Acing the NiSource Interview: Top 10 Questions and Answers

Landing a job at NiSource, one of the largest fully regulated utility companies in the U.S., requires you to bring your A-game to the interview. Impressing NiSource recruiters with your technical expertise and alignment with their values can fast-track you to securing a position. This comprehensive guide explores the most common NiSource interview questions along with tips and examples to help you craft winning responses.

NiSource Company Overview

NiSource is based in Indiana and provides natural gas to more than 4 million customers in seven states. In Indiana, they also provide electricity to 500,000 customers. They operate one of the largest underground storage systems in North America.

With over 8,000 employees and $5 billion in operating revenues, NiSource is focused on providing reliable services and scaling clean energy investments. They pride themselves on their safety culture, customer experience, environmental stewardship and community impact.

NiSource’s Hiring Process

NiSource’s typical hiring process comprises

  • Initial phone or video screening interview with HR
  • One or more virtual interviews focused on technical and behavioral skills
  • For some roles, assignment submissions or skills assessments
  • Background check and drug screening
  • Potential in-person interview for senior roles
  • Entire process usually takes 2-4 weeks

They look for team players aligned with their vision of delivering long-term value and sustainable energy. Relevant work experience and technical abilities are valued.

Top 10 NiSource Interview Questions and Answers

Here are some examples of the most common NiSource interview questions, along with good ways to answer them:

1. Why do you want to work at NiSource?

This question gauges your understanding of and enthusiasm for the company

Sample Answer:

  • NiSource’s commitment to balancing reliable services with sustainable investments resonates with me
  • I’m drawn to the opportunity to innovate and solve complex challenges in the utility industry
  • The culture of safety, ethics and customer-focus aligns well with my personal values
  • I’m excited to contribute my skills in [role] to help scale NiSource’s clean energy initiatives nationwide

2. Tell me about a time you went above and beyond for a customer.

They want to know you can deliver exceptional service.

Sample Answer:

  • Context: Upset customer dealing with service issue
  • Recognized urgency and took ownership though not directly responsible
  • Worked meticulously to diagnose root cause and resolve promptly
  • Followed up to ensure satisfaction and provided feedback to prevent recurrence
  • Customer thanked me for saving the day through my diligence and proactive efforts

3. How would you respond during a gas emergency?

This scenario assesses safety knowledge and judgment.

Sample Answer:

  • Remain calm, advise anyone nearby to evacuate immediately
  • Call 911 and NiSource emergency hotline to report the location and details
  • Don’t try to find or stop the leak yourself
  • Warn people not to strike matches, turn appliances/vehicles on or off, or use phones
  • Follow guidance from emergency personnel, avoiding re-entry until the all-clear

4. Tell me about a time you successfully led a team.

Demonstrate your leadership and team management abilities.

Sample Answer:

  • Context: Headed initiative to improve customer portal usage
  • Aligned team to vision, helped members see their role in achieving goals
  • Encouraged collaboration and creativity through brainstorming sessions
  • Provided coaching and support to team, recognized achievements
  • Adoption rate increased 15% in 6 months thanks to team’s motivated efforts

5. How would you promote diversity, equity and inclusion at NiSource?

Show you are committed to nurturing an inclusive workplace.

Sample Answer:

  • Advocate for diverse hiring practices – inclusive job ads, diverse panels, mitigating bias
  • Promote resource groups that uplift underrepresented groups’ needs
  • Foster open communication and respect across all levels
  • Implement mandatory DE&I training, covering topics like microaggressions and unconscious bias
  • Track representation metrics and address any gaps or inequities in experience
  • Encourage community outreach programs targeting marginalized groups

6. Tell me about a time you successfully managed multiple priorities with a tight deadline.

Prove you can handle pressure and prioritize effectively.

Sample Answer:

  • Had 3 urgent competing projects with close deadlines
  • Made list of all key activities and milestones for clarity
  • Had open communication with stakeholders on progress and risks
  • Prioritized critical path items, re-allocated bandwidth accordingly
  • Implemented process improvements like templates to optimize efficiency
  • All projects completed successfully within the tight time constraints

7. What experience do you have with natural gas distribution systems?

Demonstrate your technical knowledge and problem-solving skills.

Sample Answer:

  • Hands-on experience detecting and repairing distribution leaks
  • Familiar with pipe materials used – steel, PE, cast iron, etc.
  • Skilled at sizing and optimizing system configuration
  • Knowledge of design factors like pressure regulation and odorization
  • Leverage data analytics to model supply needs and minimize leaks
  • Committed to 100% federal code compliance in pipeline work

8. How would you respond if a supervisor instructed you to do something unethical?

They want to ensure you uphold integrity standards.

Sample Answer:

  • First, seek to understand context and intent – could be misunderstanding
  • Clarify the ethical concerns and risks of the action
  • Respectfully explain I cannot act counter to code of conduct or regulations
  • Escalate to higher management if needed to resolve the issue
  • Refuse unethical demands while maintaining professional rapport

9. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Share your career aspirations and interest in growing with NiSource.

Sample Answer:

  • Continuing to build expertise in [specialty area] through challenging projects
  • Gaining broader industry perspective by collaborating cross-functionally
  • Earning opportunities to lead key initiatives and teams
  • Taking on more mentoring/training roles to help develop colleagues
  • Progressing to a managerial or expert individual contributor role

10. Do you have any questions for me?

Use this to show enthusiasm and interest in the company.

Sample Answer:

  • How would you describe the working culture at NiSource?
  • What are the top priorities the team is focused on this year?
  • What opportunities are there for professional development and training?
  • What attributes make someone successful in this role?
  • What do you enjoy most about working at NiSource?

How to Prepare for a NiSource Interview

  • Research the company’s services, values, competitors and recent news
  • Review your knowledge of the utility industry and specifics of the role
  • Prepare stories using the STAR method that showcase relevant skills
  • Practice answering behavioral, technical and scenario-based questions
  • Prepare intelligent, thoughtful questions to ask the interviewer

Preparing responses to common NiSource interview questions is the key to impressing hiring managers. Showcase your customer service mindset, collaborative spirit, technical abilities, and safety consciousness throughout the interview process. With these tips and examples, you can feel fully ready to ace your NiSource interview.

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The team at NiSource

  • The founders of NiSource is Michael E. Jesanis .
  • The key people at NiSource is Joseph J. Hamrock .
  • Key PeopleJoseph J. Hamrock

NiSource is ranked #44 on the Best Utilities Companies to Work For in America list. Zippias Best Places to Work lists provide unbiased, data-based evaluations of companies. Rankings are based on government and proprietary data on salaries, company financial health, and employee diversity.

Evaluate NiSources commitment to diversity and inclusion.

  • NiSource has 8,363 employees.
  • 40% of NiSource employees are women, while 60% are men.
  • The most common ethnicity at NiSource is White (65%).
  • 13% of NiSource employees are Asian.
  • 10% of NiSource employees are Hispanic or Latino.
  • The average employee at NiSource makes $64,684 per year.
  • People who work at NiSource are most likely to be Republicans.
  • Employees at NiSource stay with the company for 4. 9 years on average.

Do you work at NiSource ?

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Interview with NiSource – A Company Making Progress


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How do you stay current with industry trends and changes in the market? Can you provide an example of how you have used this knowledge to make strategic sourcing decisions? Can you describe a time when you had to persuade a stakeholder or vendor to take a certain course of action?

What are the best answers for interviews?

To answer, follow the formula below:1. Share one or two positive qualities and personal attributes: “I’ve always been a natural leader and worked well in a fast-paced environment…”2. Back them up with examples: “…I’ve exceeded my KPIs every quarter and have been promoted twice in the past five years.

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