters assisted me in finding a branch closer to me, so that I would not have to drive as far to the branch I primarily applied to!

Interview Questions

  • What interested you in working for OneMain Financial?

Commercial Loan Processor Interview


I applied online. I interviewed at OneMain Financial (Oklahoma City, OK) in Aug 2022


Initial interview is by phone and around 30 minutes in length. They do not ask typical interview questions, they ask more specific ones about sales experience, why you chose OneMain, adaptability examples, etc.

Interview Questions

  • What made you interested in working for OneMain Financial?

13 questions about working at OneMain

What is the promotion process like at OneMain?

Non-existent. Before positions are even posted, DMs choose who gets promoted.

How is feedback from management delivered at OneMain?


Can you work remotely at OneMain?


How much time must pass at OneMain before you are eligible for maternity leave?

1 day

How often do raises occur at OneMain?

Weekly between both the hubs

How often do you get a raise at OneMain?

Yearly less than 1%

What benefits does OneMain offer?

Costly health insurance and consequences for using paid time off

What is the work from home policy at OneMain?

There is none.

What pointers or suggestions would you offer a candidate for a OneMain interview?

Pretty easy management is fun bosses need spruced up

What questions did they ask during your interview at OneMain?

Place great for a resume not for a career


What is the promotion process like at OneMain?

Non-existent. Before positions are even posted, DMs choose who gets promoted.

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Posted on 2 Sep 2020

Most Common Finance Interview Questions

The most typical and frequently asked financial interview questions have been compiled by us. Make sure you master the answers to these difficult questions below if you want to ace your finance interview. This manual is ideal for anyone going through a financial analyst job interview because it is based on actual questions used by major investment banks to decide who to hire.

You might also want to read our article on how to become a great financial analyst, where we discuss “The Analyst Trifecta,” in addition to this comprehensive guide to finance interview questions (and answers). ”.

You will encounter two main types of financial interview questions:

#1 Behavioral and fit questions focus more on soft skills like your capacity for teamwork, leadership, dedication, imaginative problem-solving, and general personality type. It’s important to be ready for these types of questions, and the best approach is to select 5-7 instances from your resume that you can use to demonstrate your leadership, teamwork, a weakness, hard work, problem-solving, etc. We’ve developed a separate guide to behavioral interview questions to assist you with this aspect of the interview.

#2 Specific accounting and finance topics are covered in technical questions. This guide focuses exclusively on technical finance interview questions.

General best-practices for finance interview questions include:

  • Take a couple of seconds to plan your answer and repeat the question back to the interviewer out loud (you buy some time by repeating part of the question back at the start of your answer).
  • Use a structured approach to answering each question. This typically means having points 1, 2, and 3, for example. Be as organized as possible.
  • If you don’t know the exact answer, state the things you do know that are relevant (and don’t be afraid to say “I don’t know exactly,” which is much better than guessing or making stuff up).
  • Demonstrate your line of reasoning (show that you have a logical thought process and can solve problems, even if you don’t know the exact answer).
  • OneMain Financial Interview Rounds and Process Resume Shortlist

    OneMain Financial interview questions for popular designations

    Posted on 27 Jul 2021

    one main financial interview questions


    What should I expect from a 1 1 interview?

    One-on-one interviews take place in person and are conducted between just the interviewee and one interviewer. These interviews typically follow a straightforward format, which is more in line with what candidates anticipate when they are called in for an interview.

    What does OneMain financial pay?

    OneMain Financial pays an average of $18 per hour to each of its employees. 64 an hour. The average hourly wage at OneMain Financial is $14. 33 to $24. 56 an hour.

    What are the questions asked in interview for finance?

    Finance interview questions with sample responses
    • Why have you chosen to work in finance?
    • What has been your financial career’s biggest accomplishment to date?
    • What are your financial strengths and weaknesses?
    • Which three short-term financing options could our business use to meet its cash needs?

    How long does it take to get hired at one main financial?

    When 348 user-submitted interviews for all job titles are taken into account, the hiring process at OneMain Financial takes an average of 18 days.

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