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The consular interview at a U. S. A visit to an embassy or consulate is a crucial step in the immigration visa (green card) application process. After all, consular officials will decide whether to approve your green card application based on this interview at their discretion. For marriage-based applications, the interview is especially crucial. You will be better prepared for the big day if you are aware of what to anticipate and have practiced possible green card interview questions.

In contrast to typical interviews, green card interviews for spouses typically delve a little deeper. This is due to the fact that one of the main methods used to request fraudulent visas is through marriage. In other words, immigration officials want to make sure that your marriage is genuine. That’s it. To determine whether your marriage is sincere, the officer will probe further.

The interview questions for a U.S. green card are covered in this article. S. embassy or consulate. Consider reading our article on how to prepare for the I-485 interview if you’re requesting an adjustment of status to become a citizen inside the United States.

Five Mistakes NOT to Make at your Immigration Interview

The consular officer won’t be able to finish processing your visa if you forget to bring something on this list. The missing items must be gathered and delivered to the embassy or consulate, and you may need to appear for additional interviews. Visa issuance could be delayed if you don’t bring everything on the list above.

You must book a medical appointment with a licensed doctor in the nation where you will be interviewed (along with every family member or “derivative applicant” applying for a visa with you). An embassy-approved physician, also referred to as the Panel Physician, must conduct this examination. Exams conducted by other physicians will not be accepted. Before the date of your scheduled visa interview, you must finish your medical examination and receive any necessary vaccinations. Please visit our List of U. S. Embassies and Consulates for country-specific medical examination instructions.

Preparing for Your Immigration Interview

As previously stated, it’s crucial to arrive at your interview prepared. On the day of the interview, you’ll probably feel more at ease if you arrive prepared and organized. Here are some general tips:

Prior to the interview day, we always advise our clients to stop by the USCIS field office where their interview will be held (ideally at the same time of day). Make sure you are aware of the location of the building, the travel time, parking, security, and other relevant information.

  • Dress business professional. No need for a suit and tie, but it is best to dress professional, respectful and comfortable.
  • Get there early (but not that early!)- We always recommend arriving at your interview at least 45 minutes before your scheduled time. Due to Covid-19, most USCIS field office will not let you actually enter the building more than 15 minutes before your scheduled time, however- it’s better to get there early and wait outside the building than to be late.
  • Read your applications and be familiar with all the questions and answers on them- you will be asked questions from your applications, it helps to prepare and review them.
  • Organize all required documents in a binder with dividers for easy access during your interview – It reduces stress levels when you can easily find and access a document you are asked to provide the officer with.
  • Consider scheduling a prep session- If you do not have an attorney representing you- you should consider scheduling an interview prep session with an immigration attorney. An experienced attorney can review your applications and supporting documentation, conduct a mock interview and really prepare you for what to expect at your interview.
  • When to Expect the Consular Interview for a Green Card

    The marriage-based green card process starts with the U. S. spouse of a U.S. citizen or permanent resident submitting an I-130 petition package S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). I-130 processing typically takes at least six months.

    After an I-130 petition is approved, USCIS sends the case to the National Visa Center (NVC). The NVC does a lot of preparation prior to the interview. In the event that an immigrant visa becomes available, the NVC will ask you to finish the following procedures:

    1 Select an AgentThe agent will be the one to receive case information. The agent may be the beneficiary, or you may choose the petitioner, a family member, or another person you trust to act on your behalf. 2Pay FeesYou must pay the processing fee for immigrant visa applications as well as the affidavit of support fee. Both are required DOS fees. See the total consular processing costs. 3Submit an application for an immigrant visaThe applicant must complete and submit the DS-260 online visa application via the Department of State website. Send Documents to NVC The NVC will need you to send them a number of financial and supporting documents, such as Form I-864 Affidavit of Support.

    You will be able to schedule an interview at the U once the NVC is satisfied that you have correctly submitted the necessary documents and have paid the fees. S. embassy or consulate. Before the interview, all candidates must additionally get a few vaccinations and undergo a medical examination by a licensed doctor.

    The U. S. embassy or consulate does not require the U. S. petitioner to attend the consular interview. However, he or she may attend in some cases. Check with the embassy or consulate conducting your interview. The interview will probably also require any children who will immigrate with the principal applicant.

    Family Green Card Interview Purpose

    No matter where it takes place—inside or outside the U S. , has two main goals:

  • To establish whether you and your sponsor are eligible as applicant and petitioner; and
  • Whether the information provided in the forms and evidentiary documents is valid
  • Knowing the kinds of questions to expect at your interview and preparing for them will make a difference in your application process. For example, if all your documents line up, you might last just 20 minutes. In this article, we have compiled the most common questions at a family green card interview. Are you just thinking about securing a green card for your family? Let VisaNation assist you throughout the entire process. Create your account today!


    What questions do they ask at immigrant visa interview?

    Sample U.S. Embassy Interview Questions
    • Initial Meeting. How did you meet your spouse? …
    • Biographic Information. What is your spouse’s birthday? …
    • Residence. Where does your spouse live? …
    • Education and Employment Status. What does your spouse do for a living? .
    • Cultural Background. …
    • Common Interests. …
    • Prior Marital Status. …
    • Family.

    How long does NVC interview take?

    Although NVC strives to schedule appointments within three months of NVC’s acceptance of all requested documentation, this timeframe is reliant on the consular section’s capacity and operational state.

    How can I pass my visa interview?

    The 9 most important visa interview tips are:
    1. Create a good impression. …
    2. Be well prepared. …
    3. Be calm and confident. …
    4. Keep your answers short and to the point. …
    5. Keep required documentation at hand. …
    6. Provide necessary financial documents. …
    7. Explain how your program matches for your career plans. …
    8. Never sound like a potential immigrant.

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