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Preparing for a phone interview is no small task. The right answers can make or break your chances of landing the job. So, if you’re looking to ace a Nordstrom phone interview, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll provide an overview of the type of questions you may be asked during a Nordstrom phone interview, as well as tips and insights to help you craft the perfect answer. We’ll also provide sample responses to some of the most common interview questions to get a better understanding of how to approach the conversation. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll have the confidence and knowledge you need to make a great impression on the hiring manager and increase your chances of getting the job.

Top 5 Most Asked Nordstrom Interview Questions and Answers

What candidates say about the interview process at Nordstrom

  • On October 5, 2022, you received a call from USShared’s corporate offices in Ottawa, Ontario.
  • The store manager provided us with a video of a typical workday at the store and discussed the company’s culture and values while we were there for the interview. Then, each of us received an invitation for a personal interview with… Shared on January 31, 2019 – Salesperson – Ottawa, ON
  • I completed 4 interviews. Shared on July 25, 2017 – Assistant Department Manager – Vancouver, BC. One phone interview (HR Rep), two phone interviews (HR Rep), three in-person interviews, and a fourth Skype interview (Store Manager).

How candidates received their first interview at Nordstrom

  • applied onlineShared on 24 June 2022 – Calgary, AB, Beauty Counter Manager
  • Through a job fair. Posted on June 20, 2022 by a logistics processor in Toronto, Ontario
  • Applied then received a phone call to interview. Shared on March 1, 2022 – Calgary, Alberta – Retail Sales Associate

What advice do candidates give for interviewing at Nordstrom

  • Selling yourself – Counter Manager – Vancouver, BC – Shared on November 25, 2022
  • Just be yourself. shared on May 30, 2022 by a server or manager in Etobicoke, Ontario
  • Dress impeccably, learn about the background of the business, ask insightful questions, and demonstrate your lack of fear in the face of the extremely high sales targets. Thank them for taking the time to interview you. Al…Shared on November 9, 2021 – Toronto, Ontario, Beauty Advisor – Counter Manager

Interviews for Top Jobs at Nordstrom

Technical Program Manager Intern Interview


I interviewed at Nordstrom


All virtual, two rounds of interviewing. The first was an asynchronous online interview format, and then the second was 2 45 minute interviews. The questions were largely behavioral, with one or two system design questions.

Interview Questions

  • Please tell me about yourself

Interviewers use this question to weed out candidates who are applying randomly for hundreds of jobs in the hopes of getting an interview. Instead, they prefer to interview candidates who have done their research on the business. Here are a few facts about Nordstrom.

11. Why did you leave your last job? [et_pb_section fb_built=”1″ _builder_version=”4. 9. 4″ _module_preset=”default” custom_padding=”2px||2px||true|false” global_colors_info=”{}”][et_pb_row _builder_version=”4. 6. 3″ _module_preset=”default” width=”100%” custom_padding=”0px||||false|false” global_colors_info=”{}”][et_pb_column type=”4_4″ _builder_version=”4. 6. 3″ _module_preset=”default” global_colors_info=”{}”][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4. 12. 1″ _module_preset=”default” custom_padding=”2px||||false|false” hover_enabled=”0″ global_colors_info=”{}” sticky_enabled=”0″].

“I enjoyed my time at my previous job, but I’ve outgrown it and want to take on new challenges,” ”[/et_pb_accordion_item][/et_pb_accordion][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section].

Why do you want to work for Nordstrom?

You ought to highlight the favorable associations you have with their brand. Maybe you shop there frequently and think their selection of high-end brands is superior to that of their rivals, like Macy’s or Saks, in terms of quality and price.

Or, you can mention the top-notch customer service you always received while visiting one of their stores, as well as the proactive attitude of their sales staff. You admire the way they manage the shops and interact with the public, and you’d love to join their team.

A strong team culture or top-notch employee benefits (health insurance, employee discounts, paid time off up to 5 weeks annually, etc.) are other options. They consistently rank among the best US employers, which should be sufficient incentive for you to join their team.

What Do You Know About Us?

This question typically helps the interviewer weed out candidates trying their luck by randomly applying for several jobs. What can you tell the interviewer about Nordstrom? Hiring managers prefer candidates who have done some background research on the business and can briefly summarize it.

Sample Answer

For both men and women, as well as for kids, Nordstrom is a company with a focus on apparel. There are currently 100 full-line stores in the United States and Canada, having started in 1901 as a shoe store in Seattle. Additionally, you have a website online where clients can enhance your goods.


What questions do they ask at a Nordstrom interview?

What made you want to work for Nordstrom? Describe a time when you went above and beyond for a customer in an interview. What is your favorite brand and why, and how have you handled a difficult customer?

How do I pass a Nordstrom interview?

Nordstrom Interview Questions
  1. Talk about your hobbies, previous work experience, and education. Keep your explanation brief and to the point.
  2. Put more emphasis on your work history, and be sure to mention any experience you have with providing customer service.

Why do you wanna work at Nordstrom?

You should mention favorable associations you have with Nordstrom’s brand when describing why you want to work for them. Maybe you shop there frequently and think their selection of high-end brands is superior to that of their rivals, like Macy’s or Saks, in terms of quality and price.

How do you answer what is your greatest weakness?

How to answer “What’s your greatest weakness?”
  1. Clearly state your weakness (preferably with details rather than generalizations that hiring managers have heard a thousand times).
  2. Give a brief example of a time when your flaw had an impact on your work.
  3. Talk about what you’ve done to improve your weakness.

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