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If you want to land a job on a luxurious MSC cruise ship, you need to be prepared for the job interview process. Nothing will help you more than having a solid understanding of the types of cruise ship interview questions that potential employers may ask. Knowing the expected questions and having prepared answers will give you a competitive edge. By understanding how to answer the questions that MSC cruise ship employers may ask, you can show them that you are the best candidate for the job. In this blog post, we will cover the most common cruise ship interview questions and answer tips to give you the best chance of success. We’ll also provide tips on how to present yourself in the best light, so you make a great impression on the interviewers. With the right preparation and practice, you’ll be ready to impress the MSC cruise ship employers.


What advice do candidates give for interviewing at MSC Cruises

  • The company is not up to any standard. shared on February 9, 2020 – Genoa IT ITV Coordinator
  • If you are genuinely desperate for a job. Take it. Pay your bills and in the meantime . interview interview. March 27, 2019 – Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Reservations Consultant

What candidates say about the interview process at MSC Cruises

  • Short, and straight forward. Senior Accountant – Fort Lauderdale, Florida – shared on December 14, 2020

How candidates received their first interview at MSC Cruises

  • shared on October 16, 2022 by a friend – Beauty Therapist – Roma, Lazio

54 questions about working at MSC Cruises

Do you think working at MSC Cruises is difficult?

Customer service at MSC Cruises is an easy task, so it’s not difficult.

Is it against the rules for MSC employees to make video calls to their families while on a cruise? If so, please explain.

By purchasing a dedicated Internet package, MSC crew members can video call from their personal devices.

What would you change if you were in charge to improve the workplace environment at MSC Cruises?

I would make an effort to train the officers and crew members who are unconcerned about the fact that they are no longer shipping cargo.

What would you say about the MSC Cruises workplace’s pace?

You can’t possibly complete everything the job requires of you, and good luck getting assistance. Even management gives you incorrect information, gets irate, and writes you up when you give the incorrect information to the customer. No one is ever working from the same informational page.

How many hours a day on average do you work at MSC Cruises?

I work 40+ hours a week and still go hungry the following week. I have no idea how people who have families provide while working for MSC just to make enough money to pay your bills.

What pointers or suggestions would you offer a candidate for an MSC Cruises interview?

The company is not up to any standard.

What is the promotion process like at MSC Cruises?

It’s timely. After your 4th contract you’ll get a promotion

How would you describe a typical day at MSC Cruises?

I Feel like running the operations with full of passengers.

Do you have the option to take contract breaks from this ship? If so, what are the policies and are they available to people on their first MSC contract?

Yes. some country restrictions for certain natinalities

How did you get your first interview at MSC Cruises?

From a friend

Interviews for Top Jobs at MSC Cruises

Recruiter Interview


I applied online. I interviewed at MSC Cruises (Sorrento) in Jun 2022


Veri professionisti, minuziosi e seri. Ma anche accoglienti. Sono stati davvero capaci di mettermi a mio agio e di far venir fuori il meglio di me. Seri e leggeri. Molto bravi.

Interview Questions

  • Hai fratelli?Descrivimi le attività che svolgi.

Reservations Agent Interview


I applied online. I interviewed at MSC Cruises


Smooth and easy interview process. Was offered the position about an hour after interviewing. Was offered a remote position so everything was done online in terms of the onboarding process.

Interview Questions

  • Give an example of a time you had to disagree with or correct your boss and how you handled it.

Marketing Traffic Coordinator Interview


I applied online. The process took 3 weeks. I interviewed at MSC Cruises (Fort Lauderdale, FL) in Sep 2022


HR Team was friendly but made a mistake of forgetting to schedule my first interview and the second interview also had to be rescheduled. I had two interviews, one with the Art Director and one with the Marketing Senior Manager. The first interview was a mix of personality and skills assessment. The Art Director was very nice, did a great job of explaining the job responsibilities, and working for the company as a whole. We made a good connection. The Senior Manager was quite the opposite. It felt like a stress test of being pitched extreme circumstances of how to balance varying priorities and emphasis on how demanding the job was. It seemed like he was trying to dissuade me. Both interviews I was given the opportunity to ask questions, growth in the role being important. I was later rejected because they feared I would “outgrow” the role too soon and they picked someone “junior” compared to me. Not a great approach when you advertise a role as “Project Manager” and then get a “Coordinator” role with no growth opportunities.

Interview Questions

  • What is your experience with project briefs and how would you prioritize the numerous requests that are coming in from the sales team?

Interview Questions for Cruise Ship Jobs

You can prepare for a cruise ship job interview by being aware of the questions that will be asked of you. There are several standard inquiries that cruise recruiters frequently ask candidates. To begin with, they want to be certain that you are aware of the realities of life on board. The second thing they want to check is that you are the best applicant for that particular cruise job. Here are some possible questions you may be asked. 1. Why do you want to work on a cruise ship?2. How many hours a day (per week) do you currently work?3 What makes you believe that you are qualified for the position that you are applying for?4 What relevance does your prior experience have to the position you’re applying for? What are your strongest qualifications for this cruise job?6 What challenges do you think you will face onboard?7. Why do you want to work for this cruise line?8. How have you ever settled a dispute with a roommate or coworker?9 How would you resolve a difficult situation with a customer?.

10. How long would you like to work on cruise ships?.


If you’re qualified, someone will find you in the talent pool and email you to set up an online interview. Local interviews are extremely uncommon and are only given if your position requires an audition (for dancers, musicians, technicians, and photographers, for example), or if you’re applying through a local employment agency. More instructions will be sent if you need to attend a local interview, but it’s likely that you’ll need to bring all of your original documents and copies, formal attire, and any tools you need to work.

Now, recruiters take a full day off from their regular duties for the majority of cruise companies and agencies to interview candidates, so it is very common to get a message with no specific time, such as “Please stand by between 9:00 and 14:00.” That means: “When we’re done talking to other candidates, we’ll call you. What you can do is wait by the computer or phone while working on other things, and when the notification sounds, prepare and position yourself. You did not misread; you can conduct interviews using a cellphone, though a computer would be the preferred setting.

Almost 100% of the interviews will be through Skype. If you don’t have an account, you can create one by clicking here and downloading their app that works on any device or operating system. Just to mention, some companies like Carnival and MSC use web-based software that eliminate the need of downloads and prevent frauds.

No formal attire is really necessary if you’re having an agency interview; just be presentable. If you want to be considered presentable, you must not wear pajamas to the interview. Now, if you’re having a meeting with a recruiter from the company, you need to look more than just presentable; you need to look extremely professional.

No tie is really necessary for men, but make sure you have a sharp formal shirt. Additionally, if you have a beard, trim it rather than shaving; if this is a requirement, the hiring company or recruiter will mention it once you’re hired.

Basic makeup is acceptable for women, but don’t go overboard with it. Additionally, remember that what you wear matters, so stay away from short dresses and clothing that exposes too much skin.

Unless you speak another language or the employer requests that you do, such as German or Chinese, the entire interview will be conducted in English. To get hired, you don’t really need to have perfect pronunciation; instead, focus on understanding the question before responding. Say “I’m sorry, I didn’t understand the question,” if in doubt as to whether you could hear it clearly. Can you repeat?”. Focus and endurance are essential, and don’t worry, the recruiter is aware of your anxiety. Also, keep in mind to smile—maybe not all the time, but enough to convey your happiness to be working in the cruise industry and caring for the passengers.

According to best practices, it is preferable to maintain your composure and, if at all possible, to be in a quiet environment where you feel at ease. There is nothing more grating than being in an environment with a lot of outside noise or having someone enter the room where you are. Before the interview, test your camera and microphone to ensure that others can see you and hear you. You cannot conduct the interview if the recruiter cannot hear and see you clearly.

The recruiters will likely greet you at first and may ask a variety of open-ended questions before moving on to more difficult inquiries about your position. Here are three fundamental questions and some responses so that you can consider what you might say in their place.

Therefore, tell me more about yourself so that we can get to know one another a little better.

I’m from Rio de Janeiro, one of the world’s most stunning cities. I’ve lived here all my life, but I feel like I’m ready to travel the rest of the world now.

Talk briefly about your most recent experience or current job:

I used to work at a factory making auto parts, but since the business was acquired by another, I’ve been looking for new employment opportunities.

Why would you like to work on a cruise ship?

After researching the #SHIPLIFE, I discovered that the majority of people establish careers onboard and are content with their work, and that is what I also want to do.

You’ll also be asked some questions about your role on board, so be ready for anything. Saying you don’t know something or have never heard of it is perfectly acceptable. Most likely you will learn it on board anyway.

Don’t forget to thank the recruiter for the opportunity at the conclusion. Being extremely educated is also necessary in the hospitality sector. Additionally, you may stick in the recruiter’s memory as the only person who thanked them for their hard work after a long day.


It would be nearly impossible for us to cover everything here because every business, organization, or agency has a different form that must be filled out. But since the procedure is nearly universal, we’ll discuss it here.

First, apply straight with the companies. Visit this page to access a list of all cruise lines, river cruise lines, and some yacht charter companies. The majority of them have a hiring process integrated into their websites; however, for some of them, you will need to send emails, and for others, a link to a talent agency will be provided. A word about the forms: the one for MSC Cruises and the Royal Caribbean Group is particularly lengthy and will require a lot of information.

Visit our agencies list to find the agencies that are available in your nation as well as the international ones, which, in contrast to the local ones, will accept applicants from all over the world. The majority of them will also require you to complete forms.

If English isn’t your first language, you’ll probably need to take the Marlins Test. You can read more about it by clicking here.


Why do you want to join cruise best answer?

The opportunity to visit many locations they might not otherwise have the chance to visit while working on cruise ships is one of the primary reasons people choose this line of work. They receive room and board as part of their pay because they reside on the ship. They travel the globe without spending money on pricey lodging or meals.

What are the questions asked in an interview of cruise ship?

Can you tell us a little about yourself? and “Why do you want this job” are examples of typical interview questions. Job-specific inquiries might include “What skills can you bring to this cruise line?

How do you answer a cruise ship interview questions?

We want you to travel the world in the utmost comfort, style, and security. Because of this, we are constantly growing and upgrading our fleet to provide you with a wider range of destinations as well as an incredible, cutting-edge cruising experience wherever you go.

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