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It’s not uncommon for a United States citizen to begin and continue a relationship with an individual that does not have permanent residence in the U.S. For your immigrant spouse to live, work, and pursue higher education in the U.S., they must obtain a marriage-based green card. One of the most stressful parts of this process is the interview. Immigrant officials will conduct it to verify the validity of the marriage. These officials will ask you a series of marriage-based green card interview questions and verify any forms and documents submitted in the petition. The primary purpose of this entire process is for officials to verify and confirm that the marriage isn’t a sham to elude U.S. immigration laws and gain immigration benefits. We’ll go over immigration marriage interview question samples, tips, and more in this post.

Officers can ask a vast range of questions, but here are some examples:
  • How, where, and when did you meet your spouse?
  • Where did your first date take place?
  • How long did were you with your spouse before getting married?
  • When and where were you married?
  • Did you go on a honeymoon? …
  • What is your spouse’s current job?


Stokes (Marriage Fraud) Interviews

If your interview has raised any suspicion when answering marriage-based green card interview questions, the officer will ask you to come back for a second interview. Increased suspicion can stem from hesitating to answer questions, having different answers, and simply not being able to answer the questions.

At a marriage fraud interview (also known as a stokes interview), an officer will place both spouses in their own interview room and interview each separately. An immigration official will ask the same questions to each spouse and then compare the two sets of answers to see how well they match.

Unfortunately, USCIS will likely deny your case if each spouse has different answers to the same questions. For example, if the immigration official asks each of you the date of your wedding and one says June and the other says July, that will further suspicion that your marriage is fraudulent. In addition, if the immigrant spouse is in the United States, they will be placed into removal proceedings for possible deportation back to their home country.

You will also likely need to provide the following documents if you have not already:

  • Marriage certificate
  • Passport for the immigrant spouse
  • Bank statements
  • Receipts for rent/mortgage payments
  • Regular bills
  • Proof of citizenship for sponsoring spouse
  • Photos of the two of you
  • Active insurance policies
  • Employment evidence and pay stubs
  • Each case is different, so you may need to provide more or less than the above list. But, again, your marriage visa attorney will be able to help you prepare for a Stokes interview or help you avoid one in the first place.

    You want to avoid a Stokes interview. However, if you find yourself in one and your relationship is legitimate, stick to the facts and remain calm. Making facts up is the quickest way to sabotage your efforts.

    Here are some questions you may receive during a Stokes interview. Note that these are particular and in-depth questions intended to catch fraudulent marriages. If your marriage is legitimate, you should have little trouble answering these questions, though newer relationships may have difficulty. Just remember to remain calm and honest throughout the interview.

  • When and where did you meet?
  • What types of vehicles do you drive?
  • Which one typically rises earlier in the morning?
  • Who sleeps on which side of the bed?
  • Who does most of the cooking?
  • What kind of pets do you own, if any?
  • How often do you eat out?
  • How is your living room arranged?
  • Which one is in charge of the finances?
  • What do you both typically eat for breakfast?
  • What is your spouse’s favorite food?
  • What is your nightly routine before going to bed?
  • What cell phone provider does your spouse use?
  • What types of entertainment do you both enjoy?
  • What are some of the brands you use? (e.g., toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, etc.)
  • This list is not exhaustive. Your immigration officer may ask you some, all, or none of these questions. They only serve to provide an idea of the level of depth USCIS may subject to you during your Stokes interview.

    How to Prepare for Family Green Card Interview

    Before your interview date, ensure that you review all the forms and documents. Many of your interview questions will be asked based on the information given in these documents. Going through them before the interview will help refresh your memory as you want to avoid giving contradicting answers that will affect your application.

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    While you can never be certain about the questions that an interviewing officer will ask, here are some of the most typical questions that couples encounter, grouped by category:

  • How did you meet?
  • Where did some of your first dates take place?
  • How long did you date before deciding to get married?
  • What is the story of your marriage proposal?
  • What was your wedding like?
  • Who attended your wedding?
  • What food was served?
  • Were there any special rituals performed? If so, what kind?
  • Did you go anywhere for your honeymoon? If so, where?
  • What is daily life like for you and your spouse around the house?
  • How do you start your day?
  • How often do you text or talk on the phone when you’re apart?
  • Which of you likes to cook?
  • Which of you likes to clean?
  • How do your kids get to school?
  • Who are their friends?
  • What are their favorite foods?
  • Do they play any sports? If so, what?
  • What side of the bed do you sleep on?
  • What pajamas do you wear?
  • What medications does your spouse take?
  • When are your birthdays?
  • What did you do to celebrate?
  • What did you get each other as gifts?
  • What’s the most important holiday of the year in your household, and where do you typically celebrate it?
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    Follow these tips to help you ace your interview:

    Be honest and open. Think of the interview as an opportunity to give the officer a window into your life as a couple, not as an obligation to portray the ideal marriage. Every couple experiences marital difficulties, and you shouldn’t be penalized for admitting your own.

    Speak your mind. Some interviewing officers will ask very personal questions. If you find a question too offensive, you can let the officer know, and you can decline to answer. Most officers will understand and move on to the next question.

    Practice, practice, practice. It’s important to rehearse before your interview, especially if one of you tends to be forgetful. Even people in long-term marriages can often find these interviews stressful, but the more you practice, the less anxious you’re likely to be. In this situation, it’s almost always better to be overprepared than under.

    Have fun! It’s essential to be honest and thorough when documenting and recalling details about your marriage, but don’t forget to loosen up. After all, you get to stroll down memory lane and make sure your spouse indeed knows what you like to eat for breakfast!

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    How long does NVC interview take?

    After the NVC sends you this confirmation, then you can expect to wait between 2-6 months for the NVC to schedule you an interview at the U.S. consulate in your home country. After your interview is scheduled, you will need to get a medical exam and register online.

    How can I pass my visa interview?

    The tips below are intended to help you prepare for your visa interview at the U.S. Embassy or U.S. Consulate in your home country.
    1. Ties to Home Country. …
    2. English. …
    3. Speak for Yourself. …
    4. Know the Program and How it Fits Your Career Plans. …
    5. Be Concise. …
    6. Supplemental Documentation. …
    7. Not All Countries Are Equal. …
    8. Employment.

    What happens after NVC interview?

    At the end of your immigrant visa interview at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate, the consular officer will inform you whether your visa application is approved or denied. Visa approval – When approved, you will be informed how and when your passport and visa will be returned to you.

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